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Have you ever heard about essay grader? Let us explain what it is. Sometimes students write a paper, but they aren’t certain they should submit it to their professor. What if they made some mistakes, misunderstood topic, or missed plagiarism? This could get you a failing grade for this assignment or even for an entire course. To prevent this, GrabMyEssay offers academic help from our best experts. These graders read what you wrote, analyze, and assess it. Then they give detailed report with their feedback. If your paper is great, pass it on to your college. If it has some issues, you could correct or entrust this task to us, too.

Why You Could Benefit From Paper Rater

Some students want to buy essay while others prefer to write everything on their own. But even when they do it, their worries don’t disappear. We already discussed several reasons that could push people to look for their essay rater, but now let’s talk about what we could do for you in particular. When you submit an order to us and ask us to rate your paper, we start with reading it thoroughly. Then we take a look at instructions from your university and read your essay again, this time keeping your requirements in mind. Mistakes and other issues become clear instantly: our team has vast academic experience, and we know what aspects a good college paper should have.

We start to grade paper by noting down our impressions about the technical side of content. Grammar mistakes, proofreading issues, clarity of thought, and paragraph structure problems fall into this category. Each paragraph needs to have at least 3 sentences, such as opening one, evidence-based one, and closing one. Thesis, the last sentence of introduction, also has to be strong. Body paragraph should be no more than 200 words, and intro/conclusion has to be 10% from the content at most. We also study what sources you used: they should be academic and preferably created within the last 5 years. There are some exceptions, but we take note of them. Content comes next. Our experts write a detailed report about it, saying what sounds strong, what looks weak and preparing you for what your professor could say. The final aspect we discuss in our feedback is whether you followed proper formatting style or if you made some mistakes with it. Correcting your essay will be a piece of cake after our thorough report! We could do it online, too, but you need to let us know. Grading and writing are two different things, so we might have to look for another expert for you.

What Makes Our Experts the Best Graders

When we select people for the role of essay maker or editor, they have to pass a series of complex tests. Some of them are more technical in nature: everyone needs to show off their grammar skills and understanding of subtle language nuances. For that, we rely on our online grammar test. It’s the same for people who want to be paper grader, writer, or editor because they all need to possess excellent English skills. The second test is different depending on what position a person is applying for. Writers have to write an essay, showcasing their ability to explore ideas and get their points across to their readers. Editors improve a text with mistakes while graders analyze it and provide their feedback. The last test is once again the same for everyone. We look at CVs of each candidate, check their experience, work references, and make a final decision.

We have to note that most of our graders start working for us after spending some time as writers. Sure, there are some who have never worked in any other position before, but mostly, a typical online paper grader is a successful writer who earned a promotion. Both types have a deep understanding of how academic writing works and rate it according to the highest standards. In both cases, our quality assurance managers monitor how new graders operate for some time. They give their advice, make recommendations, and give warnings if something isn’t going right. As a result, students enjoy top-level expertise no matter what service they demand from our company.

If You Grade My Essay, What Can I Expect From Your Service?

Our scorer and college essay editing service offers a range of benefits to our customers. We won’t simply give you a detailed evaluation — you can expect much more than that. From start to finish, you will have access to:

  • Online support 24/7. Students who have questions could chat with our operators any time they want. They work every hour of each day — holidays, weekends, sick days, none of this matters because we hire enough people to work in shifts. While some groups rest, others start working. These guys are friendly and helpful. They also give replies very quickly, so you won’t be in a situation where you sit and wait for a response that comes in ages.
  • Direct communication channel with grader. We give our clients an opportunity to speak with their essay grader personally. Just contact them and say, “Hey, will you tell me how you’ll grade my paper?” This establishes more fruitful cooperation between the two of you. Sure, you’ll receive a detailed review of your work later, but meanwhile, ask any questions that might bother you. Clarify how soon they would complete everything, ask about specific aspects or processes of their evaluation, and so on.
  • High quality for all tasks. Several students often wonder, “Could you grade my paper for free?” In most cases, the answer is no. The truth is, experts with education value their time and are not going to work without compensation. That’s why free or overly cheap prices are suspicious. We ask for fair payments while providing the highest level of grader expertise. It doesn’t matter which task you order. Essay writing, grading, editing, proofreading or re-writing — our specialists could do everything, and it’ll all be impressive.
  • Affordable prices & different payment methods. While we cannot give you free essay grader, we established affordable prices for our help. Grading one page with an appropriate deadline costs around $4.99. This is a typical market price for this kind of assistance. You could also select a variety of methods to pay for your order. Do it via your Visa or MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.
  • No plagiarism. Another thing that differentiates our work from free essay grading is complete absence of plagiarism. Sure, when we rate your work, making certain it has no plagiarism is your responsibility, but we look at it, too. It is a part of our grading process. We are going to share our results with you, demonstrating if something is plagiarized. By looking at plagiarism reports, you’ll see whether your work is original. If not, you could ask us to remove copied bits and rewrite them. We would be happy to assist!

Some sites offer their own essay grader, free automatic version. You could paste your text into it and check what the machine says. Several aspects of such work could be helpful, but mostly, this type of grading isn’t good. No one can tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of an essay as accurately as human experts. You could compare these results personally to see the difference.

Protection for Your Privacy and Money

We guarantee your confidentiality when providing college paper help. Every piece of data you share is secure. We also offer free revisions and a money-back guarantee. When some students ask, “Grade my paper for free,” they might get it as a part of our loyalty program. For example, if we made a mistake in an essay, you’d be eligible for revision. If we still fail to satisfy you, your money will return to your account, so you could re-use it again.

Rely on Our Graders and Submit Only Perfect Essays

We offer services of a superior essay evaluator to students no matter what task they’ve prepared. Our experts will read what you wrote or composed, analyze each part of it, and produce a report with all their remarks. It won’t take you long to improve everything after this. So contact us and send your paper our way! If you need us to edit it later based on our report, we’ll be glad to do it. Our whole team is at your disposal.

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