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Losing or winning in a political arena depends on the approach a politician uses. As I run for the seat of the house representative candidate, I should be able to consider a campaign fact. I'll have to set targets to meet them. I'm going to have to break supporters into three groups; the base of critics, the base of candidates, and the unresolved from the previous election. I would understand how the outcomes can be obtained by going out to the three groups of persons. I would use the events available to make myself known to people in order to reach out to the different individuals in society. The avenues include community events where I can take my contributions. I can also draw budgets of what he will need. I had been a member of the Congress, I can estimate the amount of money he used to campaign. In my case, to get re-elected I will not have to start from scratch because people already know much about me. A strategic plan will help me to identify how to fund my campaigns; help me understand the role of the courts; how federalism will affect my drives, and help me choose interest groups that are beneficial to my campaign.

The first issue to tackle is the problem of finance. Politicians need a lot of money to cater for the political rallies. The resources for campaigns may come from political donors. Political donors are the people who donate money to their die-hard candidate. Other funds come from government funding where the government spares some money meant for political campaigns. The actively affiliated average Americans also contribute yearly to their preferred candidate. There are special interest groups that also provide to the political rallies. The taxpayers pay directly or indirectly to the government money meant for the drives.

To assure people that there is work going on in the office, then I should be able to tell the public the kind of work I am expected to do, and I do it before going for any campaigns. The citizens can witness the type of work that the leader has done to consider re-electing him as a member of the house of representative. Some of the main issues that I will be able to address are; education, drugs, corruption and ethnicity. Provision of school for all the students is mandatory in the human rights constitution. Because education is quite expensive, I will convince the crowd that I will provide free education for the children from needy families. As a contestant, I will talk about how I will ensure that the needy children have a chance to go to school. The next issue I should talk about is the challenge of eradicating drugs. The use of marijuana to be specific has become of great concern to the parents. The parents are losing their kids to cocaine, heroin, and other drugs that harmful to our health. Drugs make the individuals who use it to be addictive. When they do not have the money, they are forced to commit the crime to get money to buy drugs. The other issue that might be of concern is the vice of corruption. Corruption is a killer of the economy. Corruption is one of the problems that affect the whole world. The issue of racism is also a significant challenge facing the country right now. Racism is the favoring of a particular person because they come from a different ethical group. Racism does not have any form of background to hold against because no one chooses to be born in a particular ethnic group. The best that we should be able to do is to embrace each other as brothers and sisters to enable ourselves to attain our goals and ambition. If we can overcome ethnicity, then we are going to enjoy the fruits of unity. But if we allow ourselves to be misguided by ethnicity we will end up gnashing our teeth and regretting our actions.

Federalism will affect the actions of the campaign in some ways. First, it will impact me positively because the resources will be handed down to the states from the government. The citizens will now have the opportunity to seek jobs at the local government. People will not be moving from very far places to look for employment in the city. Decentralization will lead to the county developing because the people working in the county are members of the society. The members of the society have a chance to focus on the challenge facing their states because then they can clearly identify the problems. They have firsthand information about the issues they ought to look at and solve. The areas that I will campaign will not be vast because I will be considering my state as a house representative.

However, the federal government may not be very beneficial because citizens are ignorant. People do not understand how powerful the state and local governments are. They do not turn out during the election period. To address this challenge, I will ensure through my strategic plan I will educate the citizens to exercise their right to vote and to vote the people who are responsible. The other challenge that will affect me as an aspirant is that federation has a history of protecting, segregation and slavery. I will have to inform them that in as much as it has the history of slavery it does not mean that slavery and segregation are to take place. History is past therefore people should look forward to the future.

The Obama administration has a lot of effect on my running for the seat of the member house for the second time. Some of the results include the ability to discharge my duties as a member of the house in the present capacity while running campaigns to gunner votes to be the house representative for the second time. I discharge responsibilities because campaigning requires a lot of time to be moving from place to place day in day out. Campaigns also need sufficient amount of money. The Obama administration may question where finance for the drives is coming from because I was in that seat before I will have many sources to get money from to finance all these campaigning activities. The fact that I had been in the office before gives me an upper hand because I am now able to make decisions based on experience and not heresies. I can accurately know that amount of money I will require, the strategies that will work and those that will not be applicable, the kind of people to engage with and the ones I should forget about in the effort to get the votes. Many people already know me, and therefore the campaigns may not be as intense as they were during the first period. However, the Obama administration may support me financially and through publicity. Because of creating a good rapport with the government chances of getting support are very high.

I must be able to worry about the role of the courts in upholding my proposed policies. The courts play a very virtual role in ensuring they solve the cases that arise before and after elections. Some strategies that I might be having may be against the constitution; therefore, they can point out to the systems and give a guideline on how the policies should be. There is need to have a lawyer who will be able to look at the proposed plans and make sure they are in line with the constitution. Through having a lawyer, it will be much easier because I will not have to worry about the court looking for me to answer questions related to the policies I have proposed to implement. I have served in the office before and I it is easier to know the kind of challenges that the state is facing. I will be able to offer realistic policies to the members of the public.

I will scrutinize the political allays to decide on which one to get into myself. The interest groups people who share common goals of influencing the public. Self-interest groups are different from political parties. These interest groups represent business corporations, occupations, and trade unions. Several benefits come with getting involved in interest groups. The interest groups improve the strategies for organizational maintenance for example; they can link to the public much more comfortable than an individual using fundraising emails, lists, and websites. The groups provide models for the public to be able to put their action s place. People can associate a specific person with their interest groups. Through the self-interest groups, the preferred candidates get support from these groups. They can provide ways in which to get the money for campaign mainly through affiliated PACS. Most of the self-interest groups endorse their preferred candidate to run for various positions in the government giving someone preference over the other candidates who are not in self-interest groups.

The political party may affect my strategic plan for the campaign because there is a need to that put combined effort, especially when moving from place to place to secure the votes. Maybe I had in mind I will use a certain amount of money for a specific period. The political party may require that I use much more money than I had intended for us to spend.

A strategic plan will help me to identify how to fund my campaigns; help me understand the role of courts; how federalism will affect my drive, and help me to choose the interest groups that are beneficial to my campaign. A strategic plan a person aligns his/ her daily activities with their goals through having strategic plans. Having strategic plans in one’s life is crucial.

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