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Unknown Content Marketing Strategies

March 31, 2016 - Posted to Study

Content unknown content marketing strategies

The object of content marketing is informing and engaging an audience.  Today, these readers want and expect more from the content.  They won’t tolerate more boring blog posts that are filled with keywords and uninteresting calls to action.  Now, even if the content written is valuable, interesting, and engaging, how should it be promoted to reach the desired audience?  These are some less known tactics to try in content marketing.

  • Access Headlines

It’s known that eight out of ten users will read a headline but that reduces down to only two who will read the rest of the content.  This tells the writer that they only have a couple of seconds to grab their attention, and the headline is the only way to do it.

Most people believe they know exactly what their readers want, but they are usually wrong.  So, to make sure that the writer will get the full value of this valuable content, create no less than 25 headlines for each piece of content.  Then run all of them through a tool for content marketing headlines like AppSumo, where they show which one is apt to perform the best.

  • Insert Content in Unexpected Places

The content marketing strategy doesn’t have to involve white papers, the use of ongoing blogs, or costly infographics.  As a substitute, begin with the writer’s website and digital skills to find out which pages are frequented most by customers.  Look at the Case Studies, Contact Us, FAQ, and About Us pages and see where some links can be strategically inserted to promote the content.

On the FAQ page, there can be a link to some relevant content posted on a blog or in case studies there can be a link back to the content.  The more a writer can insert links to their content, the more chances they have of engaging clients and getting sales.

  • Refresh Unused Content

Usually, a writer will have some extra content somewhere in their office lying around and waiting to be revived.  It might take days, weeks, or even months to create new content for the website.  Go back and review how recent sales were obtained and then take the unused content and turn it into something new to use. 

Incorporate these materials into screenshots, audio clips, or some short videos.  Then combine these to make some type of educational course, tips, guides, or how-to instructions.  Writers can then use them to show they’re authorities in a certain field and build their audience. 

  • Cut the Frequency of the Content

The brief and concise content, that used to be suitable in marketing strategies, are more or less a thing of the past.  It might seem like a counterproductive idea to ease up on the schedule of posting one’s content.  But by doing so, it will bring a much stronger reader base.  In today’s market, the more focused, longer, and quality content is more accepted.  It gives the audience a chance to find the content, read, digest, and share it before returning for more.  The lifespan of this type of content is longer and allows marketing some added time for promoting it.

  • Emphasis the Value over Quality

The quality of the content isn’t new in content marketing, but the demands of the modern audience have changed that concept.  Customers expect value over and above anything else.  They are more accepting of content that pulls out their pain points, identifies some solutions, and guides them through the entire process to put it together.

  • Turn to Social Media

Social media is evolving and will not be left behind when it comes to marketing content.  By turning to their sites and looking for reviews and insights, they’ll help funnel more potential customers to the website.  Use these platforms to share the voice of the company as a leader rather than promoting endless content.  By approaching LinkedIn updates, Facebook posts, and tweets as content that stands alone, it will be worth sharing.  When sharing, organize the picks so everything posted offers fantastic value for the readers.

  • Mobile Has to be Fully Embraced

Content marketers shouldn’t think of mobile devices as secondary or an afterthought in their marketing strategy.  Google realized the importance of this new trend and created quite a ruckus.  They penalized those websites that weren’t enhanced for mobile and quickly reduced their rankings. However, mobile is more important than any rankings or shopping online. Use this tool for content writing wisely.

Content will become revolutionized by the newer trends in using mobile devices.  Right now, people can take a snapshot of a color they want their house painted and can actually see how this color looks on their own home.  Begin to explore how these new technologies can blend with the content marketing.  It might be a good idea to interact with the audience and get their thoughts on what they’d like to see.  

  • Enhance the Call to Action

Not too long ago, it was good enough to offer “freebies,” like a one-page white paper, to entice the customer to interact and sign up for emails.  Nowadays, this type of call to action is really of no use.  It needs to be ramped up and be made more compelling.  It might be wise to use a content writing service to do this in the beginning.  They’ll have some very good ideas to use now and in the future.  Whatever action is decided on, it must be designed to this audience and should be addressed to a problem they may face.

  • Offer Content Upgrades

It’s now become normal for content marketers to post epic blogs containing quotes from influencers, long worded content, screenshots, and infographics.  These are all effective and time-consuming techniques to improve the content marketing. There’s still another step that can be taken, and that’s to offer an upgrade within every infographic, video, and article produced.  Begin with gathering the blueprint or resources of the process that was laid out in the content.  It could be an upgrade with the links in an article that may entice one to put their name on the list or pass on to others.

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