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Effective Tips For Writers

September 17, 2014 - Posted to Writing

Content effective tips for writers

So You Want to Be a Writer

Freelance writing can be an extremely lucrative career or it can be a big bust.  It’s up to you!  After five years in this profession, and finally at a point at which I am actually realizing good income, I can share my experiences and thoughts with others.


Do not even think about this career unless you have a passion for writing – all kinds of writing!  I have been part of a team of academic paper writers; I have ghostwritten short stories and novels; I have written blog posts, articles, website content, resumes, and business proposals.  What I did not know how to do, I learned. You cannot make it in this industry unless you have passion and a willingness to grow your skills.

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Where to Begin

Begin with something you find easy and enjoyable.  For me, signing up on a site for essay writers was my beginning.  As a retired English professor, this was easy, and I loved the variety!  Better pay in academic writing, however, goes to professional college essay writers, because the standards are high and there is often research involved. 

If formal academic writing is not your “thing,” look for opportunities to write blog posts and articles.  Here, you can be far less formal and let your humor and creativity shine!  As you develop a clientele, you will find that you receive “word-of-mouth” referrals, and your business grows well.

Consider Your Own Website

It’s a lot of work, but can pay off, especially if you advertise on social media and have a blog.  You can use WordPress or one of the other site and blog assistance programs – most are free and open source.  You will notice that paper writers will team up and develop a website to offer their products.  Some of these sites are pretty darned sophisticated and generate a lot of traffic.

Take Anything at First

After five years, I can now be a bit selective, but in the early days I scoured the web for writing jobs.  There is always a demand for essay writers and you will find many sites at which you can sign up for free. (I have never paid for joining a writing site!)  “Bone up” on your grammar and composition skills if it’s been a long time, for you may have to submit samples or take a test.  Pay is low at first, but gradually you will find more lucrative opportunities.  Remember, professional college essay writers do quite well if they can produce quickly!


If You are Really Serious…

Here are some important pieces of advice:

  1. You will not feed and house yourself for the first few years.  Have other income!
  2. You must be organized.  Working at home is hard for those who are distracted by television or web surfing.  Set up a workspace and a schedule.  You will write for a definite amount every day, even if you are piling up essays for future use or beginning your own novel.  You have to get into the mindset of being a writer!
  3. When you are working on a short project (a short essay or a blog post), do not take a break until it is finished.  For longer projects, insist upon finishing up an entire section before a break.  You will lose your train of thought otherwise.  I go outside, walk my dog, grab a snack, etc.  I do not get online or turn on the television!
  4. Use some type of a cloud service.  Save all of your in-process projects there.  You may be in an airplane when the inspiration hits!
  5. I compose on my computer, but I always have an outline or at least bullet points before I begin – those are handwritten.
  6. Many writers insist they can only work on one project at a time.  For me, this is not the case.  I love variety!  If I am finding a research piece dragging me down a bit, I switch to a less “heavy” blog post.  It’s a matter of personal preference.

Above all, be serious about your new job. When people ask you what you “do,” tell them you are a writer (even if you have no current jobs).  You must commit, physically and mentally!  And have fun - I do!

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