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How to Celebrate The Fourth of July Without Breaking The Bank

June 27, 2016 - Posted to Study

Content how to celebrate the fourth of july without breaking the bank

Fourth of July is just around the corner. This means parties, barbecues, campouts, and festivals. For many the time around independence day is also time for roadtrips and family reunions. All of these things can mean fun times. Unfotunately, they can also mean spending lots of money. As a student, chances are you don’t have much of that to spare. If you are hosting a get together or other event, costs can get even higher. In fact, you might be tempted to sit at home and watch the fireworks on TV. Well, here’s some good news. You don’t have to miss out on all the fun. Use these tips and you can save money and still get your party on.

Money Saving Tips For Fourth of July Travel

If you are traveling for Independence day, take a look at these money saving travel tips.

  1. Pack a cooler with ice, bottled water, yogurt, cold cuts, bread, condiments, fruit, and your other favorite road snacks for long car trips. It’s less expensive and healthier than fast food. You can stop and eat and rest stops and in public parks on your way.

  2. If you are bringing friends along, don’t be afraid to ask them to chip in for gas and tolls.

  3. Air your tires up and get your oil changed before you head out on the road.

  4. Drive in shifts so that you don’t have to pay for too many nights in motels. Just be sure to stop and check in somewhere if everybody is exhausted. Safety is more important than money.

  5. Consider taking a bus or train instead of driving or flying.

  6. Track gas prices and plan your fuel stops accordingly. Your navigation app might have this feature.

  7. Look into alternatives when it comes to accomodations. Splitting a rental condo or Air BNB rental with several people might cost less than getting a hotel room. Plus you will likely have kitchen and laundry facilities. Camping is another option. Even if you don’t like sleeping on the ground, a rental cabin at a campground might be less than a motel room.

Saving Money at Carnivals And Festivals

Chances are there’s going to be a carnival festival or fair near you. Some might even be on campus. Follow these rules for success in college festivals or other fun events in your area.

  1. If you are old enough to indulge, limit yourself to one beverage in the beer garden. They’ll be way overpriced.

  2. Eat ahead of time. Then, if you do get hungry, just grab a small snack item.

  3. Bring water bottles with you if you are allowed.

  4. Skip the carnival games. Most of them are rigged and prizes aren’t worth it. The rides are more fun anyway.

  5. If the event is on campus, offer to volunteer for a few hours. You might get free passes in return for helping out.

  6. Car pool if you can or take the bus or shuttle. Parking is likely to be expensive and difficult to find.

  7. If you do decide to eat at the fair, avoid those big, fancy food stands that travel with the carnival. Instead, look for stands that are operated by local groups such as Boy Scouts or your town’s Lion’s Club. The food and portions will be better, it will cost less, and you’ll be keeping your money local.

  8. In fact, look for carnivals, picnics, and other events that are hosted by churches, charity organizations, and other local groups. You will spend less money on these than you will at the big ticket carnival that comes to town once a year.

Saving Money on Fourth of July Get Togethers

Whether you travel across the country or stay close to home, chances are you will be attending at least one party, barbecue, or other get together. Here are a few tips for enjoying yourself without going into debt.

  1. If you are hosting, remember that you are not obligated to serve alcohol to your guests. There’s no shame in throwing a BYOB bash and serving soft drinks.

  2. Throw a potluck to keep food costs down.

  3. If you’re throwing a barbecue, check out these tips for keeping your expenses down.

    1. It’s easy to make your own pasta salad, potato salad, and other similar items. It’s also less expensive. Don’t purchase these items at the deli.

    2. If small children are present, encourage parents to fix their plates for them. Kids tend to over serve themselves, and then leave plates full of food.

    3. Baked beans are an expensive and filling side.

    4. Items such as pulled pork or bbq chicken sandwiches cost much less than steaks, brats, or burgers.

    5. Buy plates, cups, serving spoons, and other items at the dollar store. It’s less wasteful than using disposable items and you’ll have the items available next year.

  4. Throw your outdoor get togethers in the evening. It will be cooler and people will drink less.

  5. Have activities planned. People who are occupied are less likely to eat or drink to excess.

General Fourth of July Money Saving Advice

Here are some tips that almost anybody can use when it comes to saving money over the Independence day holidays. Hopefully a few of these can help you as well.

  1. Check the events page of your local newspaper. Chances are, there are free and low cost events over the holiday.

  2. Don’t spend money trying to put on your own fireworks show. It’s dangerous and expensive. If you want to see some pyrotechnics, leave it to the professionals and find a free fireworks display.

  3. Set an independence Day budget and then stick with it.

  4. Don’t be afraid to say no. You don’t have to attend every party or night on the town.

  5. If you are hosting, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most people are happy to bring something or to chip in towards costs.

  6. Get together with friends and throw a big bash together. This is  a great way to have an epic event without shouldering all of the costs.

  7. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, wear sunblock. You don’t want to end up in ER or at the ‘doc in a box’. Prescriptions and copayments can get expensive.

  8. Obey traffic laws. Police almost always hold enhanced enforcement periods around this time. This means they are more likely to give out traffic tickets than other times of the yeare.

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