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Essay Writing Tips

September 17, 2014 - Posted to Writing

Content essay writing tips

Hoorah - Another Essay Assignment!

This is probably not your response, if you are a busy student with too much “on your plate” already. And it is the rare student who really loves to write to the extent that essays and paper are assigned.  Perhaps we can lighten your load a little bit, however, by giving you some tips for essay writing that may help.

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How Does Your Room Look?

If you can’t find a good space to sit down with a pen and paper, fix that right now. Of all the custom writing tips you are about to receive, this may be the most important. You have to start the old fashioned way of your parents. With paper on a flat surface and with pen in hand, you begin to brainstorm topics within the parameters of your instructor’s specifications. If your essay is rather short (2-3 pages), you are definitely not going to write about all of the dog breeds in the world. Start with broad topics that interest you and narrow the focus within that topic.

Yes, You Still Have the Paper and Pen!

Once you have your topic, more brainstorming must follow. You can simply write short phrases of details that should be included, in no particular order (that comes later, maybe after you clean your room). Once you have all of the details, organize them. Combine the ones that go together – they will all go in one of your paragraphs. If I were going to write a descriptive essay on all of the groups found in a typical high school, my categories would be preps, jocks, artsy, goths, stoners, and nerds. Each of these groups will demand a paragraph, so I will set up columns, each headed by a category, and fill in the details.

Now You Can Go to Your Computer

Of all the tips to write an essay, this is the easiest. Forget your introduction and conclusion. You are going to work only on the body paragraphs. Each high school group deserves its own, because you believe in equal treatment! Start each paragraph with a good topic sentence, and you can get humorous and creative – it’s actually fun! Provide the detail. How do they walk down the hall? What do they eat for lunch? What are the distinctive dress patterns? How about language? What do they do in their free time? 

Everything Has a Beginning and an End – Even Essays!

Two of the best custom writing tips relate to the introduction and conclusion. First, you must tell your audience what you are going to tell them. In the conclusion, you tell your audience what you told them. The key is to make your introduction engaging and compelling. Start with a short shocker of a sentence if possible. You want the reader “hooked” immediately. Our conclusion should not just repeat your introduction. React in some way!

You are Not Finished!

This is your rough draft. It may help to print it out, so that you can review it and make corrections. Read it out loud to yourself. Does it flow well?  Did you achieve your tone (humorous, serious, sarcastic, etc.)? Are your sentences varied enough? These things are important.

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Now Finish!

Type your final draft, and be sure that you check out every word, phrase, or sentence underlined in red or green. Word will fix them for you, if you just right-click! Print out your final copy and go to bed!

What to Do When You are Stuck

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