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Dissertation Chapter - Abstract

The Dissertation Abstract – the Final Piece

Your dissertation is meant for publication, if only at your institution.  It will be placed in your institution’s library and will also be available to anyone, via an ERIC search. You may not be famous yet, but you will be “published!”

The final dissertation piece

In order for other potential researchers in your field to understand whether your research is relevant to their own, they need a summary of your study and your conclusions. Such a summary is found in an abstract which you will create after you have completed your dissertation. Remember, part of the process for your own literature review, involved reading the abstracts of researchers who came before you, in order to determine if that specific piece related well to your proposed research. Abstract, then, are pretty critical pieces that must be created with a great deal of care and attention.  

Become a Person of “Few Words”

In most cases, your abstract will be limited to 350-400 words. Think about that! You have to reduce your entire dissertation to less than 2 full pages of 12-point font. And in those few words, you must summarize the entire research study, along with its analyses and conclusions.

The abstract is particularly difficult to write, but must include the following:

  • A clear statement of your research question or problem
  • Summary of the purpose, scope, and relevance of your study
  • Encapsulation of your design and methodology
  • Summary of your results, conclusions and recommendations

As well, the abstract must be written, not in the first person, but in an objective third person vantage point.

Why the Abstract is Particularly Difficult

For a person who has spent months (in some cases, a full year) engaged in a project that has consume almost every waking moment, reducing that work to a less-than-two-page summary is a monumental, if not impossible, task. Reading and studying other abstracts may help, but your emotional attachment to your work always makes creating your own very difficult.

How Can Help

If you have used our services in the production of your dissertation, this last element is easily accomplished by your consultant(s). If, on the other hand, you have not, we can still provide a superb abstract for you, and provide with the objective tone that is required. Here is all you do:

  1. Upload your dissertation with your order for an abstract.
  2. Receive a personally-assigned Ph.D. consultant who will review your entire work and prepare an objective, third-party abstract that will exceed your expectations in every way
  3. Request any revisions to the final draft that you wish
  4. Receive your final product and approve it on your personal account page

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