Socio-Cultural Construction in terms of Gender

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Gender identification implies the way society refers to a person as either a male or female. It is socially developed based on sociological and philosophical frameworks. The society creates and assigns roles that describe the behavior of the precise person (Ortner 13). Different societies stipulate roles according to social conventions that are believed to be affected through biological identity to some degree. The society portrays man and female to have a different mindset and bodily parts. Individuals get to know of their gender class as they develop (Rooke 657). It is quite clear that suppose there used to be no gender classification within our society, and there would be confusion as a male would have been referred to females (Mora 435). Several factors affect the gender roles and gender identity as well. Media, video games, movies and magazines influence the behavior of children and older individuals. In this paper, the meaning and role of gender in the society will be discussed.

In the research paper by Rooke, the gap left by transgender groupings in the society is discovered. Boys and girls have been allocated various responsibilities in the social structure that monitors their movement and interactions. The empirical concept of learning assists the psychologist to understand different theories such as positivism, and criticism towards the social construction of gender. According to social constructivists, they deny the claim that people say they have about gender. The argument says claims that are impartially a notion placed though not agreed to be true.

Gender identity is learned in different ways. The Latino boys’ article explores the ways male and female learns of the roles allotted in the society. In traditional times elders used to allocated responsibilities to define the masculinity or feminism (Mora 444). Some jobs were prohibited to be performed by different sex. According to New York Times, the modern mass media such as magazines, videos, movies, and cinema help teach people who they will become. For instance, fashion shows show ladies how to dress stunningly to impress men. Rooke argues that explicit films illustrate how females try to fulfill their gender role to the audiences.

In the “Do it for all your pubic hairs!” the author disclaims the outdated perception that depends on the societal constraint to limit gender to two parties. In his analysis, Mora combines the concept of roles and gender. He says that gender can be related to performances as gender is doing what the other cannot do. The way we talk, walk and performs tasks both combines to define whether you are a man or woman (Mora 448). We act in such a way that we tend to assume that being a woman or a man internally addresses the reality. The gender identity is constructed in compliance with predominant societal norms and traditions. Mora further states that drag performance cannot provide a primary meaning of gender binaries. In analyzing a single identity, there is no one who is before gender in comparison to the one who goes where the three grouping of people (Rooke 660). Perhaps, Rooke says that there is no one who is born a doer of something they learn from fellows. What matters is the deed. Therefore, the performativity of gender helps the jobs in jobs stratification, role modification and description for maximum output.

The belief of masculine and feminism get induced throughout the development process in social settings (Ortner 17). The society only recognizes binary genders so that when a multi-gender person needs to cross change the position, a confirmation must be done to assess if he is a man or woman. Sometimes the constructivism theory falls into loggerheads when controversial sexual groups emerge such as gay or lesbians. At early childhood, one must question his or her conscious to attain stability during adolescents’ stage to start learning about opposite sex (Mora 437). For an individual to be considered a gay, he must be of male genitalia while lesbian vice versa.

Gender identity acts as a symbol of accomplishment in the society. From the performative point of view, more emphasis is given to what is done than who does. “Do it for all Your Pubic Hairs” states that people do not necessarily have to be in less than one category to get things done. Transgender and independent sex groups may work depending on time, social interaction, and context to produce varying identities. For example, when conceiving a child, the community expects a biological interaction between a man and a woman. However, some activities such as teaching, anyone can do it be it man or woman (Ortner 19). Consequently, we can claim that gender was created to bring satisfaction in the composition of the society.

Gender stratification aims at creating a relationship. In a societal setting, one does gender to consider a masculine or feminine. The importance of this act is overrated in somewhere the constructionist needs a social interaction (Rooke 670). We must recall that others scan and evaluate our behavior based on the gender. The social constructionist holds that gender is more of interaction than an individual affair. Furthermore, people also claim that the gender is omni-relevant being that people typically judge each other according to their gender composition.

Gender illustrates on the infancy and early childhood development stages. The idea of performativity in describing gender if unveiled to children during conception they will be exceptionally become enlighten on who they will be in the future (Mora 457). The naming system depends on the sex where masculine and feminine children are satisfied when given a particular type of doll or toy that is deemed appropriate by the society. Many parents feel puzzled in understanding whether it is the play toys that make kids behave like boy or girl. The reinforcement of gender-based equipment improves their talents and interaction with a virtual environment which is vital in upright bringing without explicitly stating sex (Ortner 27). The consistent exposure to single gender activities determines the future behaviors.

The cross-cultural study of gender teaches how different communities understand, identify and analyze gender. For instance, the article of Latino Boys, illustrates how boys use various means to develop masculinity during puberty (Mora 443-47). As earlier, stated that gender identity acts as social accomplishments, the examination of Latino boy’s efforts to build masculinity derived from video watching and peer pressure from hip-hop stars and popular gender orders from the United States (Mora 450). The social interaction low-income, working and middle-class personalities from the neighboring nations bring mixed reaction on the second-generation of males. A longitudinal research concludes that the genesis of such masculine construction traces back from earlier interactions.

The cross-cultural study helps in analyzing and evaluating the different factors that make an individual behave in a particular manner. Apart from, movies and videos children and follow behaviors shown by their parents and peers. For example, a boy would do more physical jobs to build his masculinity of power and brave (Rooke 659). On the other side, a girl would learn to become a real woman by imitating how their mothers dress, cook to be able to fit in their gender roles. Bounded by the gender rule, that male and female should behave in a particular way.

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In summary, gender is the perception used to refer to individuals as masculine or feminine. The idea is entirely impartial as it is imposed by the environment we live in. More importantly, society uses this gender quality to judge the movement of individuals. It is evident the society creates the gender roles from the previous mutual norms to guide in the selection of responsibilities, interactions, and religious virtues. Studying gender helps in establishing a relationship, discovering accomplishment and how gender influences the growth and development of infants. The article “Trans Youth Science and Art,” describes how masculine and feminine wallows to try change gender through scientific surgery (Mora 440-55). The research reveals gender identity as binary, either male or female. It is in agreement with many religious groups that rules and norms concerning the interaction between sexes (Ortner 23).“Do all for Your Pubic Hair” as well describes Latino boys with ambitions to build masculine from the effect of social media. Therefore, it is common that gender originates from social interactions that have been constructed to monitor and judge people in the society.

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