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Who Proofreads Your Coursework Assignments

Most students answer this question by saying, “I do.” They have been taught to write a rough draft of an essay or term paper and then to proofread it for any grammatical, structural, and mechanical errors. Most students today rely on spell and grammar check programs to “fix” all of their issues as they produce everything from a research paper to a book review, to more complex and challenging works like a thesis, dissertation, case study, and research summary. 

Proofreading for papers

Unfortunately, spell and grammar checks are not perfect, and they cannot repair problems with organization and coherence. For these, only a human eye will do, and that eye must be of someone who has exceptional English composition skills.

Who Needs a Professional Proofreader?

The answer is almost everyone. Consider these situations:

  • A mathematics major in undergraduate school does not like his required English course, is not a proficient writer, and must prepare a book report, a reaction paper, or a research work. He puts forth his best effort but knows it will mediocre at best.
  • An English-as-a-second-language student must prepare a lab report, write an article, create a movie review, or produce an annotated bibliography.  Even the grammar check will not adequately assist such a student.
  • A student on an athletic scholarship knows that his/her English composition skills will never meet the expectations of university professors. S/he may spend hours preparing a paper or an assigned article critique but will need help.

Proofreading by

We have the English composition experts able to receive any academic writing piece, provide a full review and proofreading, and clean up even the most inadequate coursework assignment. 

Your grades are too important to risk submitting writing assignments that are not academically sound. Get in touch with us and see how reasonably you can have all of your writing cleaned up!

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