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Article Writing

Writing an Article

If you have a need to write an article and you have not had a significant amount of experience doing so, you will need to understand exactly what is involved in its creation.

Writing perfect article

Pre-Writing Activity

Assuming that you have your topic, the first step is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I know about this topic?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What purpose will my article have (inform, persuade, describe, define, etc.?
  • How will prescribed length impact what I write?

The answers to these questions will determine how you proceed. An article on a new surgical procedure in a medical journal, for example, will be quite different than one explaining the role of lobbyists to high school students


Obviously, if you are not an expert in the topic field, appropriate research will have to be conducted so that you can speak intelligently and with factual information to back up any thesis or points to be made. Even in an opinion-based article, you will lose credibility if you cannot use supportive facts. Even if you believe that you are “expert” enough to create the article, do some research anyway – you never know what you may discover!

The Outline or Organizer

Never begin an article without a “roadmap.” Even a brief, cursory outline will organize your presentation, and this step should never be overlooked.

The Writing

If you are a solid, creative writer, have at it!  If not, proceed with some caution. You will want to have an engaging beginning – one that will “hook” your reader and motivate him/her to read on into the “meat” of the text. As well, you will want a conclusion that has a purpose – summing it up, calling to action, driving home your thesis, etc. Can Help You!

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