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Making Article Critique

Critical Analysis of an Article

If you have never been asked to write a critique of an article, you will need to develop an understanding of what a critique is and is not.

First, a critique is not a summary of the contents of the article. If you prepare only a summary, in fact, your ultimate grade will be terrible.

Article critique producing

What is a critical Analysis?

To produce this type of writing, you will need to follow important steps:

  • Read the article more than once, until you have a clear idea of what is being said and how it is being said.
  • Identify the thesis and the purpose of the author in writing this article. Is there an opinion being posited? Is the author presenting information that either supports or refutes other experts on the same topic? Is the author making a “call to action” on the part of his readers? You need to identify these themes accurately before you can begin to consider the points of a critique.
  • As you organize your thoughts for a response to the article, consider how much knowledge you have about the topic and whether you may need to do a bit of research on your own in order to respond appropriately to the thesis (theses) presented.
  • Organize your thoughts into a cohesive and sequential presentation. Usually, an outline will help you with this organization.
  • Begin with an introduction that summarizes the thesis (theses) of the author. State whether you accept the thesis or not.
  • The body of your critique should posit your positions, with direct references to portions of the article that relate to your positions. Each point should be provided in a separate paragraph.
  • Your conclusion should summarize your analysis. Have you supported the author’s thesis or have you debunked it with your own factual information? Have you pointed out the validity or the fallacy of the author’s points? Was the author’s ‘case” strong or weak? These are the questions you ask as you prepare the conclusion.

What to Do When You Need Help

Lack of experience in writing article critiques may have you anxious about your ability to produce one. You need not be concerned, however, if you contact to have your critique produced by a content field expert who has written many such pieces before.

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