Organizational behaviour

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Organizational Behavior - On Leadership: The ability to influence others' behavior, support them, and give them a voice in the creation of a successful company of which they are a part (Riggio and Tan 4). Integrity, self-drive, self-confidence, temperament, intelligence, encouraging my subordinates, and business acumen are all qualities that a successful leader upholds.

A strong leader can inspire followers, foster group cohesion for maximum effectiveness, and devise strategies for dealing with issues that may arise inside the business (Riggio and Tan 35). The leader must have confidence in the team members in order to motivate them toward a common objective while also recognizing each individual's special qualities.

Motivation fuels the members of an organization to put more efforts in their duties. I will provide both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in encouraging the members. Extrinsic involve the use of incentives whereas intrinsic motivation comes from within a person. I will encourage intrinsic motivation since it enables people to be creative in developing their knowledge and working for the betterment of the organization.

An efficient leader means that I should be able to assist the organization in managing challenges and finding solutions to problems. Collaborating and compromising style of managing conflicts in my view is the most effective. Through working together and negotiating in a calm manner that people realize they need each other to achieve a common goal. Collaborating involves listening to each other with empathy and taking time to understand each other. The parties in conflict confront each other without threats where they merge their views. Compromising involves making a deal where the warring people create concessions and get a resolution with equal authority and create a substantial commitment.

In conclusion, an effective leader ensures cohesiveness among the members and motivates the team using extrinsic and intrinsic means to fuel their efforts. A good leader also has knowledge on proper management of conflicts and solving procedure.

Works Cited

Riggio, Ronald E, and Sherylle J. Tan. Leader Interpersonal and Influence Skills: The Soft Skills of Leadership. 2014.

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