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Step 1: Choose the service you need
Step 1: Choose the service you need

Point out that you need an editing service. Tell us how many pages you want and what the time for delivering them is. Indicate your academic level and decide what currency you’ll be using.

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Step 2: Elaborate on details
Step 2: Elaborate on details

Keep filling out the order form with more information. We need to know the title and topic of your dissertation. Don’t forget to upload it: your writer will want to see what they’re working with.

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Step 3: Pay for editing and stay around
Step 3: Pay for editing and stay around

Pay for online dissertation editing services through the methods we offer on our site. They are safe and 100% anonymous. Stay in touch because we might have to contact you with questions and clarifications.

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Step 4: Get your order from your inbox
Step 4: Get your order from your inbox

Your edited dissertation will be ready upon your deadline. Download a copy and read it. You’ll notice all the changes immediately. If everything is in order, confirm your satisfaction by dropping a review or placing a revision request.

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Reviews of Our Editing Service
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Our Customers Rated Us Great
4.8 Out of 5 Based on 357 Reviews
I was having the toughest time of my life, juggling multiple university assignments. GrabMyEssay came in at the right time and delivered all my essays in time without compromising a bit on the quality.
Gerald, Dissertation, Management, 36 pages, 10 days, PhD
A rather smooth and seamless service, although not cheap. Support kept me posted on what was happening all the time, which is nice.
Shonda, Dissertation, Religion, 51 pages, 16 days, PhD
It is great that they not only check your grammar and fix your spelling but also help with formatting. Its service is truly all-encompassing. It did wonders to my essay, turning it into something that would stand out.
Rosanna, Dissertation, Management, 38 pages, 10 days, PhD
Not only did they complete my assignments in time, but they also gave me enough time to get clarity by asking them all that I needed to know.
Kathleen, Dissertation, Education, 53 pages, 14 days, PhD
I had a lot of information that I derived from long research, but I was not confident about how to present it. It seemed that the value of my work was getting lost somewhere in writing. Thanks to you, it is one of the most appreciated dissertations in our college now.
June J., Dissertation, Politics, 47 pages, 12 days, PhD

Editing Calculator to the Rescue

Most clients want to know how much dissertation editors will charge them. We value your time, so we introduced an online calculator that does all the counting automatically. Just pick the main features of your project. These are its length, deadline, academic level, and type of service. Once you provide this info, consider the price and decide if it works for you. You can change it by adjusting some details, like by asking for a college level instead of a university one.

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Positioning ourselves as the best dissertation editing services provider comes with certain responsibilities. We guarantee to keep any information you share securely. It's stored on our servers, and no random party can ever access it. Your order is safe with us.

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Paying for editing is simple: just decide what payment method you'd like to use and transfer money to your account through it. We offer support for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Choose whichever of them you prefer and pay for your dissertation. That's it!

Money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee

Tell us if you dislike how we edited your dissertation, and we'll correct it. If revisions are not sufficient and you don't want them, request a refund, and we are going to provide it immediately after performing a quick investigation into your case. One thing is for sure, you won't leave dissatisfied.

On-time delivery On-time delivery

Your dissertation editor will finish your project by the day you selected as your final deadline. We want to be reliable and worthy of your trust, so we aren't going to let you down. Once we decide to help you, we will stick to it come hell or high water.

Plagiarism-free papers Plagiarism-free papers

Your dissertation is obviously going to be plagiarism-free. Editing means that we are improving your work — if we add some sources or sentences, they will be unique. If you want, you can ask for a plagiarism report and see this fact for yourself.

Written by Humans Written by Humans

No machine is capable of editing dissertations as well and as thoroughly as humans. They may be able to find typos and crude grammar structures, but that's the limit. We offer meticulous human expertise and a custom approach to every order we receive from our clients.

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Editing Your Projects Is Our Pleasure

Our experts provide dissertation editing in multiple subjects. Take your pick and note that we cover many more options:

Frequently Asked Questions

Dissertation Editing Service

How do I find an editor for my dissertation?

Should I hire an editor for my dissertation?

What does a dissertation editor do?

Dissertation Editing Service of a Superior Quality

Streamline Your Dissertation: Expert Editing Services

A dissertation editing service is something many academics need at one point in their academic path. While the idea of writing a dissertation based on the research you have done sounds like a great idea, it often becomes an intimidating piece of work when you get on with it. It is often confusing getting a grasp on where to start or how to structure the entire piece. Having professional dissertation writers to help you edit dissertations is always more beneficial than you could imagine it to be.

About Our Professional Dissertation Editors

Getting the right quality of writing help is something that we all want, but it is difficult to conclude that we have got the right one unless we have started working with your editor for dissertation. It is where GrabMyEssay’s approach in selecting our writers and editors comes in handy. Our editors for both our dissertation and essay editing services go through a stringent selection process. Our applicants first take a rigorous grammar test and a writing exam, requiring them to write a short essay on a random topic. Once they pass both these stages, we verify their education and expertise. Selected candidate must be a native speaker and have high levels of compatibility to work as part of a larger team. All these shows that hiring an editor for dissertation is easier said than done. Even after we have made the selection, we keep monitoring writer’s performance and offer them professional guidance and support for several more months. What all these efforts translate into is that when you give us command write my essay online, we ensure 100% quality in time with stable communication and respect for your work. 

Our essay and dissertation editors, those who handle thesis editing services, and online thesis writing services cover a wide range of writing levels. We have editors and writers who can write for high school, college, or university, and even perform excellently on Masters and Ph.D. levels. The nature of writing differs in terms of vocabulary, complexity of sentences, and depth of analysis. At the highest level, every writer we hire has already done their Ph.D. work, which makes them very skilled at this task. 

Apart from providing writers and editors who are specialists in your subject, we also have the capability of offering services that cater to technical as well as creative tasks. Our writing, editing, and dissertation formatting services can also cater to specific academic standards you want. We have experts that know each academic rule and regulation. Be it Bluebook, MLA, Harvard UK and US versions, Chicago, ASA, or anything else. You might need APA dissertation editing services — we can format your work exactly as you need, making it free from plagiarism. 

May students ask as — would you thoroughly proofread my essay? An answer to this question would be yes. We would thoroughly proofread an essay of any complexity. But, our service does not only stop at proofreading. We would start by ensuring that your writing has impeccable grammar. A format we follow, as elaborated already, would be the exact one you want from us in terms of writing levels, targeted readership, and formatting style.

How do Our Editing Services Help You?

Experts at our online essay editing service would help you with all aspects of your work, from introduction to conclusion. Our PhD editor will help you get it right, improve the tone and grammar of your work, and polish your formatting to pure academic perfection. They will ensure that you have described all your research methods clearly. Be it qualitative methods or quantitative ones. They will also help with your literature review, where they will assess all your literature sources. Literature serves as the foundation of your research, but its proper listing is often cumbersome and time-consuming.

Our professional writers and editors will also help you introduce all the information that was deduced from all your findings. It is a highly crucial segment, and you must get it right and appropriate to show presciently what your conclusions are. You can write it by yourself or use concluding sentence generator. Apart from helping to derive a meaningful result from your dissertation, the dissertation discussion, craftily built with help from our editors, will help showcase the true value of your paper.

What Makes Us Unique?

Here is why we should be your first choice when it comes to editing and proofreading.

  • Around the Clock Service: Our customer service executives will assist you with any query or request of dissertation editing help around the clock. You can access the team for any and every issue you might have, including dissatisfaction with the write-up, a refund, or anything else. 
  • Be in Constant Touch With Your Writer: As a valuable client, we ensure that you are in constant knowledge of how much your writer or editor has progressed and when can you expect to get your work delivered. You can freely talk to the professional involved without any middle man. 
  • Timely Delivery: Delivering in time never implies a compromise with the quality of writing. We make sure that the edited or written material reaches the client in time. The students must have adequate time to review our work. 
  • Plagiarism-Free Papers: We hate plagiarism and only select people who never plagiarize. We strictly ensure that all our papers are unique, and all sources are cited properly. Along with being original, we take special care for our work to be always top-notch, which would never earn you a bad grade. 
  • Guaranteed Refund: While the refund would always be on the merit of the case, you will always get your money back if we are in the wrong. If you cancel your order, you will get a full refund if we are yet to find a writer. If you cancel after we have finalized a writer, we might retain a percentage of your payment. In case of refunds, our quality assurance team will carefully evaluate the merits of the claim and make sure you are satisfied.
  • Secure Payment Methods: We always use trusted and safe payment methods. The money and the information you provide us are never at risk of exposure, transfer or loss.
  • Confidentiality: Whatever information you trust us with would always remain fully confidential. No one else will get to know about it, and neither will be the information be shared with anyone else.

How Much Do Dissertation Editing Services Cost?

Three parameters define our pricing. The urgency that you may have (varies from 12 hours to 2 months), the academic level you want your dissertation to be fit for (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral), and the exact service you want to have, which is editing in this case. 

For an Associate’s level dissertation editing service of 14 days, you will have to pay $10.99 per page. With all the other conditions remaining the same, the price for the bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. levels would be $12.99, $14.99, and $17.99.

Let Us Perfect Your Dissertation

It is never too late to get the best service available for making your dissertation perfect. You might’ve done great original research following multiple methodologies with ample sources and various experiments, but you still might not get the appreciation you deserve if your dissertation has flaws. We will optimize your paper for you and make it perfectly correct. It will ensure that you get all the traction you deserve for the hard work that you’ve put into your dissertation.

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