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Dissertation Chapter - Discussion

Chapter 5 – Discussion/Conclusions/Recommendations

Dependent upon the institution, the student will be required to incorporate these three pieces into one chapter or to divide them into two chapters, but the content requirements will be the same. You will be asked to make certain assertions based upon your findings. 

Discussion Conclusion

What can you conclude from your finding? What do you know, as a result of your research that you did not know before? And why is this new knowledge important to other researchers in your field? Have you contributed something new? Have you validated earlier research by others? Have you invalidated earlier research?  In each of these instances, you will have to come up with certain recommendations for further and future research or for actions on the part of others in this field. In fact, you may need to include future research questions that should be studied?

In general, you want to demonstrate that you have made an important contribution to the field and that your research has thus been validated as important. It is also important to remember that your conclusions and recommendations must not be too general. Your recommendations must be doable, reasonable, and able to be implemented.

It is important, as well, that this chapter include some reflective thought on the research experience itself. Has your passion for the subject matter increased? Are you looking forward to acting upon some of the recommendations you have provided? How will your research impact your career future? The committee wants to know that your work has resulted in personal growth as well as added to the research field.

You May be too Close to the Matter

The Discussion/Conclusion/Recommendations portion of your dissertation may be difficult to prepare. After all of the detailed and work of the literature review, the research design, the gathering and synthesizing of data and the analysis, you may have difficulty “stepping back” to see the larger picture. Your consultant/collaborator can take that step back,” ask the right questions of you, and glean from your answers the salient points to put into this critical section of your work. S/he will understand that you are exhausted and overloaded with the detail, and can help you to see that “big picture’ as well as write an exceptional narrative to “tie up” the entire project and please, if not amaze, you committee!

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