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Dissertation Chapter - Introduction Chapter

Dissertation Chapter One –The Introduction

The dissertation introduction is exactly what it is called.  Most writers wait until the other chapters are complete prior to writing the introduction and the conclusion, because the entire “picture’ of the dissertation and conclusions will be fully clear. 


The introduction should give the reader an overview of what follows and should include all of the following:

  • Provide a brief summary of the study, its focus and purpose, and why it has importance to the field of knowledge.
  • Provide a good “problem statement,” – describe the problem you have researched and put in a broader context of the content field. You should also include a very brief description of the research that led you to this problem, making reference to Chapter 2 of the work.
  • You should clearly define and explain your research questions. You are telling the reader exactly what will be addressed in the research.
  • Provide a brief description of the research you conducted – the sample population, the instruments you used, and the methods you utilized to collect the data.
  • Be certain to define all of the terminology, particularly if the terminology has specific meaning within the context of your research
  • Briefly provide your chapter organization.

Difficulties with the Introduction

You have been so immersed in all of the details of your dissertation production that it may be difficult to step back and formulate a well-organized introduction that is clear, precise, and includes just the correct amount of information. Writers have a tendency to include far more than should be, and the introduction becomes “heavy” with information and data. 

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