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Making Reaction Paper

Worried About a Reaction Essay Assignment?

If you are a good writer, are able to engage in solid critical thinking, and can organize your thoughts well, a reaction essay should not be of great concern. Basically, you are being asked to provide your personal reaction to something you read, see or hear – typically an article, a movie, a television feature, or a speech. As such, you actually should use the first person “I,” as opposed to the normal third person in formal writing. The piece must be personal.

Reaction paper assignment

Writing the Piece

In preparing to write your reaction essay, you will need to read, view, or listen to the original piece at least a few ties, taking notes on your reaction as you proceed. These notes will provide the “meat” of your responses to each point made by the author, journalist, playwright, speaker, etc. Plan to focus on three – four major reactions, each of which will form a paragraph of your essay.

Your introduction will be critical, for in it you will introduce the piece to which you are responding and the creator’s thesis. For example, “In his article, ‘How the Banks Stole our Future,’ Michael Moore compares big bank executives to serial criminals who have taken our security and replaced it with insecurity and fear.  In many ways I agree with his analogy.”

The body paragraphs will each take one of his points and include your response to it. And your conclusion will perhaps summarize what Moore believes we should do to punish the criminals and regain control of our own futures. Again, your response must be included.

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