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Every day, new technological advancements are made with the goal of making jobs that might otherwise be challenging to complete easier. Many things have been made possible through technology. Today, we have the ability to travel and stay in touch with people who live around the globe. With the use of technology, previously challenging illnesses can now be treated with ease. People now find it impossible to conceive living even a short time without technology. On the other hand, technology also has drawbacks and has even threatened to end the world. To maintain their position as one of the most powerful countries, countries are currently developing WMD.These countries have held the world hostage as they threaten to use these weapons at the slightest provocation. Despite the dangers of technology, advancements are still being made and ‘Thync’ is the latest technology phenomenon to hit the market. Thync is one of kind wearable device that uses neurosignalling algorithms to optimize and change the state of mind of a person. The paper explores the new technology, Thync, outlining its functionalities and capabilities in its field. The report further includes an idea in the market place that uses the technology and adds unique ideas that could be used based on Thync technology.

Capabilities of THync

For the majority of people who never get enough sleep, a cup of tea is not only a necessity to beat the chilly Monday mornings but also an antidote to keep one’s eyelid’s open during the afternoon precepts and meetings. Consequently, the constant taking of tea has raised questions over the amount of caffeine in one’s body. Thync, a technology phenomenon that was launched in 2015, has been proposed as an alternative to the cup of tea. In fact, scientists have asserted that the wearable headset is far much better than tea because it provides similar energizing solutions while also offering peace as well as health-consciousness. The use of Thync, induces both calm and mental vibes by different vibes of modulations in a 20-minute session. Energy vibes induce motivation, physical energy, mental alertness and excitement. Calm vibes, on the other hand, induces mild euphoria, physical relaxation, detachment from emotional and anxiety turbulence, and heightened awareness on one’s heart rate and breathing. A 20-minute energy session helps a person see everything in a more detailed fashion than previously. Reviewing Thync’s design, it has a central module around the temple that is surrounded by two strips that attach along the base of the neck and the orbital ridge. The neck and forehead pieces generate impulses that are controlled by an app in smartphones that can be customized by the user.

How Thync Works

The development of Thync has been backed by years of research and experiments by engineers and neuroscientists. Neurosignaling that involves the regulation of the neuron function through neuron-receptor stimulation is obtained by applying current in electrodes embedded in attachment strips. Physiological response to changing frequencies and intensities vibes is tracked through the galvanic response, pupil dilation, heart rate and EEG. Thync’s vibes function through shifting the nervous system activity either towards parasympathetic (calm) or sympathetic (energized) spectrum. Despite Thync’s intervention of the brain, it also has its critics. Many researchers have questioned the ethics behind its potential to widen the social gap and cognitive enhancement. Furthermore, is a technology that is more appealing and available to only the rich. In addition, users have admitted that the level of motivation and clarity they experience after a session is appealing and they crave for more. Experts have as a result questioned whether physiological addiction is a side effect. Nevertheless, Thync’s ability to offer baggage-free effectiveness is valuable in a world where people use caffeine to achieve concentration and mental piece.

Idea in the marketplace that uses Thync

Thync is a technology that is appealing in the stress-relief business. Today, stress has become a major killer just like addiction and obesity. Employees who work in stressful environments have reported increased cases of high blood pressure and death. Others have gone to the extent of quitting while others have seen their quality work as well as relationships with co-workers. The start of the wearable technology has brought a lot of attention in the stress-relief market that is currently dominated by elixirs and calming pharmaceuticals. However, these pharmaceuticals have side effects that have proved to be detrimental to most humans. Thync would ensure that within a 10-minutes session, people can overcome their stress and ensure they are healthy. Living without stress ensures that a person gets enough sleep and improves the overall mood of a person. Hence, Thync is a hit in the stress-relief market and is likely to be on demand due to its simplicity and ability quickly relieve a person of stress.

Additional unique ideas that could be used based on the technology

Increase in IQ

Thync has been confused to perform other functions apart from its stress relief and energizing role. However, one unique idea that could be based on Thync is an increase in IQ. If there was a product or a system that makes people smarter, it would probably the most demanded product or technology in the market. Because Thync has devices that monitor and stimulate the brain to more focused or calmer, perhaps it can also be used to make people even smarter. Thync uses electroencephalography (EEG) to gauge the cerebral activity then redirects focus. Mild electric pulses are also use that activate certain connections in the brain. Scientists only need to modify the brain to accommodate certain brain functions that improve IQ just like nutrition, the environment and time do.

Treatment of Mental illness

Thync has the capability of regulating the condition of the brain. With a few modifications, it could also be used to diagnose and treat mental illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer disease. Currently, the technology does not target cognitive circuits that are used in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses but signals neural pathways that affect the mental states such as energy, calm or relaxation. Mental illness mostly affects the brain and Thync reduces stress and improves one energy through utilizing the pathways of spinal and cranial nerves that manipulate the brain through transdermal electrical neurosignaling (TEN). A few modifications could see the wearable device reduce the problem of mental illness that has for a long time been difficult to solve. By wearing the Thync on their heads, those suffering from mental illnesses can reduce effects such as pain, memory loss or any effects that occur as a result of such ailments. The technology could also determine whether one’s conditions is improving or deteriorating and make recommendations on the best course of action to undertake.

Brain Growth and Development

Thync could be used in the growth and development of the brain. Its ability to stimulate the brain makes it suitable for the growth and development of the brain. More vibes can be added on the device to integrate one for brain growth and development. Employers whose employees use the device would be the biggest beneficiaries as their employees would exhibit high quality work and maturity in their work

In conclusion, Thync is a technological phenomenon that utilizes neurosignalling to optimize the brain of person. The wearable device ensures that a person is energized, stress-free and calm. It has two vibes; calm and energy vibes. Energy vibes induce motivation, physical energy, mental alertness and excitement. Calm vibes, on the other hand, induces mild euphoria, physical relaxation, detachment from emotional and anxiety turbulence, and heightened awareness on one’s heart rate and breathing. The technology is efficient in the stress relief market place that is dominated by pharmaceuticals. Using the technology would ensure a person gets enough sleep and is free from everyday stress by having a 10-minute or 20-minute session every day. The technology’s ability to stimulate the brain further makes it suitable for other functions. It could be used to diagnose and treat mental illnesses, improve IQ and stimulate growth brain and development. More technological innovations are expected in future and the possibility of them having the capabilities to perform even more sophisticated functions than Thync is inevitable. It is just a matter of time before another innovation is launched.

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