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Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

The Dissertation Methodology – Chapter 3

Many consider chapter 3 to be the “meat” of the dissertation. Finally, you are into your own work and, hopefully, the most passionate part of the entire project. Here, you lay out your research design, explaining the setting and sample(s) used, the instruments you designed for your research, and, as well, a full discussion of how you will collect and analyze your data.

Dissertation methodology assistance

It is also critically important that you provide a rationalization for the methodology and instruments used. For example, if you were to study the effectiveness of a new educational model for at-risk middle school students, in terms of behavior and academic progress, you would probably want both an experimental and a control group. And you would need to develop the instruments by which you plan to measure academic progress and behavior improvement. At what intervals of time will the data be collected? What will you consider a significant enough change to make conclusions?

What statistical analysis model will you use?

Another important section of this chapter must address the samples themselves. What methods did you use to select the sampling? What specific characteristics, demographics, etc. did you delineate as important factors in your selection?

Still another section must address any weaknesses and/or limitations of your study and what attempts you made to limit these. Be fully honest, for the trustworthiness of your study depends upon it.

Translating Your Passion into the Formal Written Word

It is normal to become excited about your research, to gather your sample(s), to implement the methods you have designed and to collect the data as the study unfolds. When it comes time to organize all of it into a cohesive and smoothly flowing piece of prose, however, you can experience a mountain of obstacles.

  • Presenting data with solid prose and optimally-constructed charts, graphs, etc. can be a huge challenge
  • Structural organization, coherency, fluency and logical flow of your narrative can be difficult if your English composition skills are not superior Writers Can be the Key

Your writer/consultant has done this before! Trust him/her to take all of your methodology discussion and your data and prepare and absolutely exceptional chapter 3 for you.  Simply send over your material, relax, and be prepared to be amazed with the results. The narrative will be clear, cohesive and reflective of academically-sound composition. Charts, graphs and diagrams will provide perfect visual representations of the data you have collected.

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