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Resume Editing Help

How to Know Your Resume Needs Revision

If you have submitted your resume to at least five potential employers, and your qualifications seem a good match, yet you have not been called for an interview, then your resume needs a remodel! 

Resume editing needs

You should know that the average resume get about 15 seconds of a decision-maker’s time, and, if you have not stood out in that 15 seconds, your resume goes into the “no” pile. The “yes” pile consists of those resumes that, for one reason or another, have engaged the reader immediately. Take a look at yours – what about it stands out? If you cannot identify anything, then your resume needs a remodel!

You Don’t Need a Standard Resume Service

If you contact any of the major resume services you find on the web, you will get what every other client gets – a standard format into which your information is inserted. They may promise individuality, but, in fact, deliver conformity, and your “new” resume will have the same results.

Give Your Resume to and See the Difference

We welcome the opportunity to turn your resume into a “work of art” – a piece that, in that first 15 seconds, will motivate the reader to continue and to ultimately place you in the “yes’ pile. We cannot, of course, influence the interview, but we can certainly get you there. If you will submit your resume to us, here is what you will get:

  • A professional writer/editor who has special expertise in your professional field, usually one who is or has been serving in the industry as a manager or personnel specialist.
  • A writer/editor who will communicate with you, asking the right questions, looking for those unique qualities and experiences that will set you apart from other applicants.
  • A writer/editor who will determine the best structure for your resume, based upon industry standards in your field
  • A writer/editor who can be creative with words and descriptions
  • A finished product that presents you in an engaging and yet professional way

Searching for a new position is stressful enough. Don’t make it worse by having a tired and boring resume that de-values you. Get your resume remodeled by and present it with confidence!

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