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Copywriting – It’s Everywhere

Copywriting has truly evolved as much as shopping, in this digital age. In the Golden Days of newspapers, copywriters were charged with the tasks of creating print for advertisers who supported the newspaper with their ads. An artist would design the visuals, and the copywriter would provide the text.  Today, copywriters are mostly freelancers who focus on web-based copywriting – site content, press releases, news articles, blog posts, articles, and product descriptions/reviews for online retailers.

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Any organization that has a web presence must have copywriters to provide not just the content of marketing campaigns and advertisement, but who also must be extremely skilled in getting that content “out there” – all over the web – so that the audience is vast and people are driven to the site where they will spend money! And the methodologies and venues for an increasing web presence for organizations are continually changing, so that a good copywriter must keep abreast of the latest avenues for placement. Several years ago, for instance, Pinterest was in its infancy. Today, it is one of the premier social networking sites that gives exposure to a huge number of products and services. Good copywriters know how to gain exposure on Pinterest for their Customers.

The biggest mistake a site owner can make is to think that s/he can assume the copywriting tasks that a web presence demands. You are a business owner, focused on your product(s) and services. You are not a marketer. You need to find reasonably-priced copywriting services that will give you a strong web presence and grow your business. We highly suggest that you try!


We employ copywriters that have remained “head of the game” in two important ways:

  • They are successful and highly experienced copywriters who can present your business, products and/or services in a stellar manner with compelling and motivating content. Most have recent advanced degrees in journalism.
  • They are supported by SEO specialists who can rapidly and easily identify where to place the copy for the biggest “bang.”

Using our copywriting service brings rapid and lasting results. Once you have tried us, you will never go elsewhere. Let’s discuss your needs today!

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