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Check your essay and leave a review

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I really need this scholarship, so I ordered three different essays from different firms. Yours is the absolute best! It was everything I hoped for, there is passion and creativity, so I’m submitting it today. Thank you!
Wyatt, Essay, 15 pages, 8 days
Thank you so much!! I loved my paper when I first got it, and now I learned I got my scholarship! I’m over the moon, thank you! I still can’t believe it!
Willow, Essay, 8 pages, 4 days
Good essay. I hoped for a more interesting format, but I guess this one sounds more professional, so it works too.
Addison, Essay, 12 pages, 5 days
Can I use the same writer who wrote my scholarship essay in the future? It was really good, I showed it to my teacher and she said she’s sure I’ll win. Professional work, well done.
Isaiah, Essay, 12 pages, 5 days
This is the best service I’ve used so far. Four orders, all perfect, price even I could afford. Nothing to add, just great.
Marvin, Essay, Management, 12 days, Junior

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You might worry about the final price for our scholarship essay writing service. Our online calculator is there to give you answers! Point out what type of service you need, and select your deadline and essay length. Finally, share your academic level preferences. See the price, and if you think it is high, change it by setting other parameters! For example, choose a simpler level or increase your deadline. It’ll cost you less.

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When clients ask us, "Could you write my scholarship essay for me? Will I be safe?" we take their concerns seriously. Let us assure you any details you share stay private. We won't share them with anyone, and we'll keep them on servers that only top managers can access.

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GrabMyEssay supports a large number of safe payment methods. You could buy your scholarship essay by paying with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express for it. You likely heard about these payment processors — if so, you know they are safe.

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We strive to deliver scholarship essays of perfect quality. Our satisfaction rates are high, but sometimes unexpected issues might emerge. If this happens, let us know immediately. We'll return your money with an apology and a tempting discount.

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Most of our writers are prepared to handle the toughest deadlines. You can ask for your scholarship essay to be done in 3 hours, and we'll find someone who will be able to pull it off. It's better to set longer deadlines, but either way, there won't be any delays. Everything happens on time.

Plagiarism-free papers Plagiarism-free papers

Originality is a vital part of every scholarship essay, and if we do this essay, you can bet that it'll be entirely unique. We value our reputation, and we create all our papers from nothing: if you want extra evidence, ask for a plagiarism report.

Written by Humans Written by Humans

It is instantly visible if a machine working on a scholarship essay. Humans bring a part of themselves in such works: a piece of their unique mind and heart is always present. This is what we promise to deliver. We work with humans for humans, with no exceptions.

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About Our Scholarship Essay Writing Service

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Use Our Scholarship Essay Writing Service to Get an Amazing Paper

Unlock Your College Dreams with Our Scholarship Essay Writing Service

If you started thinking about hiring a scholarship essay writing service, chances are, you’re about to enter a college or university, yet your budget is tight. You are worried about getting a scholarship: you want to concentrate on your studies and pursue your interests instead of running around looking for an extra job. That’s why you hope to make a positive impression on the committee, but the problem is, you aren’t certain that your writing skills are strong enough. Most students can relate to this! A great chance to get a fantastic paper that will impress you and everyone who reads it is our scholarship essay and admission essay service. We offer the best benefits and friendly terms that make our customers' experience 100% satisfying.

Benefits You Get When Buying Our Scholarship Essay Writing Service

What’s the point of ordering professional scholarship writing services from us? If you want to make your paper perfect, it might be wiser to entrust it to experts. We have a great combination of the best writers and other key advantages — if you want to know more, just take a look at this list.

  • 24/7 customer support. We are writing scholarship essays day and night. We made sure to hire enough employees to meet the needs of students 24/7, they are always online and willing to assist you. There is a live chat option on our website: click on it and tell our operators what you need. They are trained to respond with amazing speed, and they’ll answer any questions you might want to ask them.
  • Only high quality for our customers. Our scholarships essay writing service has great ratings because the satisfaction rate among our clients is very high. We implement numerous reliable quality control tactics to make certain that each essay meets its owner’s requirements. Our writers are all educated in their spheres of interest and hold relevant Master’s or Ph.D. degrees; our editors monitor writers’ performance, and our managers resolve any potential problems that might arise between any parties. Rest assured that we will research, write, and edit your work until it looks perfect to you.
  • Plagiarism-free essays. When students hire scholarship essay writing services, they expect a unique paper that no other person has used before. We understand this desire, we support it on every level. For one thing, we cooperate only with experienced specialists who understand what writing integrity is and would never risk damaging their reputation by producing a plagiarized essay. But to be on the safe side, we verify this by scanning each work via our plag checker. Even in rare cases when there are some discrepancies, we immediately notice it and return an essay to a writer with a request to correct everything. So, we create custom essays that you will definitely appreciate.
  • Affordable prices. If you need a scholarship, it is likely that you care about how much you’d have to pay for a writing service. Students rarely have extra expenses to spare, even when it comes to something as important as a college statement or financial support application. We understand this and we made our assistance affordable. Our minimal price for one page of scholarship essay writing help is $14.99. It’s not the lowest you could find, but it’s perfectly average, and it corresponds with the top quality level we ensure.
  • Multiple free features are available. When students purchase our help, they pay for research and essay writing, but there are other free features that are a part of this process — we don’t take anything for them! For example, a title page and a list of sources your essay writer used are totally free. Formatting won’t cost you a cent, too, no matter how complex it might get. Table of contents falls into the same category. We also provide free revisions. Sure, most clients are satisfied with our scholarship essay help on the first go, but sometimes problems happen. If any part of your text doesn’t look good, you have a right to place a revision request, and your writer could start working on it right away.
  • Delivery is always on time. Since we have a careful writer selection process, our customers can be confident that we’ll deliver their applications timely. Punctuality is a big deal for us, and in addition to this, we train our writers on working even under stressful conditions. If your deadline is really urgent, such as less than a day away, don’t worry, we’ll still be able to cope with it. One way or another, students will get what they paid for on time.

Hassle-Free Scholarship Essay Writing Service Ordering Process

For us to start writing essay for scholarships, we need to know what our clients need in detail. They have to place an order by filling in our online order form, but how to do it? At our website, everything is simple. When you come to our website, one of the first things you’ll note is the white-green window with several options. Pick your preferred currency. Decide on the type of service you need. You could tell us “Correct my essay” — we have different options for you to pick. Select an academic level as well: it could be high school, college, Master’s, or Doctoral degree. Finally, settle on a deadline and a number of pages. You’ll see that your price changes on this basis. We don’t hide anything from you, you can see how much you’ll be paying from the start. Click “proceed to order” for getting onto the next stage.

Here, students should add more details for us to excel at writing scholarships essays for you, including subject, topic, and style. Upload files that you consider relevant, such as instructions or a grading rubric. Think about getting additional services if you’re interested — you can see their description and price right in the order box. As an example, there are plag report, summary, draft, urgent writer selection, and others. Share info for creating your account or logging into it in this same window, and go to the payment page. Pay for your order and feel free to check back with your writer about how much work they have done and when they’ll finish your paper. When the due date comes, log back in and download your paper. Read it and drop us a review! Is everything fine with it? Do you like it? It’s yours to use as you please.

What Makes Our Scholarship Essay Writers the Best

When students look for a reliable scholarship essay helper online, one of the top things they ask about is writers. Who are they? What are their qualifications? How long have they been working for a company and what kind of service can they offer? Let us address all these questions. Our company finds the best representatives of various sectors and asks them to pass a series of tests. They should be native speakers because no matter how well one speaks English, it’s not a guarantee that they’ll know all its instinctive intricacies. Our goal is to build a team of diverse specialists: some of them work with English and Literature, others focus on Math; some specialize in Physics, Chemistry, Geometry, or Biology, others support Business, Psychology, Nursing, etc. Having a degree in one of these sectors is crucial, and we always look into the validity of these documents before making any decisions.

Other tests include grammar questions and writing samples. We check the knowledge and fluency of our candidates — after all, scholarship essay writing is a very responsible task, we only need the best experts for it. Then we give them a writing prompt based on their specialization. The time of this part of the test is limited, it lets us check how resilient a specific scholarship writer is. Our team reads what they wrote, discusses the results, and makes a hiring decision. We also give them grammar and spelling correction tasks. We keep monitoring our writers and consulting them for a long time after this. For application essays, requirements are even stricter: we give such orders to writers who showed originality of thought, appealing quirkiness, and the highest possible level of writing. Considering all these aspects, there is every chance that you’ll love the work we create for you.

How Safe Is It to Hire Your Scholarship Essay Writer?

Everyone has concerns about their safety. Students are worried about placing online orders, too, and for a good reason. There are many scams and dishonest services that take advantage of their clients’ needs, but we have been verified by many people personally — you can find numerous reviews about us on different independent platforms. Apart from this, we provide policies that aim to protect you in various ways.

We maintain your complete confidentiality. If someone wants us to write an essay for a scholarship, we will never let anyone know about it — a customer’s name, place of study, and other details are hidden. Our writers only learn what kind of paper students want and see any files they might have chosen to share with them. We also have secure payment methods. Select between Master Card, Visa, American Express, Wire Transfer, and so on. Wherever you live, you have probably heard about them, you know they are safe. Refunds are also available. As we said, we have a high rate of client satisfaction, but sometimes accidents take place anyway. In such cases, we are obligated to pay our clients back. You’ll get your money plus some bonus as an apology. Whatever happens, you won’t regret working with us — we guarantee it.

How Does Good Quality Help with Scholarship?

When students hire the best scholarship essay writing service, it still cannot give them a guarantee that their application will win. But it sure makes this outcome much more likely because quality writing is everything. Professional scholarship essay writers know the requirements — most of them got their own scholarships at the time, so they could craft a creative and captivating work that won’t leave anyone indifferent. There are more chances of you getting what you want with experts’ help than if you try doing such a vital task by yourself.

Hire Your Writer and Let Them Create an Inspiring Essay For You

If you need to write college scholarship essay, the stakes are huge. Consider them carefully: are you certain you’ll be able to create a strong, powerful paper that could impress the board enough to choose you above others? If in doubt, explain what you need, and we’ll make it happen. GrabMyEssay is a service many students trust, and our writers know how to write winning essays. Contact us and give us your instructions — we’ll craft an original and interesting essay you will certainly like!

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