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Where to Use Your Writing Skills - Think Everywhere!

September 16, 2015 - Posted to Writing

Content where to use your writing skills

Where to Use Your Writing Skills?

Okay, so right now you are in school, and using writing skills is a “given.” Every course you take will involve some measure of writing – essays, papers, book reviews, etc. If you have not developed pretty good academic writing skills before you enter college, now is the time to really to learn them.

How to Get Good Writing Skills

First, you need to understand that learning how to write well is a process. The first step in that process is to discover what you do well and what you don’t do so well. You should already have some idea, because teachers and instructors have probably made many comments on the written work you have been handing in since first in high school. Here are typical problems.

  1. Your writing is dis-organized and the points you make do not flow logically. Usually, this means you are not making at least some type of an outline before you write. The fix is obviously to start making outlines before you write.
  2. Your sentence structure is poor. If you have fragments and run-ons, mis-placed modifiers or issues with agreement, you will need to do some self-study to correct that. One quick way to begin to fix this issue is to read anything you write out loud to yourself. If it does not read how you speak, something is wrong. Re-write sentences so they sound like you actually speak.
  3. Your writing is too simplistic. College writing skills include the use of a more sophisticated vocabulary and sentences that are longer and more complex. Practice combining short sentences with connecting words; learn how to use semi-colons; vary your sentence patterns.

The most important and effective path to better writing is to improve your writing skills by means of college essay writing. You won’t get better without practice. So, write those essays and then have someone else critique them – someone with good skills. You can find that person at your campus writing lab, or you can send that essay off to a writing service and have an editor re-write it. You can then compare yours to that editors and see what needs to improve.

Using Writing Skills Beyond School

If you think your need to write well ends at graduation, think again. Here are times when you will have to demonstrate effective writing skills.

  1. As you apply for jobs, you will need to write cover letters. And you will need skills to write on a resume creation.
  2. You will need to write memos and reports and a whole host of other things in your career. If you don’t have good writing skills, your superiors are pretty unimpressed with you.
  3. Business presentation creating will call for solid writing skills. Can you imagine yourself in front of a group of people with your written presentation in front of them, filled with grammatical and composition errors? Ouch!

Your Takeaway

There is not a quick way to become expert in writing. It takes lots of practice and studying what good writing looks and sounds like. If you are in the process of becoming a better writer, you may want to consider using a professional writing service to help out in the meantime.

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