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2. Choose words you don't want to be paraphrased and click the "Paraphrase" button.
3. Select synonyms for each of the highlighted words from the list offered or suggest your own.
4. Copy the final text or download it. That's it!
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Ultimate Online Paraphrasing Tool

Rewriting an essay is not an easy task. You’ve already given it your best and didn’t manage to do a great job. Now it’s time to find a reliable paraphrasing tool. And, GrabMyEssay has just what you need. Our tool will help you completely change what your essay sounds like. But, it will keep the original meaning and ideas intact. So, if a student has been accused of plagiarism or they essay requires a change of style, this tool is a great choice. Keep reading to learn how it works and what are features you can use to reformulate your essay.

How Does Paraphrasing Tool Work?

Let’s take a closer look at how this paraphrasing generator works. Unlike an essay maker you can find on our website, this tool does not involve hiring a human writer. Instead, you make all changes you require with an automatic paraphrase generator. Here are the main steps in paraphrasing an essay with our tool:

  • Uploading text. First, tell paraphrasing helper what needs to be paraphrased. Paste text directly to the blank space. Our tool analyzes your essay and recognizes weak spots to be adjusted.
  • Add words to exclude. The main point is to change sentence with same meaning. Choose words you don't want actually to be changed.
  • Synonym Selection. Once previous steps are completed, this tool highlights synonyms that could be added to the new version. Review each synonym and decide whether or not to keep it. This way, you’re actively involved in paraphrasing process of your essay. This is important because you’re adding that human touch that is essential if you want to make it sound natural.
  • Download. Finally, all that’s left for you to do is download an improved version of your original essay and submit it for grading.

So, let's say you're writing your dissertation you accidentally used too much content written by another author you're citing. Just paraphrase to avoid being accused of having plagiarism. Just paste dissertation section that needs to be changed and rewording is completed in no time. Plus, you get additional dissertation editing help on our website, if you want a human writer to take a look at it.

Our Brilliant Tool: Reasons it’s the Best

If you did some online research, you know there’s a ton of paraphrasing tools you can find quickly. And, while they all may see the same at first glance, there are important differences you should take into account. Our paraphraser is the best out there. It has everything necessary in one place, regardless of essay type you’re writing, urgency, length, or academic level. Here’s what makes our tool the top choice for rewriting or paraphrasing.

First, it allows you to upload the entire file to restructure. Paste desired text directly into predicted space just like with other tools. But, uploading is far more simple and quicker. Then, once you finish with the process of paraphrasing, simply download the file instead of copying and pasting it.
Another huge benefit of our tool is the choice of mode. Choose from simple, advanced, or automatic, depending on the type of essay correcting required. For instance, you’re using the reword generator for an essay that was previously submitted but teacher asked for changes. You don’t want the new version to be too professional or extremely above the level of the previous one. So, choose the simple paraphrasing mode.

Finally, our tool puts you in charge of the final version. How? By allowing you to choose the synonyms from a list of suggestions. That means that you can make a choice, if you want, and decide what sounds best in your new, changed essay. Other tools will just do an automatic change and you won’t have much say in it. Simply put, the paraphrasing tool we're offering is far more advanced than the other average tools you'll find.

Main Features

Before utilizing a paraphrasing tool, learn about its main features. Here’s what the paraphraser on GrabMyEssay has to offer.

  • 24/7 Availability. This rewording tool is available to you at all times. Access and use it day or night and handle even the most urgent assignments.
  • Multiple Revisions. There are no limitations to a number of revisions. Revise several essays in one day or the same essay over and over again.
  • Natural Language. When you let our paraphrasing tool rewrite your essay, you don’t have to worry that it may sound unnatural. Rewording, sentence structure, and vocabulary choice will be adjusted properly. That way, your teacher won’t notice that the rewriting was done by a reword generator.
  • Human Rewriting. Finally, if all of this still doesn't do the trick, we have a solution for you. Hire one of our human writers who know how to paraphrase essays to make them spotless. With a human writer, you have no worries about the quality of the essay or poor use of synonyms. They'll rewrite the entire content and make sure you're not confronted with plagiarism. Plus, you may tell them all important details about your essay that they should know to make it flawless. So, tell them about the academic level of the essay, specific requirements made by the teacher, or the reasons you were asked to make corrections. You can do all of this online, quickly and conveniently.

When You Need a Paraphrasing Tool

Writing college-level essays can be challenging and tough. This is especially the case if you don't like the given subject or you were given a topic you don't find interesting or inspirational. Students who face such challenges often decide to hire writers who write papers for money online. Still, there are those who try to do it on their own. If you’ve written an essay on your own but it simply isn’t good enough, then you need a reword tool, and here’s why.

First, if your initial attempt wasn’t successful, chances are neither your second one will be. Instead of wasting time on another shot, simply get the help from a custom research paper service online. Second, this tool produces unique content that is completely plagiarism-free. That means you don't have to be afraid that this alternative version might be rejected as well. Finally, you’ll be able to get this task done quickly and focus on other assignments you may have.

Let Us Help You Polish Your Essay

We’ve all been in a situation when we simply cannot complete a writing assignment on our own. And, when the deadline is tight and you should change your entire essay, it’s best to use a reliable paraphrasing generator. Try this tool to paraphrase online and see how it may help you change your essay in no time or get professional help from our writing and editing experts.

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