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1. Infusionsoft

A marketing and sales automation software made for small and medium sized companies to help them relate with their clients and form new leads. The cost includes a monthly subscription to different plans such as essentials at $199, deluxe $ 299, complete $379 and the team $599. Besides, the software has different capabilities such as e-commerce, social sharing, marketing reports, web forms, marketing automation, referral program management and payment processing. Several companies utilize in Infusionsoft, and they include NPE, GETUWIRED LLC, and eaHELP. The link to the Infusionsoft website is

2. PlanPlus Online

Customer relations and business management program that aid increase output via planning and organization. It is designed for small business and particularly agents and professionals working in insurance, finance, and real estates. It fuses Franklin Covey business planning method to management time and clients. The subscription to this software if free for the lite plan, $12 for essential personal and $149 for group per month respectively. PlanPlus Online software has many features which include online calendar, a daily note organizer, project manager, email, and phone support, as well as manage and organize contacts. The program is used in many companies and particularly in England Logistics. The link to the website is

3. Contractors’ Cloud

It is a software developed for contractors dealing in sales. It is designed for a small business dealing in guttering, siding, landscaping, solar installs, and roofing. It features include scheduling, estimating, expense tracking, invoicing and profit and loss computations. The initial activation varies from $650 and $1200, and the cost per user can range from $50 to $80. The software is used in Arrow Roofing and Mr. Roofing, Inc. The link of the website is

4. Pipedrive

A tool for managing sales designed for small business and entrepreneurs. It helps a business to look into it sales pipeline and ensure that no conversation or activity is dropped. It is intuitive and easy to use. The software subscription includes $10 for a silver plan, $21 gold plan and $63 for platinum. The features in this software include visual sale pipeline, activity reminders, emails, and customization. Pipedrive is used in Blippar, Pinmypet, Tinfoil Security and CoContest. The link to the website is

5. VanillaSoft Pro

A sale management application made for inside selling teams. It integrates the lead management and telemarketing to increase productivity, close efficiency, and contact rate. The software cost $80 monthly. It offers varies features such as appointment setting, e-mail marketing, lead and sales tracking, auto dialing and telephony, and scripting. It is used by such companies such as Education Affiliates, TSL Marketing. The link to vanillaSoft Pro is

6. Oracle CRM on Demand

Oracle CRM on demand is a solution that helps small business to direct sales, marketing, and support clients. It provides sales automation but can integrate with others such as marketing automation and web-self services to provide comprehensive customer management. The software cost a minimum monthly cost of $75 per month. It offers many features to business such as price management, customer data integration, quote and order capture self-service as well as business intelligence applications. The solution applies to many companies such as Oracle, Tribridge, IDG Direct, and Emirates NBD. The to the Oracle CRM is

7. Zoho CRM

It applies to small and midsized business. It allows firms to communicate with their clients through phones, emails, and chats and thus build a healthy relationship.It offers various features within it interface such as product configuration, customer analytics, and support and help desk, as well as reporting. It has different prices depending on the edition. There is the free version for entrepreneurs requiring a maximum of 10 users, the standard edition at $12 per month and professional edition at $20 per month. It is used by companies such as Cloudbakers LLC, Hire Ed Solutions, Upwork Global Inc. as well as Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG). The link to the website is

8. HubSpot Sales

A cloud-based automation sales program made to create, automate and improve the sales process. The software allows salespersons to establish leads with potential customers and sell them. It allows business to automate their sales by define follow up sequence comprising of emails and reminders. Besides, it creates real-time engagement when a user get a notification when customers check emails or campaign link. The monthly subscription for this software is $50. Besides, it offers various features various features such as email templates, integrated contact files, notification, streamlined calling, and deals. The software is used by Mainline family law Centre, Rodon Group as well as Jackson coffee company. The website can be accessed through

9. Dynamics CRM

It is a flexible and integrated business management program that help small business to make critical decisions by helping them reduce the inherent risks. It cost $65 per month per user.It contributes to streamlining customer relations, supply chain process, and finance success. It provides features such as lead management, contact management as well as territory management. The solution is used by Nigel Frank International Limited, LIFE TIME FITNESS INC, Sonoma Partners, LLC as well as Tribridge. The link is

10. Nimble

Software that allows users to manage their customers by enabling them to combine the contacts, social signals, email, follow-ups, and activities at their workplaces. The program offers various features such as interaction tracking, email marketing, lead management, contact management, list management and marketing automation.It offers 14 days free trials and then $25 monthly subscription per user. Various companies use the program.such as IDG Direct, Dell, and Sodexo. The link is

Data warehouse solution

1. Teradata

It is a leading data warehousing that has a 30-year operational history. It provides business with robust hybrid and scalable storage capacity and analytics for both structured and unstructured data for real-time intelligence, opportunities, and trends. It applies to big business such as Bank of America, Apple, Walmart, and eBay. The warehouse cost $1.5 million or $35,000 per TB. Link to the website is

.2 Oracle

Oracle is a high performing, scalable and optimized data warehousing that has been in operation for decades. It also provides advanced flash storage and compression of data for business. It cost$2.33 million comprising of hardware cost of $650,000 and software of $1.68 million. Its key features include scalability, business intelligence, backup and recovery, security and manageability. Many companies use the warehouse such as IT Convergence, Inc., United States Steel, Cummins, and Sherwin-Williams. Link to the website is

3. Amazon Web services

Amazon web services provide a collection of data storage tool and resources that complement it available cloud services. The warehouse is charged based on the package with a minimum storage being 50 TB that goes for 0.25 per GB per month. 450 TB goes for 0.24 per GB and over 500 TB that cost 0.23 per GB per month. It has various platforms such as Amazon Redshift, AWS data pipeline as well as Elastic MapRedue that help in data warehousing. The services of the warehouse serve many prominent business and organizations such as Unilever, Kellogg’s Netflix and G4S. The link of the website

4. Cloudera

It is the emerging provider of Hadoop-bases data processing and storage. Through its enterprise data Hub, the warehouse provides many services such as batch processing, enterprise search, interactive SQL, as well as advanced analytics. It offers in bundles such as Cloudera Express, Cloudera Enterprise, and Gartner Reports. The cost of the warehouse varies depending on the client’s needs, but a standard cost is $2600 per server annually. It offers many features such as cluster management, configuration audit trail, automated deployment and readiness checks, as well as client configuration management. Many midsize and large organizations use the data storage program, for example, STRATEGIC IT STAFFING, Splice Machine, Inc., and Splunk Inc. The link to the website is

5. MarkLogic

MarkLogic is a private software firm in Silicon Valley that offers NoSQL database platform. The NoSQL storage architecture ensures that it reduces storage complexity. It also employees semantic-based technologies that help it to more scalable and adaptable to the first place required for the digital data. The essential enterprise version calls for an annual subscription of $18000 per 8-core pack. Many firms use the warehouse, for example, BBC, Innodata Inc., and Yuxi Pacific Group LLC. It features include high scalability, semantics, tiered storage, geospatial and real-time alerting. The link to the website is

E-business Proposal

My e-business ideal would be dealing with designer clothes for males and females. It will focus on global market and mainly western countries such as the US, UK, and Canada. It will be located within the US. The business will offer a variety of modern and trending designed clothes both casual and official for business persons and celebrities. The company will use digital storefront that allows customers to pick the fabric design in 3D before making an order or purchase. The technology will also provide an update to the client on what is coming and what is available in store. It will use data integration technologies such as SAP to bring together all the operation and communication of the business.

Ecommerce Business

Business to Business E-commerce

It is an electronic transaction between companies or businesses and the size of engagement can be large. An example is where Apple sells software to Samsung.

Business to Consumer E-commerce

In this electronic transaction, business transacts with consumers. An example is where Apple selling John a mobile phone through

Consumer to Consumer E-commerce

It is an online transaction between users with the help of a third party that provides an online platform for trade. An example is Job buying laptop from John through eBay

Consumer to Business E-commerce

It involves a transaction between consumers and business where the owners of goods use an online platform to sell products and services to companies that require them. Ana example is a website where designers present their proposal for company logo, and only one of the presented designs is selected and purchased.

Business to Government E-commerce

It is an online transaction between a company and a government. It may involve areas such as the provision of security, legal representation. An example is where a company applies to provide legal representation or registers to the government through an online portal.

Consumer to Government E-Commerce

It involves all transaction between consumers and government. In this case, an individual carries online traction with the government. An example is the filing of the tax return, payment of health services, and paying for social security.

Government to Government E-commerce

It is an electronic transaction between national government and local government, among different departments and agencies and between the various nations for diplomacy issues. Ana example is the Northeast Gang Information System used by use government to collect information on gangs on the streets.

Government to Business E-commerce

Government sells services to business. An example is Transportation Security Administration (TSA) holding auctions and selling off confiscated items to interested companies

Government to Consumer E-commerce

It is an online transaction between a government and its citizens. An example is registering vehicles and providing licenses

Data Mining and profitability

Data mining allow business to analyze a large volume of data with an objective of increasing revenues or cutting cost. A company can use the data mining tool to analyze the pattern on local purchasing. They could identify the correlation of one purchase to the other. For instance, men could be buying beer with diapers at the same time or during certain days. The new information could help a business to increase their revenues for instance by moving the beers next to diapers in the display shelves.

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