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Dissertation/Thesis Proposal

The Dissertation Proposal

The first step in the dissertation process is the proposal. Make no mistake about it – this piece of writing is critical, for it must include very specific sections, must be carefully constructed, and, once finished, will have to be defended before your committee. Your advisor can certainly make suggestions and review your final product before it goes to the committee, but the production is up to you.

Expert dissertation and thesis proposal

Components of a Proposal

In general, your proposal is a formally written agreement between you and your committee. It protects you, because, once you committee has accepted it, no member may require any additions or deletions. 

Your proposal must contain the following:

  • A statement of the research problem you are addressing and what you believe your research will contribute to the body of knowledge in your field.
  • A statement of how you propose to conduct your research (methodology) and what are the specific objectives for each facet of your research
  • A projection of your timeline for completion of the entire project

The format for your proposal will depend upon your institution, but you must plan on providing a brief literature review of the major pieces of research that most relate to your research question/problem. Your research objectives must be clear and precise and relate directly to the methodology. You do not have to have your research instruments designed, but you do have to present a statement of the types of instruments you plan to use.

Be prepared for your committee to ask questions and to add or delete objectives. This is their prerogative, and you must accept it, unless you have strong arguments for leaving it as it is. Remember – the goal is to have the committee’s acceptance so that you can proceed!

What to do if the Proposal has you Stressed

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