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Mathematical Optimization

If you are a math major, you are certainly familiar with the term optimization, and you may be facing one or more research studies or problems. This field is particularly exciting, because there seems to be no end to the benefit of optimization to the real world – finance, economics, medicine, biology, physics, engineering, logistics, etc. 

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Your job is to take a topic/problem of specific interest and to solve the problem by first determining the math model to utilize, and then to perform the study and statistical analysis, in order to provide the very best solution – one that optimizes the benefits and degrades the negatives.

The issue that most students face in an optimization project is in the selection of the best mathematical model to use for a specific problem. There is nothing more frustrating to discover that, when many students have worked independently on the same problem, someone else has utilized a different model and achieved greater optimization.

Optimization proficiency requires experience and practice. Eventually, you will be able to target the perfect model for each problem, and take you place as a career professional, doing what you love to do. Until then, however, you should make the wise move to obtain some professional assistance with your projects. 

Where to go?! has a terrific staff of mathematicians with Master’s and Ph.D.’s – individuals who have taught optimization, who have and have had careers in which they practiced their craft regularly. They have the experience and the practice to help you now, so that you can benefit from their tutelage. 

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