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Finding a reliable plagiarism fixer is an important task for students who aren’t sure they wrote a 100% unique paper. Doing research on different topics could be interesting, but many people rely on it too much. They use a huge amount of direct quotes, forget that the idea they’re describing comes from a different source, or fail to attribute some claims to their owners. All of this makes plagiarism rates shoot upward, and this is the most dangerous thing for a student - you could get a failing grade for a task or for the entire course, be suspended, or even expelled. Fixing your paper with the help of professionals or buying plagiarism free essays are two efficient ways of preventing bad academic outcomes. GrabMyEssay welcomes you to try our diverse services and gain certainty that your essay looks its best!

Reasons Why Students Need Someone Else Going Through Their Paper

It’s clear why students who wrote an essay may want to make it unique: plagiarism is a dangerous issue that could get them into serious trouble. But it’s not the only reason why it’s better to find someone who could take a look at your work, make comments, and fix mistakes. As a writer of an essay, you cannot be impartial about it. It might have many ridiculous typos, bad transitions, weak arguments, and you won’t notice a thing because you were the one who wrote it. This is a common problem, and students have just two ways of solving it. Either they give it a few days and then read their essay again, or they ask for help with my essay from outside. It depends on how urgent your deadline is and whether you trust yourself to have an objective perspective on your own writing.

Mistakes Our Essay Fixer Corrects

It is clear by now that we offer an essay edit service, but what exactly do we do? When we get a request from our clients to fix their essays, we start a complex and many-layered process. It roughly includes six stages.

  • Style. First, our editors look at how appropriate your writing style is. If you’re a high school student, it’s all right to use a more informal form of language; if you need a college or university-level paper, things become trickier. Language has to be more official; your vocabulary has to expand. We assess these things and make corrections where needed.
  • Citations. Most academic papers need citations from credible sources, but students often forget to format them properly. They don’t have a complete understanding of what statements require citations and which don’t, so they might end up with high rates of plag without meaning to steal anything directly. In these cases, a plagiarism fixer would be essential. An expert will read every claim and decide whether it should be cited. If yes, they will include a correct citation in accordance with APA, MLA, or whatever style you need. They would also fix other citation-related mistakes you could have made.
  • Plagiarism. When students realize how much plag can hurt their chances of getting a good grade, they often contact us and ask, “Could you de plagiarize my paper?” The answer is yes. Our experts could find and fix these issues by doing personal and technical checks. Our results are 100% accurate because we have reliable academic specialists and top-notch plag detectors. We also offer dissertation writing services with zero plagiarism. 
  • Grammar. Apart from plagiarism fixer, correcting grammar is also vital. Some students come from non-English speaking countries; others just have weak grammar skills in general. They could also be inattentive and rush their writing, which often results in frustrating errors. We would be delighted to edit your paper until only fluency is left.
  • Punctuation. In many ways, punctuation is more complex than grammar. It requires deeper knowledge of how texts work, and many young students don’t have this experience. This is where our team comes into play. Our proofreaders do a thorough examination of each essay and make quality corrections.
  • Structure. No essay fixer online will be able to improve the structure of your paper if it doesn’t look good. You also have to understand what is wrong in the first place. Each body paragraph has its required size and structure. Do you know what they include? If not, it is likely that your essays have mistakes in them, and we would be happy to point them out and help you correct them.

Order Placement: If I Want to Remove Plagiarism, What Do I Do?

Do you worry about the authenticity of your paper? Our experts can make it unique plagiarism-free, so you can get a top grade for it. Whether you tell us, “I want you to write my dissertation for me” or “Could you fix plagiarism in my essay?”, you’ll need to follow the same steps. Fill in an online form you see on our website with details about your task. Pick a service type: if you only want plag removal, point it out. Answer other questions in the box. State how many pages you need, what academic style we should use, what your deadline is, etc. When you click “proceed to order,” you’ll see more options to choose from and some extra questions. Give replies to them, too. Don’t forget to upload your paper so that we could start working on fixing it right away. 

We also offer some extra services like drafts or reports that you could order. After doing this, pay by choosing the most convenient payment method and wait for your paper. During this time, you could drop a message to your editor to see what they’re doing and if they’ll prepare everything by the date you need. Finally, when your essay is done, read it attentively. Let us know if you’d like us to do something else with it.

Key Advantages of Our Plagiarism Removal Service

Students who are looking for plagiarism remover online will find many more benefits if they use the expertise of actual human specialists. This is what we suggests. In addition to removing every trace of plag from your paper, we also guarantee the following:

  • Support team is always there to help out. When students wonder how to remove plagiarism from a document, they often have questions. In GrabMyEssay, we are online 24/7, so you could contact us any time. Our operators will respond to you in about 10 seconds. They will listen to any of your inquiries and give you advice, making your experience with us positive from the very first moment.
  • Direct communication with a editor. When we edit or write college papers for money, our goal is to help clients feel comfortable. We are one of the rarer companies that allow clients to communicate with their experts through direct messages. You won’t have to wait until operators pass your questions or concerns to an editor — you are free to ask them directly. Exchange messages until you feel confident with their expertise and make sure you both are on the same page.
  • Definite high quality. Our plagiarism checker and changer service are going to satisfy any customer. How do we know it? We set up a system of quality verification. Before we hire any potential editor, we look into their education and experience. Then, our managers monitor the specialists and help them adjust to the strict rules of the academic world if they are lagging behind in some areas. Only top specialists are allowed to work on content, originality check, or spell check, and after that, we check each paper to make certain it’s done properly. It simply won’t get to you until we established it has no plag in it.
  • Good policies. Our plagiarism remover system is built on loyalty to our customers. We ensure their confidentiality by encrypting their data and keeping it safe. If you worry about someone discovering that you ordered this kind of service from us, don’t. This will never happen because this would mean breaking the law and ruining your trust in us. We also have a great policy regarding revisions: if clients aren’t satisfied with our work, they can ask for improvement as many times as they need it. The same goes for refunds. Did we disappoint you? It is unfortunate, and of course, we’ll return the money you’ve paid. You risk absolutely nothing when agreeing to hire our service.
  • Affordable prices & Discounts. Our prices for editing and rewriting (which include removing plagiarism) revolve around $6 per page. It is an average cost on the market, and most of our clients express their satisfaction with it. Our discounts are also awesome: all new clients pay less by 15%. If you are a repeat customer, don’t fret — we’ll find a tier with good discounts for you as well.

Who Is My Plagiarism Changer Going to Be?

If you’re considering asking for our help, you likely feel curious about who our experts are. A person responsible for editing an essay and removing plagiarism from it must understand all academic standards and know how to follow their rules. They should have perfect English and understand their specific sphere of studies, whether it’s Literature, Science, Medicine, Business, etc. Since there are many requirements, we hire only the best candidates.  They send their CVs, and as we’re studying them, they try to pass a series of different tests. Grammar and writing tests are the main pillars on which we base our conclusions. Those who get the highest score enter a probation period where we teach them and check their knowledge in additional ways. Only after a couple of months pass, we stop such intense training and our writers & editors start their real work.

Our company offers many services in numerous branches. Like we mentioned, you could ask for any subject, and we’ll likely have an appropriate specialist for you. Your plagiarism checker and rewriter are guaranteed to be experienced in your sector; they will also know how to format an essay correctly. All our experts support such styles as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, ASA, and others. Chat with them yourself to make sure they are reliable and relax, knowing that your task is in trustworthy hands!

Plagiarism Fixer to Make Your Paper Shine 

How to fix plagiarism? The best way is to hire an expert who could help you with it. Human touch is more efficient than any online software, and our specialists know what to do to make a paper flawless. They would happily take care of grammar, structure, and content issues in your writing, and they’ll eliminate every instance of plagiarism they find. Contact our customer support representatives, browse our services and hire our best editors and writers. They could prepare everything in a way you want, and before you know it, a perfect essay will drop onto your lap, no risks involved!

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