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Finding Proof

Geometric Proofs

Geometry can be a particularly frustrating mathematics course, for high school and university level students. Many educators believe, in fact, that only people with right-brain dominance can truly excel in this field of mathematics. Lots of student would agree. It is not unusual for a student to master Algebra without a great deal of effort, only to move on to geometry and meet disaster. 

Finding geometric proofs

Algebra involves learning rules and algorithms (who does not remember “PEMDAS” for order of operations), and applying those to the solutions of equations. This, of course is a left-brain activity.

Geometry, on the other requires spatial viewpoints and deductive reasoning. To master geometry, then, students need to “see” solutions, not just follow rules. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for students of geometry is the “proof.” One may have certain axioms, such as “parallel lines will never intersect,” or “perpendicular lines always form right angles,” but then they are asked to use the axioms and other preliminary information and to produce step-by-step deductions in order to prove some new geometric axiom.  If students cannot “see” the progression, they fail. Knows Solution for Geometric Proofs!

If you are a high school or university students struggling with geometric proofs, do not accept the fact that your coursework assignments will never be correct and that you will never pass. can be your geometric proof solution. Fortunately, unlike most other academic writing services, we are comprehensive and extend our services to all areas of mathematics and science. You may contact us and immediately get a mathematician who can “walk you through” any proofs you have been assigned. Each step will be thoroughly explained so that you not only have the proof, you have understanding.

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