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In this paper, the organization selected includes Uproar PR which is a full-service PR agency that specializes in the development of strategic campaigns target at driving brand awareness amid the creation of commercial buzz. The company features a team that is dedicated and devoted towards the supply of unique insights also as perspectives on the media relations, social media, and thought leadership. Uproar PR headquarters are in Orlando and has branches in Toronto, Chicago, and New York. The services offered incorporate media relations, social media, thought leadership, and digital marketing.

Uproar PR has used the differentiation business strategy where it focuses on the event of services that continuously offer unique experiences attributes and create additional value to the customers. The firm utilizes this competitive generic strategy to differentiate itself from the competitors in the marketing and customer relationship management industry. Uproar PR faces stiff competition from other companies such as Greentarget Global Group, IntelliSource, Leadtail, HMG Strategy LLC, and Littlefield Brand Development. Therefore, by applying the differentiation strategy proposed by Porters, Uproar Pr can differentiate its products and services in the market. Differentiation is the prime source of achieving a significant competitive advantage (Valipour, Birjandi, and Honarbakhsh, 2012). In delivering a successful implementation of this strategy, the company ensures that it always attracts, hires and retains most creative, hardest working, and tight-knit public relations employees who provide excellent results when delivering the services to the public.

The human resources of the company center their interest on the identification of the most crucial criteria used by buyers existing in the targeted market and then later on designs products and services plus other offerings that best suit the identified standard. Henceforth, all stakeholders pay attention towards offering highest-quality public relations services which the best innovative solution with outstanding and exclusive features.

The company achieves its strategic direction due to possession of different internal strengths. They include easy access to the leading scientific research, a high corporate reputation concerning quality and innovation, and creative and highly skilled product development team. Furthermore, it has substantial sales personnel that are capable of successfully communicating the perceived or intended strengths of product to be introduced into the market. Therefore, the advantages that the company is enjoying from the differentiation strategy include but not limited to the creation of value, non-price competition, brand loyalty, and non-existence of perceived substitutes.

Direction for Uproar PR’s growth within five-ten years

As the company focuses on providing unique services concerning public relations, it is essential for the management to analyze the industry and environmental conditions to determine and assess the player’s strengths and weaknesses. It should focus on the product development strategy where there will be a provision of new products and services over time in its online platform to capture a significant share of public relation market. As a result, it will become more comfortable with the organization to develop new mobile apps that customer can use to understand their strategic planning and henceforth understand the target demographic which eventually drives sales in the long run.

Nevertheless, Uproar PR should apply market penetration as the primary intensive growth strategy in future. This step will allow the firm to reach more customers from the emerging markets and in areas where it already has business operations (Valipour et al., 2012). By choosing to differentiate its products from the competition, it has to create a distinctive strategic position aligns the value chain accordingly, and creations human resource strategies from which budget allocations and financial targets are set.

Human resource management strategy to support the differentiation strategy

The Committed Expert HRM strategy will be the appropriate one as its primary objective is to ensure organizations hire as well as retain employees who are determined to specialize in the performance of specific tasks. Committed Expert aims at external labor orientation and the strategic differentiation direction. It emphasizes on the distinctiveness pattern of making talent (Gholamzadeha & Jalalib, 2013). The workforce will have the freedom to innovate as well as improve methods used in the completion of tasks. Thus, they should be people with a potential to fit into the organization's culture.

Committed Expert will allow Uproar PR to design performance appraisals that balance the cooperation together with the competition of the employees. The careers will include numerous promotions, and the staff can receive a long-term training that can develop outstanding expertise. Henceforth, the company will have the human resource practices that increasingly with the competitive business strategy of differentiation. There is a relatively high compensation with benefits package. It is the most effective strategy for Uproar PR as it helps in fostering a climate of trust and cooperation whereby employees work together and share knowledge regarding innovation and development of unique products and services that meet customer’s needs and expectations.

Therefore, the Committed Expert HR strategy and differentiation will allow the company to leverage its team's well-established relationships with the leading members of media as a way to secure placements in the top-tier outlets. Henceforth, Uproar PR can explore the new media channels and promote the creation of diverse media coverage portfolio for the brand. The competitive advantage of Committed Expert to this firm will involve the provision of differentiated or unique services including media relations, social media, thought leadership and digital marketing.

HR Scorecard table






Aligning strategic skills with organizational culture to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Percentage growth of all deals done together with value transacted from critical clients.

A number of the top league table positions achieved in the targeted market.

Percentage of the target market that perceives as experts in the provision public relations services.

Approximate number of clients who get satisfied with services provided






Achieving HR effectiveness as well as productivity to maximize shareholder value.

Value of digital marketing thought leadership and media relations

Income per employee

Percentage of revenue from the targeted customers

Percentage of the allocated cost, productivity, and HR effectiveness

$ 600,000

$ 0.9 M



Internal process

Competency development, teams’ integration, and accomplishing goals and incentives.

Number of the joint originations

Percentage of transactions carried out with the multi-product solutions.

The degree to which quality standards have been met.





Establishment of a trustworthy HR climate that fosters learning and growth.

The percentage of employees having high experience in the sector.

The staff turnover rate

Development of HR skills accompanied by leadership




Assessing value of proposal to Uproar PR

Dimension 1: Financial

The proposal from the financial perspective of the scorecard will enhance of effectiveness in managing financial aspects of the human resource. It will be easy to place right people at the right places and eventually optimize the efficiency of individual teams working together to deliver unique insights and features during product development (Iveta, 2012). Henceforth, there will be a success in the achievement of higher levels of motivation as well as job satisfaction. This fact comes as a result of making informed and sound decisions regarding proper compensation to achieve an optimum level of job performance and operational excellence.

Dimension 2: Customer

The HR practices adopted by Uproar PR can focus on promoting customer satisfaction. In achieving such a step, there should be subtle changes in the hiring and training processes to produce significant improvements when it comes to consumer happiness. The proposal will allow Uproar to identify employees that have customer satisfaction potential to create better and long-term customer-relationship management. Improved staff morale can contribute significantly towards attaining higher loyalty and trust from the targeted audience.

Dimension 3: Internal process

Uproar PR can establish a high-performance team that can develop differentiated products with unique features from those of the competitors. Thus, there will be a broad sense of commitment and purpose where every person aims at achieving the mission. Furthermore, through hiring a diverse expertise, there will be possibilities of attaining excellent performance and trust and interdependence will be exhibited among the employees. The internal process will improve as a result of team effectiveness that gets more work done, and achievement of high-quality services.

Dimension 4: Learning and growth

The company can achieve a strategic teamwork condition accompanied by the gratification of the employees through job satisfaction that yields higher performance and productivity or delivery of quality services. Henceforth, there will be an implementation of a successful leadership program, together with enhancement of employees’ work experience in different departments of the organization. Thus, fostering new knowledge and skills and establishing best human resource practices where the workforce is dedicated and committed to delivering high-quality services to the public. It becomes more comfortable for the management to measure the consistency of human resource performance per the overall strategic goals and direction of Uproar PR.


Gholamzadeha, D. & Jalalib, S. (2013). An integrative approach to human resources strategy formulation (Case study: MDN Company). Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 75: 479 – 487.

Iveta, G. (2012). Human Resources Key Performance Indicators. Journal of competitiveness, Vol. 4, Issue 1, pp. 117-128.

Valipour, H., Birjandi, H., and Honarbakhsh, S. (2012). The Effects of Cost Leadership Strategy and Product Differentiation Strategy on the Performance of Firms. Journal of Asian Business Strategy, Vol. 2, No.1, pp. 14-23.

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