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Before we describe the features of our service, let’s figure out who needs spell check and why. People who often have to write something worry about the quality of their work. This concerns students first and foremost. It might sound funny, but in some ways, they are the most prolific writers of all. Any average college requires them to write a huge number of essays, and this process lasts year after year. Writing is hard, especially when you have to do it in big quantities and on topics that bore you. Because of this, most students don’t want to re-read their work once they finish it. They send it to their professor in its draft form and then get upset when they see a low grade for grammar.

Spelling check takes care of typos, but it also has other features depending on what you need. They could include punctuation and even grammar mistakes. To compromise, students look for automatic tools, but this isn’t as effective as they would prefer. Online checkers don’t understand the context. They could automatically correct your obvious misspellings, like if you say “birtday” instead of “birthday.” But when it comes to more complex stuff, such as “then” and “than” or “from” and “form,” there is no guarantee that a free checker will work. It might misunderstand context since only humans know what point they want to convey. This is why finding human help has the highest priority.

What Makes Our Language Experts the Best

GrabMyEssay offers the best spelling and grammar check because our team consists of top industry experts. They have graduated from known universities all over the country and proved that they have enough experience to be responsible for academic writing on a professional level. But while writers need one type of training, those who do spell check perform differently. They must have the most precise knowledge of the language and an understanding of even small nuances. How do we make certain that they meet our requirements? Easy: by setting up various tests.

People who act as a spelling checker prove how well they know English by solving grammatical exercises and answering complex questions. Only actual experts have a chance to pass it. The next stage for our candidates is editing. Those who want to be editors and proofreaders should prove their competency by working on a real text on a specific topic. 
This is another thing that differentiates us from many other companies: we pay careful attention to the specialty of our employees. Our HR team hires people with education in Math, Literature, Philosophy, and other spheres, and they work strictly on orders that fall into their professional areas. Sure, anyone can do some spell checking no matter what they specialize in, but this isn’t our approach. We want everything to be 100% perfect, so we choose the most appropriate proofreaders for your tasks.

We Correct Spelling, You Set the Terms

When you contact GrabMyEssay and tell it, “Could you write my homework for me?”, you’ll be able to pick from our rich range of services. But if you don’t see the exact option you need, there is no reason to worry. We are flexible and always ready to follow your rules. The only thing you should do is know what you want and share these details with us. Let our team give you a couple of examples based on previous orders we did for our clients.

  • Correct just spelling. If you require a surface-level correction of text, we’ll be happy to do it. Our experts would remove all minor & technical errors like typos, word confusion, and other misspellings.
  • Correct grammar and style. Clients who need something more complex than spell check could ask for deeper-level editing. This is where our editors would remove grammar mistakes, too, going through each sentence and achieving total logical coherency. They could also fix your style and make it academic. After their work, no contractions or personal pronouns would be left.
  • Edit the entire paper. Another option involves improving your text semantically and contextually. We won’t simply check spelling and grammar, we will read every paragraph, compare it to your instructions, and make it better. In addition, we would replace old or informal sources with new and academic ones.
  • Fix plagiarism problem. Our company offers plagiarism fixer on top of other services. If you aren’t sure your work is fully original because you might have used too many direct quotes or just taken bits from other online texts, we will do a thorough automatic & manual test. Anything that leaves our platform is unique from start to finish.

More Options for Our Customers

You could find many benefits when ordering help from our human online spelling checker. We strive to make clients’ experiences as wholesome as possible. Here are some things we prepared for you.

  • Support is always close. We have operators who work 24/7 for the benefit of our customers.
  • Flexible system. As we mentioned, we support different kinds of demands. Whatever you need, we’ll do it.
  • Cheap prices. Basic proofreading by our human experts costs only $4.99. We offer discounts, too.
  • Safe policies. Confidentiality is a solid guarantee with our company. Our firm provides revisions & refunds, too.

Clean Your Text From All Errors & Fall In Love with It Anew

If you want to make your essay perfect, there is a solution. Use our spell check in online format and you’ll be amazed at how good your text could look. Get in touch with our experts the moment you realize you need us: we are always there to assist. We will help you see your paper from an entirely new perspective!

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