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Creating LinkedIn Pro Bio

If You Think Your Resume or CV is All You Need, Think Again!

Our age of the information speedway (no longer just a highway) is truly phenomenal! It is a beautiful thing to conduct a 'Google' search on almost any topic, idea, organization, or person and immediately have a page populated with more than you probably every wanted. In addition to these search engines, moreover, are the opportunities to have a presence through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a host of other social networking sites./

Assistance with LinkedIn profile

The key concept here is networking, and the primary purpose for networking on any of these sites. Most social networking sites are clearinghouses of sorts, allowing individuals and companies to “meet and greet” as well as to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

For professionals, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are probably not sites for a strong presence. They are used, for the most part, for non-professional purposes. Fortunately, there is now LinkedIn, a networking site that focuses purely and notably on individuals who wish to present their professional/career persona. As such, it operates as a clearinghouse for individuals in similar professions to communicate, to network, and to share information about current innovations and evolutionary aspects of their professions.

If You are Going to Have a LinkedIn Profile, it Should be Professionally Constructed

Mistakenly, many career professionals think that they can create a LinkedIn profile that will suit their needs and demonstrate that they are aware of the importance of a presence on the site, however basic. What they fail to realize, however, is that, should they be placed in a position of seeking employment or a career change, a LinkedIn profile is one place that many potential employers go, to view their profiles and to see how those profiles match with their organization’s needs. It is therefore essential that, if you have a LinkedIn presence, it be every bit as professionally developed as your resume or CV. Below is just one example of a LinkedIn profile that is not comprehensive enough:

Suppose you are a business professional with a specialty in accounting. Your LinkedIn profile may be very narrow in focus, concentrating solely on accounting. Should you then apply for a position as a Chief financial Officer of a Company, and that HR manager should check your LinkedIn profile, s/he will find only your background and experience as an accountant. Where is the management and leadership expertise? Where is the background in long-term financial planning at the corporate level? If it is non-existent, that potential employer will close your profile and go on to the next candidate.

Get a LinkedIn Profile that Works! has a great team of LinkedIn experts who do nothing but create profiles for professionals who want expansive coverage on that site. They can take your current background and experience as the trunk and, using the task responsibilities of your past and current positions, provide a profile that branches out to any number of other professional niches. This is what you want – comprehensive coverage, so that you are seen as a true “Renaissance” person – capable of assuming a vast array of positons.

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