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Darth Vader, also known as Anakin Skywalker, was a fictional character from the Star Wars franchise. In the story of his corrupt life, Vader first appeared as a pivotal antagonist against the action drive as Skywalker. Vader transitioned from a compassionate Jedi hero to the Clone Wars' dark side commander. Vader was raised on the desert planet of Tatooine, where he was born by Shmi Skywalker on an unknown world (Strasser 5). Vader was miraculously born, according to his mother, because she had never interacted with a man. For the majority of their lives, Vader and his mother were slaves for a dealer known as Watto who had adopted them through a bet.

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he made when they were still young. In this case, Anakin was a piloting podracer and an engineer. The creation of his protocol droid C-3PO was the evidence of his high engineer skills at a tender age of 8 years (Lucas et al. n.p.). This paper will elaborate more on Darth Vader (also Anakin Skywalker) who is the primary character of the Star Wars saga, having two-sided personality development perspective.

At the age of nine years, Anakin was taken away from his mother and home to the planet of Naboo to be trained as a Jedi. While growing up, he first discovered that the Jedi group was stranded on Tatooine because its ship was broken. He then decided to raise money when he entered the podrace because he needed to fix the spacecraft since he wanted to go home.

While at Naboo, Anakin later changed to an arrogant and somewhat adolescent boy due to his fastened transition from the scrap yard of the Jedi order rising star. Later, when he possessed more natural abilities than his peers, he also developed great ego, thus separating himself from the other young learners (Strasser 9). Most of the time, he was found showing little respect to the Obi-Wan due to his powers. Another way where Anakin's character changed is when he was under the spell of the Sith order. Lord Darth Sidious wanted Anakin to be on the dark side that ruled the galaxy. After training in Jedi, Anakin was given rules by his new master to kill people who remained in there. Continuing with his murderous rampage, Anakin also killed all the remaining opposing council members (Lucas et al. n.p.).

Anakin’s identity also lost its way because he is seen to choke his pregnant wife when he came home from the battle field and surprisingly found his wife pregnant. When Obi-Wan attempted to have a word with Anakin, he refused and instead started fighting him. As a result, he lost both legs and hands. As much as Obi-Wan left Anakin to die, he was rescued by Darth Sidious who then transformed him to a mechanical black knight. Born as a slave, Anakin's childhood was marred with trepidation and uncertainty which interfered with the way he reasoned and behaved (Lucas et al. n.p). Most of his emotions that were seen to affect him overwhelmed this character during his young years. Particularly, it resulted in further disrupted and weird relationships. Most of them were predetermined by his separation from his mother.

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For nine years, Anakin was very close to his mother. This was evident in the protective nature and sadness he portrayed when he was leaving her (Strasser 25). After the age of nine, Anakin never truly had a parental figure around him. Ten years later, his mother passed away in his arms. Unquestionably, the development of his style of attaching to others was altered mainly because he left home at a very young and impressionable age. While growing up, Anakin had no parental, father-like figure around, and, as a result, he was incapable of adapting male type behaviors thus leaving him without any asset to help resolve his inner conflict. His adult style of attachment transformed into more of a maladaptive style.

Anakin Skywalker is an anxious and ambivalent person because of his obsession with Padme, and because of such passion, he had deep desire to be closer to her(Strasser 32). It is possible that the early separation from his mother resulted in him needing to hold onto objects of love, especially onto Padme. The driving force that was behind his preposterous and obsessive fear of losing her was a result of his deep love for her. Another reason for him being viewed as anxious and ambivalent is his obsession with the behavior and frantic worry of his partner (Lucas et al. n.p.). Anakin also had the same antagonistic relationship with Obi-Wan. Together, they fought side by side in many battles, but there were times when Anakin portrayed envy and a measure of preeminence in how he treated Obi-Wan. During Anakin’s later childhood years and early adulthood, Obi-Wan stood as a father figure to him. Yet, he still suppressed unconscious inclinations for the death of his adopted father. With time these dark thought, feelings and desires eventually became conscious ones. Anakin’s attempt to take the life of Obi-Wan may serve as one of the examples of such transformations (Lucas et al. n.p.)

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Two dreams completely changed the direction of Anakin’s life. The first one was of his dying mother which evoked worry and anger in him making him race blindly to his home planet. However, he arrived too late but anyway acted out consciously. His emotions were resulting from the dream he had at the time he was avenging the death of Shmi. Another significant dream that had an effect on him was when he saw Padme dying while giving birth. He lived out the emotions experienced during this dream through his obsessive attempt to prevent his wife from dying (Strasser 45).

In the end, the feelings that occurred during the time that he was in a sleep state drove him to the Dark Side and greatly influenced his transition into Darth Vader. The transformation of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader happened rather because of his own psychological problems that from the influence of the Dark Force (Strasser 54). He portrays patterns of instability and impulsivity as he is motivated by benevolent means. After Darth Vader joined the Dark Side greed and power became his most defining features.

Another catalyst for his turn to the Dark Side was the belief that he could use the power to save his wife. As a result, his love for Padme became sinister because his actions showed that he would do anything to accomplish this conquest. Darth Vader can be described as one that is driven by selfish desires and an impulsive character. He releases his rage in the form of overpowering and killing others. Darth Vader is motivated by the desire to avoid pain and does not pursue pleasure. The evidence to this are his efforts focused on preventing the deaths of his mother and wife (Lucas et al. n.p.). The internal representations of Darth Vader are misguided, and this is because of his belief that he could get more power and create his own evil moral code through the Dark Force. In an attempt to rationalize his murderous character, he believes that the mysterious power could save Padme. Darth Vader’s ego could not allow him to control his impulses. Instead, it pulled him further away from the reality of his humble beginnings.

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Anakin went through a harsh disruption when he was separated from his mother. This gap plus witnessing the death of his mother and his obsessive love for Padme resulted in his shaky personality. His subconscious ego, desires, and motivations made him evolve from the kind and innocent person he used to be into a dark and deadly character. Anakin Skywalker was a slave from the beginning of his life on a distant planet, but he gradually changed to the dreaded, galaxy-ruling Lord of the Sith known as Darth Vader. This happened because of his lack of early attachments and the false sense of ego.

Anakin Skywalker’s character in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is rather unpredictable due to the events that took place. Mostly, his broken emotions are the ones that seem to have activated his character. Even after discovering his potential of superpowers, Anakin still takes advantage by mixing them with his feelings and therefore causing trouble. The essay has supported the thesis by showing the primary character of Anakin Skywalker, who had two-sided personality development perspective.

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