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Admission Services

Admissions Writing Services

Most students seeking admission to an institution or any type of scholarship understand that they are competing against other students who, for the most part, have backgrounds and credentials very similar to theirs. To beat out that competition, they know they have to stand out to an admissions or scholarship award committee, and the only way to do that may be a stellar performance on the required essays.

Admission writing services

Essay Topics

In most cases, students will be given essay prompts to which they must respond. Such prompts will inform exactly what must be included in an essay – personal experiences that have impacted a student’s chosen academic major; future career goals; an event that impacted a student’s choice of a specific academic program, etc. The student may have great information and ideas but translating them into an engaging and exciting essay requires creativity and superior composition skills.

Getting the Right Help

Turning to a professional essay writing service is often the best option, but just any essay writing service will not do. Many of them have standard templates and simply “plug in” a student’s information, resulting in a tired, boring essay that is just like all other submissions. 

When a student comes to, however, the experience is fundamentally different. First, we have an entire team of creative writers who focus on personal statements and admissions/scholarship essays. They begin each essay from scratch, taking the details of students’ backgrounds and experiences, and weaving them into essay jewels that will both impress and entertain. There will not be another essay like it among the pile that a committee must ready.

Weaving your “story” into a compelling and unforgettable piece of writing is what sets us apart from other admissions/scholarship essay writers. And with so much riding on your essay(s), you want it to be exceptional in every way. If once you receive your final draft, you wish your writer to make any changes, your requests will be fully honored. We want you to submit an essay with which you are delighted and of which you are proud! Trust us – we know what we are doing!

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