theoretical and professional centrality of ethics

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The paper aims to analyze the theoretical and professional centrality of ethics. The numerous fronts of communication ethics are explained, including interpersonal interactions, organizational communication, diversity, and virtue. Different problems that develop in modern communication environments can be avoided through ethical communication. In this way, different points of view are examined in light of the viewpoints put forth by different authors. According to White, a crisis in communication caused by the professional code and diversity culture can be overcome through ethical communication (White, 2017). Marshall also suggests that analyzing various ethical issues broadens our awareness of how to address the issues leaders encounter in leading their followers (Marshall, 2017). In the article by Solomon, it is established that formation of interpersonal relationship relies greatly on the successful sharing of vital information through moral means that do not threaten the safety of each party involved but rather promote the development of the friendship (Solomon, 2017).


The article by the Speech and Communication Studies Department examines the communication ethics proposed by the Lane Community College (Ethical Communication, 2017). In the article, it is observed that the college upholds accuracy, truthfulness, and honesty in communication to promote integrity when communicating with other people. Also, the author proposes that communication should embrace diversity and tolerance so that the decision making process within the community is made to encompass all other qualities without creating biases (Ethical Communication, 2017). The ethics promoted by the college in regard to communication should be free from coercion, violence, intimidation, and distortion so as to realize justice and fairness in expression (Ethical Communication, 2017).
According to Denise Solomon, ethical communication entails developing healthy interpersonal relationships in which every party in the relationship feels comfortable while communicating with the other (Solomon, 2017). Therefore, ethical communication should be structured in a manner that there is a fine line that sets clear boundaries between the values upheld by one partner from the others. In fact, the opinions presented have to be important for the success of the other and not to contribute to hamper the development of the other. Besides, it is worth withholding certain information in instances where the provision of the message will negatively affect the existing relationship between the partners (Solomon, 2017). As such, in communication, each partner has to be listened to so that everyone reasons with the other to create reassurance and evoke suitable responses (Solomon, 2017).
The article by Mike Marshall examines the manner in which businesses rely on ethical communication by analyzing some of the ethical issues that face the business leaders today, and the probable ethical training that should be provided for future leaders (Marshall, 2017). In the article, it is noted that communication face both simple and ethical challenges which in turn affects the success of the business (Marshall, 2017). It is thus recommended that leaders and other members need to be trained regarding credibility and trust to prevent their followers from losing trust in what they pass across. Also developing ethical framework under which members can communicate, either in classrooms or businesses to ensure that each employee develops wholly (Marshall, 2017).
Aidan White presents an analysis of the democratic culture and the professional codes which poses a crisis in journalism as each of the authors attempt to demonstrate their responsibilities and rights while communicating (White, 2017). From the author’s perspective, it is observed that communication is grounded on core values on which it can survive. In an analysis of the ethics in communication as per the author’s perspective, truth is proposed to be core to the existence of communication and hence journalism.
John Lewis, in his article, he proposes that there are about ten basic principles that govern ethical communication that can be considered as best practices (Lewis, 2015). From his perspective, in communication, ethics are to dictate that every person elicits their best to promote the interaction with each other. Also, each individual should not be judgmental of the other by listening when others speak so that everyone presents their own perspective and thoughts (Lewis, 2015).

Impact of Ethics in Communication

On analysis of the various perspectives proposed in the articles, it can be note that the authors explicitly demonstrate that successful communication is contingent on observation of the ethical principles. For instance, Lewis notes that the ten principles of ethical communication ensure that during communication, every party should be given an equal chance to present their personal views and opinions (Lewis, 2015). Observing the principles keeps the communication ethical and prevents conflicts and misunderstanding while communicating with each other. Besides, according to the perspective presented by Marshall, it is evident that ethical communication revolves around truth and credibility in achieving the goals of communication. In fact, Lane Community College finds it vital that integration of honesty in communication contributes to integrity which in turn results in retaining the attention from the other party. Notably, developing communication that embodies truth, honesty, and credibility contributes to creation of successful and healthy interpersonal relationships among members of a team (Lewis, 2015).
Moreover, ethics plays a vital role in ensuring that interpersonal relationships are developed and maintained for the sake of establishing order within the society. For instance, Solomon points out that creation of strong interpersonal relationships depends on the values upheld during communication in which each member feels involved in reasoning so that they do not become left out in given circumstances (Solomon, 2017). As such, ethics promote diversity in terms of ideas and perspectives which enhances the success of the organization since truth and honesty embodied in ethical communication in which members feel appreciated and motivated to present their opinions without being inhibited (Lewis, 2015). The perspective held by White in the analysis of the journalism crisis indicates that democratic culture changes how people interact and therefore promotes socialization and consequently the success of professional conduct (White, 2017). In regard to the professional codes, the people tend to feel energized and motivated in an environment in which each party interact without being ignored by the other or feeling unappreciated (White, 2017).

Importance of Ethics in Business

In business, ethics plays a vital role in ensuring the coordination of the stakeholders on different fronts. Managers and leaders in a business environment develop principle that can be applied in governing the communication within the organization so that members can feel involved and not isolated from the duties they perform (Solomon, 2017). Many at times, developing values and norms in communication shapes the manner in which people interact and collaborate so that friendships are built which can sustain turbulent and threatening competition within the market. Besides, ethics in communication helps mitigate conflicts in a business organization by supporting friendships and privileges in which everyday activities are fostered to enhance openness in transactions (Lewis, 2015). In developing collaborations within a business, the integrity, truth, and honesty that comes with ethical communication results in development of lasting business environment to prevent ethical violations.


Based on the analysis of the articles from the various authors, it has been observed that the development of interpersonal relationships in the business depends on the ethical values upheld during communication. For instance, according to Solomon, it is realized that ethical communication fosters personal relationships that can be translated to business relationships in an instance when the members for a team in an organization (Solomon, 2017). Also, it has been observed that ethical communication promotes business development and performance when the stakeholders find it prudent to disclose relevant information to each other. In the process, vital information is shared which can translate to successful relationships that are grounded on credibility and honesty (Lewis, 2015).
Furthermore, the success of a business is based on how effective ethics can be applied in communication. The leaders and managers in a business environment decide on withholding information that can be threatening to the collaboration of the team members. In the process, the interpersonal relationships are maintained without feeling threatened by the information undisclosed (Lewis, 2015). Avoiding speaking in place of others allows everyone to feel involved in communication and therefore attain the goals intended. In the process, one understands each other through a non-judgmental manner when listening to each other. Therefore, every member of the organization becomes more productive when given the chance to elicit their best through a respectful environment created in the face of an ethical communication environment (Solomon, 2017).


To sum up, the paper has examined articles on ethics in communication and how it influences interaction in a business and the society. Authors like White, Solomon, and Marshall among others have written explicitly on ethics in communication. In the articles examined, it has been noted that ethical communication entails people managing their own boundaries so that they can share only what is necessary without threatening the safety and the relationships formed (White, 2017). Importantly, managers and leaders in a business have to foster respect, integrity, credibility, and honesty in communication so that the stakeholders can share the vital information that will promote the growth and performance of a business organization. As pointed out by White, communication has to encompass both cultural diversity and professionalism to realize full involvement of each member for the sake of collaboration within the organization and community (Solomon, 2017). In probing the communication ethics, it has been noted that responsibility and freedom determine how relationships are formed within a given organization and society at large (Solomon, 2017). Realizing the cultural diversity promotes the realization of roles played by each member of the society in order to mitigate marginalization. As a result, employing ethics in communication promotes integrity, credibility, and legitimacy of the information shared and hence increasing collaboration among the people.


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