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Producing Book Report

Exceptional Book Reports

Everyone has had experience with book reports – actually, they begin in grammar school, with short summaries of pieces of simple fiction. In later years, however, books become longer and more complex, and book reports require far more than a short summary of a story.

Exceptional book report

It is also common for students to be assigned reports on non-fiction as well as fiction works, and those reports will vary widely.

Fiction Book Reports

Common contents of a fiction work are the following: 

  • An overall introduction to the work, stating the main idea of the work and usually the setting
  • A discussion of the plot development, to include conflict(s), rising action, climax and denouement. 
  • Analysis of main characters and their importance to the work
  • Identification and analysis of the author’s theme(s)
  • Short discussion of the style and tone and their contribution to the work
  • An evaluative conclusion

Non-Fiction Reports

The non-fiction work will require a more thorough review of contents, as there is no plot, and the following should be included:

  1. An introduction of the work, author, and main thesis.
  2. A significant summary of the contents, as it relates to the thesis
  3. A discussion of style and tone as they impact the work
  4. A possible comment on the background of the author, which validates his/her expertise on the subject matter
  5. A conclusion that provides your evaluation and response to the thesis.

Why Students Resist Book Reports

Face it - book reports take a lot of time. First, of course, you must read the book, and if you do not find the work interesting, it becomes mere drudgery. As well, you have other assignments looming, and finding the time to read and then prepare a report that meets your instructor’s expectations is perhaps more than you can do right now.

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