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What is an Essay?

For academic purposes, an essay is any piece of writing that has a thesis, a purpose, and that is constructed according to an accepted format – Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

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An essay may be as simple as a 5-paragraph piece on the definition of a concept, such as democracy, to a multiple page research piece that charts the history of democracy and the contemporary variations of this political system in the world today.

Organization and Production of an Essay

Students who have created many essays during their educational careers are well aware of the steps involved:

  • Identify a topic and a purpose
  • Conduct research (if required)
  • Organize the research or thoughts into a graphic that will provide a skeleton for composition (outline, web graphic, Venn diagram, etc.,)
  • Compose a rough draft based upon the skeleton
  • Review and revise the rough draft
  • Prepare a final draft
  • Insert citations and bibliography (if the piece has involved research)

In all cases, however, the standard format remains. There must be an introduction that states the thesis, body paragraphs or sections that speak to the thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes, calls to action, or points the reader in the direction of further exploration of the topic and thesis.

What Could Go Wrong?

The answer, of course, is many things. Students become inundated with essay assignments from multiple courses without enough time to complete them; students may find an assigned topic of no interest or difficult to research in a short period of time; students may be facing deadlines that cannot be met.

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