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Book Review Service

The Inevitable Book Review

When you were in middle and high school, you probably wrote book reports. You read the book, wrote a summary, perhaps gave a detailed description of a main character or an important event, and then provided a personal opinion and your recommendation for reading it to others. These were pretty straightforward assignments and did not involve a great deal of critical thought.

Inevitable book review

By late high school and certainly by college, you became aware that the book “report” came to be called a book “review” and that the these assignments could crop up in any course – English, history, science, political science, psychology, business, sociology – almost any course becomes “fair game” and you will be writing both fiction and non-fiction reviews.

What is a Book Review?

First and foremost, you must understand that your instructor does not want to read a summary. Chances are s/he has already read the book. You will, however, need to include the following:

  1. An introduction that provides the main “point” of the book. For example, Charles Dickens, through his fictional work, A Tale of Two Cities, presents an accurate depiction of the causes, events, and horror of the French Revolution.”
  2. Short characterizations of major figures
  3. Analysis of the author’s theme(s) with references to specific portions of the book
  4. Discussion of the author’s style and tone
  5. A conclusion that evaluates the work as a whole and perhaps comments on the universality of one or more themes.

Are You Struggling?

Book reviews are not easy. It is difficult to engage in critical analysis and then to translate that analysis to the written word in an academically-sound manner. If you have a book review due and you are experiencing difficulty, get in touch with us right away. We will have a writer who has read and understands the book and who can provide you with an original, exceptionally-written piece.   

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