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School Just Got a Whole Lot Easier – Check out These Gadgets

September 29, 2015 - Posted to Study

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Most Useful Gadgets That Will Make Students Life Easier

This is not your parents’ schooling experience – loaded down with textbooks, spiral notebooks, a large cache of pens, pencils, and highlighters. You get to travel much lighter and work much faster these days, because of all of the new gadgets made especially for students. Check out these great devices that will make your student life so much easier.

The Apple Pencil

Some people call this a stylus, but it is so much more. Working with you iPad Pro (and charging on your pro too), the Apple Pencil gives you so much more precision than a regular stylus or, obviously, your finger. And there are times when you need that precision – designing graphics, editing images and photos, etc. You can circle items in documents, draw on PowerPoint slides and turn them into graphics, draw anything right on the screen, save it, drag and drop it into anything else. And, you get any thickness of lines just by the amount of pressure you apply to the screen. Placed at an angle, you can even add shading. This is an amazing gadget with great versatility.

The C-Pen

Okay. Now you can throw out the highlighters for real. Kensington has come up with a digital highlighter that will blow you away. You are reading from a textbook; you are in the library reading a journal article. You need some of this information for a research paper. You can get out your laptop and type it all in, or, you can pick up your c-pen and highlight the text, quotes, etc. that you want, and see it immediately on your screen – then you can save it, add it to a file or document or whatever for later use. The possibilities of this little device are endless. There is a plug-in version for your laptop or a wireless version for other devices, and you can purchase this puppy for Mac, Android, or Windows compatibility.

The Tablet

You probably already know this, but, hey, think about getting one of Apple’s newest versions – the iPad Pro and the iPad mini both perhaps. Both of these are perfect for taking videos and shots of all of those slides and white board content during class. Far less cumbersome than the laptop in the classroom and so much easier to secure – you can carry it with you when you go for a coffee refill or to the bathroom.

Laptop Lock

Speaking of security, when you do have that laptop at the library, the coffee shop or at the student union, how do you secure it if you have to use the bathroom or just want to go for a coffee refill? You use this laptop lock with 6 feet of cable to secure it to a table or chair leg. This is an absolute must if your laptop goes most places with you.


You may think that this is a luxury item, and that you can just download whatever you need on other devices, but check out Amazon’s Kindle, Wi-Fi version. For about $70, you can have this device and then use the textbook rental program that is compatible with it. No more buying those textbooks at $100 a pop. You simply rent the text for the semester.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

O.K. These are definitely a must. If you are the type of student who really cannot focus when there are noise distractions all about you, then you have to have these headphones. You don’t even have to plug them into anything if you just need the quiet. On the other hand, you may have a roommate who cannot focus with noise distractions either. So, when you want to listen to your music, live stream a TV show, or just plain watch regular TV, you need to have these. The price range is really large on these, but you should get at least a pair in the medium price range – as with everything, you get what you pay for. A great investment to help you focus and to be respectful of others’ needs too.


You’re at the library, the local coffee shop or anywhere for that matter, and the Wi-Fi connection is really spotty. Nothing can be more frustrating if you are working on research for a paper or even just connecting with family and friends. You can eliminate that with a MI-FI device. These are pocket-sized little critters that will let you have your own Wi-Fi connection anywhere. Pricing and plans really vary. You can get prepaid pans; you can get a free device with a contract commitment. Whatever you choose, if you do your school work in spotty coverage areas, you will never be frustrated again!

So, there you have it – gadgets that your parents certainly wished were around when they were in school. What’s next? Nobody knows, but it just keeps getting better and better.

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