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Step 1: Share major details about your paper
Step 1: Share major details about your paper

We need to know what essay we should write for you. Specify that you want a personal statement, pick its length, deadline, and level. Choose your currency among the options we provide.

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Step 2: Elaborate on the details
Step 2: Elaborate on the details

Time to share more details. Select a topic and subject you want this personal statement on, if any; decide on a formatting style and extra options we offer. Upload any files if you think they’ll help your writer.

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Step 3: Pay for personal statement and stay online
Step 3: Pay for personal statement and stay online

After you pay for our service, speak with your professional personal statement writer. They will ask you for clarifications if they aren’t certain about something. You could present them with some good ideas, too.

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Step 4: Download a copy of your essay
Step 4: Download a copy of your essay

We’ll deliver your personal statement by the day you chose as your deadline. Read it and tell us if it’s as powerful and engaging as you hoped for. Leave a review and a rating behind.

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As you get to read a lot of materials for the Literature class in school, it becomes hard to provide personal opinion. Thankfully, GrabMyEssay can solve this problem with their fresh look at things.
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Although personal statements must come from you, they might be the hardest because of that. But the guys at GrabMyEssay know how to wrap all your ideas neatly into some nice packaging.
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Despite having quite complex ideas, I’ve got the greatest result possible from this service. Only my highest recommendations, satisfaction guaranteed!
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I never had a serious personal statement issue in Political Science before last week. So glad to have found these guys and gaining my confidence in this matter!
Marjorie, Personal Statement, Political Science, 2 pages, 2 days, College 1st year

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Students have an opportunity to find out how much they’ll be paying for personal statement writing services at our site by using our calculator. It’s quick and accurate: merely choose the details that represent your order best. Indicate the type of service you want, the number of pages we should write, the deadline, and of course, your academic level. Once it gets all this info, the calculator will show you the price. It will take just a moment. We guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how low it is!

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Our personal statement writer service is confidential. Every piece of info you share with us is literally locked up, never to be seen again: only several top managers have access to it. You can place an order while basking in the feeling of complete anonymity.

Safe payment methods Safe payment methods

Paying for your personal statement is going to be a swift and safe procedure. Just select between four of our supported payment methods, such as Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Your paper is price will be reflected on your screen so that everything will pass smoothly.

Money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee

If our professional personal statement writers let you down and produce a paper that's nothing like what you were expecting, you have every right to complain. Ask for a free revision — ask for several if you need them. As a last resort, request a refund, and we'll issue it.

On-time delivery On-time delivery

Your personal statement writer won't be late with your paper. When they accepted your order, they looked at the deadline, read the instructions, and decided they could complete it on these terms. They won't let you down: that's what makes them professionals.

Plagiarism-free papers Plagiarism-free papers

We provide plagiarism-free personal statements: our work is based on your instructions and preferences. You'll see that your paper looks just the way you wanted from the first lines. Order a plagiarism report and see the originality percentage for yourself.

Written by Humans Written by Humans

No respectable personal statement writing service will rely on AI to craft papers for students. We are known as a reliable company, and we provide strictly human help. Our experts bring fresh insights and personalized details into each order.

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Brainstorming and Writing for Students Daily

We serve different students and meet various needs. Check out what else we offer in addition to personal statement online writing:


You probably have questions. If so, please contact our customer support department and ask away.
Meanwhile, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we get from grad school applicants

How soon can I get my personal statement?

How much will it cost me?

What payment options do I have?

Personal Statement Writing
Service That Gets Results

Personal Statement Online: Expert Writing Assistance

College seniors applying to graduate and professional programs often seek help from a personal statement writing service. Why? Because these pieces require several critical writing skills – storytelling, strong thesis statements, solid organization, and good writing flow, perfect grammar and composition, and creativity. If you are concerned about your abilities, getting help from a personal statement writer is just a smart step to take.

How We Provide Help

First, some general information about our company. We are an online writing service that produces and delivers top-quality products and services to our clients. We have been in business for 10 years and, during that time, have accumulated a huge research and writing staff. Furthermore, we provide the following to all of our customers:

  • A guarantee of high-quality, original, and custom writing

  • A guarantee of customer satisfaction

  • Unlimited free revisions 

  • Plagiarism-free writing (all pieces are checked before delivery

  • Open communication with the assigned writer

  • On-time delivery

  • 24/7 customer support department

University students who request personal statements writing services from us enjoy all of these benefits and guarantees, along with the personalized service that such essays always require.

All About Our Personal Statement Writers

Because we offer comprehensive and affordable custom essay services, we have clients who come to us for all sorts of research and writing products for their needs. Our personal statement writer service selection process is complex and rigorous. We first analyze and verify their degrees and college transcripts. We ask for samples of their own university-level academic writing. Furthermore, we administer a lengthy English grammar and composition exam. We provide a topic for a unique piece of writing with a deadline for completion

This process ensures that we get top-notch writers to serve applicants and students with any high school or college essay service, including graduate-level “write my coursework” along with thesis and dissertation research, college application, or writing needs. Each of our writers is a native English speaker with a degree from an English-speaking university. Students who use our service always receive custom, original products, produced from scratch only after they are ordered. And once a student has approved and taken delivery of a piece of writing, it is wiped from our system, never to be seen again by anyone.

Professional writers
Our extensive pool of academic writers allows us to arrange a non-stop flow of professionally-written papers on any topic.

Subjects We Cover

Writers are assigned to orders based upon their academic backgrounds and writing experience. So, when a student comes to us for help writing personal statement essays, they get a writer with a strong academic and experiential background in that type of writing. In fact, our database has a unique department specifically for admission processes. These are pros with backgrounds in such areas as journalism and creative writing – writers who can produce this specific type of essay writing.

Subjects our writers cover: English, History, Law, Psychology, Nursing, MBA, Business, Sociology, Biology, Finance, Statistics, Chemistry, Philosophy, Medicine, Marketing, Economics, Biology, Science, Physics, Accounting, Literature.

Importance of Professional Personal Statement Writing Services

Our writers are a unique “breed.” They often have a flair for great storytelling and for creatively presenting their clients to ensure they stand out among the competition. For grad and professional school admissions, applicants usually must craft two or three essays from among several options. Each option has a prompt, and the essay must use personal information, background, and experiences that relate to that prompt.  

And this is where the uniqueness comes in. Students and their writers must communicate from the very beginning and often. Personal statement writers, by the nature of their work, will have a much closer relationship with their clients – they have to get lots of personal information in order to produce the types of help these applicants need.

Here is all that our custom college application essay help service can offer:

  • Through discussions, the writer can help the student choose the best essay prompts for his background and experience.

  • Once the essay prompts are identified, more discussions occur. The writer will ask for details that relate to the essay prompts, and students should provide these details as quickly and as comprehensively as possible. The personal statement helper needs as much information as possible to craft a tale that’ll make the essay memorable in the eyes of the admissions committee.

  • Then the writer submits drafts to the client for his approval or to get feedback on what should be changed. It is important that students check their personal account pages often to respond to their writers. There are deadlines, and they must be met. This happens when communication is ongoing throughout the writing process.

Our Services are Unequaled

While we are talking about our personal statement writing services, we should mention to you that we provide a full range of academic writing services, should you have a need for those too, as you finish your undergraduate college paper. 

We have writers in all subject areas – the humanities (English, literature, anthropology, philosophy, theology, fine arts, etc.), social sciences, technology, hard sciences, math, economics and finance, business, technology, engineering, and more. If you need to free up some timer for a personal matter, simply say “Do my essay for me” and we’ll find your perfect writer. It’ll be an original, custom piece of writing adhering to all of your requirements and specifications.

Check Out Our Free Features

We should also point out that even if the order is to “help me edit my essay,” our same premier benefits apply. You’ll enjoy free revisions. Professional personal statement writers fix your essay if it has any mistakes or inconsistencies with the initial instructions or scoring rubric.

We gift you several pages - title page, table of contents, and end-of-text references. In-text citations, endnotes, or footnotes are also included. Just indicate your preferred formatting style -  MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, or any other.

Plagiarism reports are free as well. It is our way to prove the originality of the personal statements we write. So, there is no need to worry about uniqueness, you can safely submit your paper to Turnitin.

Your Safety and Security are Paramount Priorities

  • Confidentiality

Most students who contract for personal statement services do not want to broadcast this activity to the “world.” We understand your need for confidentiality.

Of course, we do have to collect personal information when you register. We ask for your name, email address, and phone number. But we then encrypt that information, and only a few highly trusted staff members ever have access. 

  • Safe payment methods

We only use your personal information if there is an urgent need to get in touch with you. You also need to understand that we never share your personal information with any third party. Lots of cheap personal statement writing services do share personal information because they can add to their revenues.

Likewise, we take the right steps to protect your financial information, specifically when you use a credit card to pay for your order. We do not collect and store your card information. Instead, we use a third-party payment processor.

  • Money-back guarantee

Every client must request a refund if not satisfied with the final paper. Our Quality Assurance Department will review the issue, double-check all the details, and will contact you regarding their decision.

Pricing for Personal Statement Writing Help

We understand the tight budgets that most students have. We have transparent pricing, and you’ll find that for the quality we deliver, and for the expertise of our writers, we are very affordable within the industry. Check our pricing chart on our website. When you pay someone to write personal statement essays, you have to balance your budget parameters against your need for assistance. We have done everything possible to keep prices low – using a lot of technology to reduce staff costs, for example. But we also have to pay our writers and customer staff well, in order to keep them with us. 

Fortunately, we have a great deal of repeat business, and so our customer base is large and always growing. Some students have been with us since high school and are now applying for grad school themselves. Once you compare our pricing with that of other writing services, you’ll see how reasonable we are.

A Word About Plagiarism

We’ll never tolerate plagiarism, and any writer who knowingly engages in such activity is immediately terminated. While personal statement essays are far less subject to plagiarism, we do check every essay for plagiarism before delivering it to a customer. We make sure you won't get back with request de plagiarize my paper as it will be ok for the first time. When you get help with personal statement writing at Grab My Essay, you can rest assured that it is fully original.

Plagiarism free
Zero tolerance to plagiarism! We have a strong policy against any kind plagiarism and properly cite all used sources of information. Every order is written from scratch, properly formatted and checked.

Reliable Company Is Here to Help

Your application package is not submissable until those personal statement essays are finished and perfectly written. Don’t take chances with these essays. Admissions committees do read them. Dynamic pieces will make you memorable and can be the difference when it comes to making a decision between two equally qualified applicants. Get in touch with personal statements help today, and let’s get to work!

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