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Multiple Choice Questions

Facing Multiple Choice Questions Testing?

If you have never heard of Benjamin Bloom, he is an educator who came up with a hierarchy of learning, from the simplest of skills, recall, to the most sophisticated skill – evaluation/judgment. In between are skills such as application, comparison/contrast, etc. 

Multiple Choice Questions Testing

One of the outgrowths of his hierarchy was a move on the part of teachers to develop multiple choice question examinations that could assess most, if not all, of Bloom’s identified skills. And they have done a pretty good job. Today, multiple choice questions will veer far from the old traditional recall of information types of days past. These tests are harder and require more critical thinking than ever before, and student should not take them lightly!

Because multiple choice tests require students to think and to apply, to compare and contrast, etc., many instructors at the university level allow students to take them on their own time – either as a take-home task or on their personal page on the course website. 

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