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Pay for your paper and keep in touch with a writer

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Grab your research paper and tell us what you think

After you read your research paper, don’t forget to write a review. Your feedback is precious to us, and it helps us improve our performance on a steady basis. Revisions are always available in case you want improvements.

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I am very happy with how my History research paper turned out. It required much research that my assigned writer managed to do on time and even delivered my paper before the deadline. Will uses this service again in future and will recommend to all my friends!
Jessica, Research paper, History, 3 pages, 4 days
I ordered a short Psychology research paper as it was my first time using Grab My Essay. My friends recommended me this service for a very long time, but I still hesitated. Glad I made the right decision after all. What I got back was a perfection!
Collin, Research paper, Psychology, 2 pages, 3 days, College
Didn’t really have time to finish that Literature paper on time as I had to look after my younger brother the last weekend. I’m happy that Grab My Essay happened to appear on my recommended feed.
Timothy H., Research paper, Literature, 5 pages, 7 days, College
I had a horrible and stressful week a while ago, so I totally forgot about my homework. Thank you very much for helping me with that Music paper out!
Linda, Research paper, Music, 3 pages, 4 days, College
If you have a Literature paper to submit in just a few hours, never hesitate and order from Grab My Essay. Perfection guaranteed!
Kendall, Research paper, Literature, 7 pages, 6 hours, College

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Choose between four different payment methods when you're ready to pay for your custom research paper. These include Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard. As you know, they are safe and reputable: they won't disclose your data to anyone.

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If, for some reason, you are dissatisfied with our online research paper writing service, please inform us. Tell us what's wrong, explain the problems you faced, and order either a revision or a refund. It won't take long, we'll return your money in several business days.

On-time delivery On-time delivery

Our writers value their reputation and respect your time. If they read the instructions for your order and decide that everything works for them, they guarantee to deliver your research on time. You'll get it by your deadline and not a second later.

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GrabMyEssay produces solely unique papers that will stand out from the rest. You'll be the one and only owner of your research: no other students have ever or will ever receive a similar one. Request a plagiarism report if you'd like to see direct proof.

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Our custom research service doesn't utilize AI tools or other devices that help write automatically. Such works always consist of recycled materials and have no value. We assign only human writers to clients' orders: your research will be 100% original.

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Choosing between Multiple Academic Services

Our company specializes in a variety of services. Look at several random examples:

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to every major question of yours

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Custom Research Paper Writing Service From Expert Writers

Choose Our Reliable Research Paper Writing Service

Most students who hire a custom research paper writing service experience anxiety. They think they are letting down their professors, worry about being dishonest, and doubt their own intelligence. If you catch yourself feeling the same, remember that you are not alone! As research demonstrates, most people get help with their papers at least once. Many pay for research paper when they feel at the end of their rope, too exhausted from the countless assignments, intense pressure, and a flood of information that seems to be coming from all sides.

The important thing is to pick a reliable company. We offer our best research paper writing service as an option. Our writers are qualified experts with extensive experience in their unique fields. We have amazing English specialists, clever mathematicians, talented medics, meticulous history scientists, and creative business geniuses. Pick any service you want, and we guarantee you’ll find it here!

Common Reasons That Inspire Students to Hire a Writing Company

Students who place their academic orders have one element in common. They all hope to receive the best research paper writing services in USA for affordable prices. But what pushes them into this search in the first place? Reasons differ, yet we know which drivers are most common since we’ve worked with thousands of clients. The first reason is always the lack of time. Some people have jobs in addition to studies, and if there are too many assignments, they might ask for help. Others wake up hours before their deadline, sweating with dread upon realizing that they are hopelessly late. A professional company could help them by finding an expert who’ll complete everything right on time. The second reason has to do with physical or mental state. We all fall sick or feel depressed occasionally. Even students like Hermione Granger cannot always be in their best form: help from experts could be a salvation. If you cannot work by yourself, let someone else do it until you feel ready to get back on your feet.

The third reason for hiring professional research paper writers online concerns lack of knowledge. Yes, that’s a thing, and if this is your motivator, know that you should not feel ashamed in any way. Everyone has to study subjects they don’t enjoy; you might love your major but face problems with a specific topic. That’s all right. It happens, and there is nothing wrong with seeking help. You could catch up later or even skip the annoying topic altogether if you do not think it’ll be making any comebacks. The fourth cause is pure laziness, and trust us, it is totally justified. We are not robots, and we are allowed to want to rest without having any serious reason for it. Maybe you’d want to spend the day in bed, watching a favorite TV show or reading fanfic instead of exhausting yourself by doing boring research. Ask for assistance and leave your tasks to your helpers! Share your own reasons, and we’ll gladly include them in our findings.

Ways to Determine Professional Research Paper Writing Services

If you decide that you need help, it’s the first step on the way to academic brilliance. But how does anyone know that they hire essay writers with sufficient qualifications? No one could give you a 100% guarantee of absolute satisfaction, but some firms come closer than others, and you can find them without extra effort. Here are our six objective suggestions: follow them, and you’ll make the right choice.

  • Ask around. Students spend their time in groups. You probably have friends who had the same problem: maybe they hired a writing company once? Ask them to share their experience. They might suggest the best research writing services, and you’ll feel more secure, knowing that someone you trust has already received a positive result there. Just be careful, as you’re asking. You won’t want any third parties to overhear and possibly report you to your professor.
  • Read reviews online. This is another smart method of finding a professional research service. If you don’t have friends who hired academic writers or you feel wary of asking them, turn to online reviews. Almost every company has them, and if it is experienced, you’ll definitely find at least some comments. Be attentive when you read them. Use independent sites and watch out for possible fakeness. Sometimes managers hire people to write artificial reviews to boost their agency’s reputation. Definitely never trust comments you see on a company’s own website. Even the best firm won’t post any criticism about itself for fear that it might scare some of its potential clients away.
  • Examine the company’s policies. All legit research paper writing companies have several crucial policies. They concern privacy, revisions, and refunds. Read them carefully, no matter which company you’re sampling. Do not hire it until you read everything and feel satisfied. Revisions must be free; refunds must be swift. If an agency is vague or says it might share your private info with multiple third parties, it is better to stay away from it. Sure, reading this often-boring text might be frustrating, but better do it now than realize you didn’t know what you signed up for later after things go wrong.
  • Research its background briefly. Once you decide which professional research paper writing service you would contract, dive into its background. You won’t access any confidential data, but sometimes unreliable firms receive bad or good publicity. See if this is the case with your choice. Maybe these guys stole from their employees, and this scandal is plastered all over online newspapers. Or perhaps some notable organization hired it and was pleased with its help. Find the truth if it’s present.
  • Speak with its operators. Another method lies in speaking with operators. A strong college research paper writing service must have an online chat where operators offer immediate assistance. See how quickly they respond, and ask them questions about their company. If you like their replies, this is a good sign.
  • Check its prices. Prices worry everyone, especially students who have limited budgets. We understand how tempting it is to look for the cheapest firm, but please don’t make this mistake. In 99% of cases, you’ll end up with a useless research report writer who barely speaks English and has no idea what the correct academic structure even is. One page should cost at least $11. Don’t think that overpaying is better, though, because it’s not. Anything beyond $16 is a rip-off unless your deadline is short or your task is complicated. Choose balanced companies: they’ll likely have discounts. We certainly do!
Professional writers
Our extensive pool of academic writers allows us to arrange a non-stop flow of professionally-written papers on any topic.


Our Online Research Paper Writers and Where They Come From

When clients first contact us, they tend to ask, “Who is going to do my paper if I choose you as my company?” This is a legit question, and we’re happy to address it. Our writers are the jewel of our firm. They come from different regions and majors, but they are united by their professionalism, fluent English, perfect research skills, passion for writing, and understanding of academic norms. Before joining our research writing service, they pass various challenges. The first step is common for all: it’s a tricky grammar test that only the best educators can pass. We allow 2% of mistakes, but anything more than that and the candidate is out. The second test is more individual. It’s a writing prompt that our system generates based on a writer’s stated qualifications. For instance, a person who claims they specialize in Literature will be asked to write a paper on a related topic.

To determine if a person deserves the title of our online research paper writer, HR managers read each text and choose the best variants. After that, they look at CVs. We give preference to experts who already have academic experience and who understand what writing a professional research paper is. They despise plagiarism, follow accurate paragraph structure, use formal academic language and know which sources are credible. Each of our specialists has verified degrees, such as a Master’s or Ph.D., and they respect clients’ deadlines. You have nothing to worry about since producing brilliant work is routine for them

✍🏽 Quality writing from market experts Only writers with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees work on our clients’ papers
⏰ Timely delivery Every paper arrives into a client’s inbox on time
✅ Plagiarism-free research papers Our papers have 100% originality rate as proven by plagiarism reports
🔒 Absolute confidentiality Your information is secure: only select few parties have access to it


Benefits That Accompany Our Custom Research Paper Services

When clients choose GrabMyEssay as their service provider, they enter a friendly environment with multiple benefits. Are you interested in what kind of offers you might count by placing orders? Here they are! You are guaranteed to enjoy:

  • 24/7 chat with operators. Our customer support representatives work 24/7, with no exceptions. You could tell them, “I need you to write my research paper for me in ten hours, is it possible?” when it’s three a.m., and they’ll reply instantly. They’ll clarify your doubts, advise, and guide you if you need assistance. We never sleep, which means that you always have someone who’ll gladly listen and respond.
  • Open chat with a writer. Speak with your research paper writer online. Our customers could do it directly, without operator or manager interference. We encourage such bonds because they help achieve perfect results. Ask if your expert understood your instructions; point out which sources you’d prefer to see, send useful materials, or notify them about any changes. Exchange ideas with your personal helper, and they’ll be happy to communicate with you!
  • Ultimate respect for deadlines. Three hours. This is how much we need to complete a paper. While our writers prefer to have longer deadlines because this allows them to do in-depth research and present the best ideas, we are willing to help out even when the situation is urgent. Either way, your paper will be ready on time. We are never late — if we are in, we’ll honor our promises.
  • Safe payment methods. Pay for our custom research papers writing service in whatever way you want. There are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Each of these platforms is secure, and it protects your financial information. Neither writers nor managers have access to it.
  • Affordable prices. Balance is important, especially when the goal is to please clients who have trouble with money and experts who refuse to work for cheap. We charge $14.99 per page — this is the lowest price that might increase if you select more complex parameters. It’s average as per market standards, and it helps ensure high quality while generating client satisfaction. Most students find such a price affordable, especially when it is coupled with a 15% discount.

Policies Regulating the Work of Our Service

As we mentioned above, having transparent policies is important for building an honest and mutually satisfying relationship with clients. Whether you request an essay edit service from our nit-picky proofreaders or demand writing from scratch, our research paper writing company will keep you safe. No one can steal or receive your info from us since it is stored on servers where every inch is protected. Few high-level managers can access it only, and they’ll never abuse your data. Your satisfaction is also a priority. We provide free limitless revisions for every client: just make certain that your writer really made a mistake. Sometimes clients submit incomplete or even wrong instructions. If the fault is yours, you’ll have to pay for revision, but the price won’t be high. Refunds are an option as well. Failing you is a nightmare for us; we do everything to prevent it, but if it happens, we take full responsibility. Explain the problem, and we’ll investigate it. You’ll get your money back in several days.

Acceptable Deadlines and Order Placement Procedure

Multiple people do not risk hiring a research paper writer service because they think it’s too late. Their deadline has passed already, they didn’t submit a paper, and looking for someone to do it ASAP seems insanity. Others’ deadlines are running out, and they also don’t feel like placing an order because they don’t believe anyone will accept it. If you’re facing the same issue, try us. There is every chance that we’ll be able to help. Our writers work even with hot orders. Your deadline could be 3 hours, and we’ll be willing to take it on. Better late than never. We follow this principle, and we suggest you do the same. Placing an academic order is easy, so we’ll start looking for your personal expert within ten minutes already. This is what you have to do.

  • Select key parameters for your paper. Tell which custom research paper writing services you require. The order form is right on top of our homepage, so choose research paper writing, professional research paper editing service, or dissertation option. Settle your currency, point out the deadline, choose size and academic level. It could be anything from high school to a doctoral level.
  • Proceed to share more instructions. Click the large green button and see an expanded order form. Choose your type of paper, subject, topic, style, number of sources, spacing, and upload relevant materials. These are usually instructions, sources, pics, or a grading rubric.
  • Choose extras. Indicate if you want the best research paper writer since we have several quality options. Rest assured that every variant will do the job right, but qualifications differ, and you can choose your preferred combinations. We offer services of standard, premium, and top 10 experts. You could also pick a plagiarism report to accompany your paper, a draft, a summary, etc.
    Important: if you have never used our service before, don’t forget to apply an automatic discount of 15%. See the code word in the Discounts section.
  • Create an account. If you are a returning client, log in. If this is your first time here, share your email, name, phone number, and come up with a password. This allows creating an account where you’ll see info you need.
  • Pay for your order. Look at your price to make certain we offer cheap research paper writing service. If you’re okay with it, pay by choosing any payment method you see.
  • Stay in touch with us. Your writer is going to start their work very soon. Contact them if you have questions; respond to messages or calls because they might be urgent. For example, if an expert doesn’t understand something, they could ask you a question. The sooner you reply, the fewer problems that occur.
  • Read and leave your feedback. Once the time comes, check your inbox. Download your research paper and read it as soon as you can. What do you think? Did your professional research paper writer succeed in following your instructions, or did they make a mistake? Share your thoughts — we are always interested in hearing them.
Plagiarism free
Zero tolerance to plagiarism! We have a strong policy against any of kind plagiarism and properly cite all used sources of information. Every order is written from scratch, properly formatted and checked.

Pleasant Extras for Our Customers

We seek to make an experience for each person who hires us flawlessly from start to finish. It isn’t constantly possible, but we do our best! Over years of hard work, we recruited a huge number of writers who specialize in diverse disciplines. Clients could ask for a paper on literally any subject or topic. Nursing, relevant and complex; Business, creative and sharp; Math and History, where cold logic and dry facts rule; Sociology and English, flexible and fascinating. We offer numerous options, and if you don’t see the one you want in the list, indicate it in the order form. Chances are, we didn’t include this subject because it is too rare, but we still have an expert who excels at it. The same goes for academic levels. Whether you are a school student, a freshman, a college junior, or someone who needs a Master’s or Doctoral level of help, you’ll find assistance at GrabMyEssay. Our cheap research paper writers cater to all wishes.

Our custom website has interesting options that everyone finds useful. Even if someone doesn’t plan on ordering research papers, they could still find benefits. Try reading our free samples. They reflect the professionalism of our writers and cover various topics. Use a conclusion generator for finishing your paper quickly; try a paragraphing tool. We are a well of academic knowledge, and we share a lot of it for free!

Place Your Order With Only the Best Custom Research Paper Writing Experts

For preserving your peace of mind, order custom research help from reliable experts only. We are ready to help 24/7. You know that we provide quality services for affordable costs and that our policies center on your satisfaction. Use it to your advantage. If you’re struggling with a tough paper, let us know. Outline your requirements and trust us to do our job. You won’t regret it, and your homework will be ready before you know it!

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