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Making Personal Statement

The Personal Statement

While students have a great deal of experience writing almost every type of academic essay, they will only face a personal statement essay once or twice in their lifetimes. With so much at stake, lack of experience can be a huge detriment, especially when competing with others for a limited number of spots in a coveted graduate program or professional school.

Making a personal statement

What is a Personal Essay?

Many mistakenly assume that it is a rather generic topic that will require them to write an abbreviated autobiography, and they set about doing so. Big mistake!

Occasionally, the personal essay assignment will come with essay prompts, and these may refine a topic much more specifically. Most often, however, there are no prompts, and the student is left with weighing lots of options for zeroing in on one specific aspect of his/her life/events/experiences, etc. The best advice for such essays is as follows:

  • Choose a topic about which you have passion
  • Brainstorm for a moment of difficulty, a life-changing event, a time of personal growth, etc. that impacted your life course.

Beyond that, it is up to you to craft an essay that presents you uniquely and creatively – a pretty tall order!

If You are Unsure, Get Advice and Assistance

You may be unsure about what content should be included; you may have concern for your writing ability; you may have a deadline and have experienced “writer’s block.” Absolutely, you must seek assistance immediately, for this is not a task the quality of which you can risk!

Professional Writing Services

One option for assistance is the use of a writing service, and thousands upon thousands of students do use them for creation of personal statement essays. This can be a perfect solution for you too, if you are careful about the service you use. Unfortunately, most web-based writing services will have a standard template for a personal essay and will simply take the information you give and use that template. How many other students will have the very same type of essay as yours? Quite a few, and none of them will stand out.

Your goal is to have that fully unique personal statement essay that will stick in the minds of the readers – the kind of essay you will get from Here is the difference:

  • We have no standard template for any type of essay
  • We have creative and seasoned writers who tackle each personal statement essay from scratch.  They do not just take the provided information.  They contact their assigned students and delve into their backgrounds and experiences, for the sole purpose of finding that perfect “hook” to engage a reader!

Contact us today with your personal statement essay need – you will be thrilled with the results!

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