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Dissertation Chapter - Results

Dissertation Chapter 4 – Findings/Results

Now the fun begins! Your research data was gathered, organized, and reported in chapter 3. The purpose of chapter 4, now, is to present quantitative, or statistical, as well as a qualitative, or narrative, analyses.


In most instances, your quantitative analysis will inform the construction of your qualitative analysis (especially in areas of mathematics or hard science); however, in some social science areas, you will need to address some subjective qualitative analyses which cannot necessarily be quantified.

How are Your Statistical Analysis Skills?

In many academic fields, doctoral coursework will entail one, perhaps two, statistics courses. For those who are not truly skilled in statistical analysis, this chapter is especially difficult. Remember, you must explain and demonstrate your analysis (with appropriate visual presentations) but, as well provide a narrative that clearly and in an engaging manner, speaks to the results you have achieved. When students get to this point in their dissertation work, it is not unusual to employ the services of a professional statistician to provide a solid analysis and at least suggest appropriate narration to accompany it. Consultants are Available!

We have a team of statisticians who work with our dissertation researchers and writers to ensure that our Customers receive the very best “Findings/Results” chapter that can be produced anywhere, by anyone. An outside statistician, working independently, will not have the benefit of working directly with others who are providing writing assistance on your dissertation. At, our statisticians work directly with your consultant and with you, so that, as a team, you get an exceptional chapter 4. Your data has to make perfect sense, and only when everyone works together, and when the narrative supports and soundly explains that data, do you have a work that your committee will approve and appreciate.

Comprehensive Service is What You Need

Instead of seeking specific assistance from a variety of different individuals, none of whom collaborates with the other, when you come to, you will have a team, and this is what guarantees production success. In all instances, our doctoral candidates receive the following:

  • Personally assigned researcher/writer/statistician who collaborate with one another and with the student, through direct communication.
  • Established Ph.D. professionals who have significant background and experience in dissertation production for doctoral candidates in all fields of study.
  • Commitment to Customer satisfaction and success. If, at any time, an advisor or committee has revisions to suggest, the team will act upon those revisions quickly and effectively.

Students who have used for dissertation assistance have provided us with excellent feedback, and, without exception, have been 100% satisfied with both the process and the final product. You can become a satisfied Customer as well – contact us and let’s have a discussion!

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