Mass Communication on the Internet Today

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The technological developments have significantly improved the dissemination of statistics today through the use of the internet. Most businesses, media and broadcasting channels, and authorities outlets are continually the use of the internet as a medium of interaction, passing information to a massive section of population amongst others. The internet connectivity around the world has additionally led to the increase of social networking without the restrictions of geographical boundaries or failing signals. As a result, human beings can be able to receive or send information faster and cheaply all over the world as a result enhancing globalization. The fact that there are many digital units in the market enhances people to read new or any different public information in any country or place hence making informed decisions on a range of topics. In this regard, the paper involves a thorough look into the background of the internet in mass communication, as a tool for mass communication, as a way to reach a large geographical coverage, the globalization, and social networking aspect. Also, the literature review includes the discussion of the significance of the internet in the contemporary mass communication approaches. Lastly, the research will include a discussion of finding and conclusion based on the literature review to create a basis for the recommendations for future improvements. The aim is to prove that the internet as a medium for mass communication is the most efficient, and used one in the contemporary society to reach large populations.

Problem Statement

Mass communication is defined as a systematic dissemination of information, enabled by physical channels, aimed at reaching a large and dispersed population (Muhammadali, 2011). Therefore, the media such as movies, videos, newspapers, broadcasts, television, and the internet are the most used way to transfer the information (Morris & Ogan, 2006). Among these, the internet plays a role in the fastest and most reliable way of dispersing information to the world in an instant due to the extent of internet connectivity and facilitation of technology through the smart devices. Therefore, the access to this information by various groups in the society can reach an individual regardless of where they are or accessibility to a news channel so long as they are connected to the internet.

Most media channels today are looking for ways through which they can reach the public instantly, quickly, and efficiently. The reason is that they play a huge role in social administration, political influence, and coherence between various social groups in a region. Also, businesses are looking for ways through which their adverts can reach a huge database so that they can attract a significant number of potential clients (Okazaki & Taylor, 2013). The government institutions tend to communicate public policies, health issues, and security matters among others in a faster way that the public can be aware of the immediate cautionary plans. According to Salman et al. (2011), using the traditional media channels such as magazines, newspapers, Television and radio broadcasts may not be reliable especially in the emergency news that requires instant attention since not everyone has access to the services especially in the rural areas.

In this regard, the technological advancements which involve the use of the internet have significantly improved the response and attention to the public. Most of the mass media communication channels as well as tools have also increased their internet connectivity use. As a result, most people can read the news and in some instances have beeps hat notify them of a new piece of information through installed apps on the smart devices. Today, most of the smart devices such as watches and cell phone can install various apps through which an individual can access any information in the world through a website database of the media stations themselves (Morris & Ogan, 2006). In this regard, the research tends to find out the effectiveness of the internet in the information dissemination as a way of mass communication.

Research Questions

The primary research question includes; is the mass communication on the internet the most effective way to disseminate information to a large population compared to other tools?

Other secondary questions include:

  1. What is the significance of mass communication on the internet?
  2. Which is the best kind of information that mass communication can pass using the internet as a medium?

Literature Review

Background of the Internet

According to an article by Kraidy (2011), the background of the inclusion of the internet as a tool of mass communication started from the innovation of the internet connectivity and access to social media platforms. Most people could interact through the internet from various locations. Therefore, a post by someone could be read by many anonymous people throughout the world. Afterward, the number of people using the internet to communicate various pieces of information grew to draw connections not only within a particular region but globally. The increased use of internet among people led to the innovative ways of including the technology of media through accessibility in the websites or form of mobile apps (Dominick, 2007). The fact that the age of smartphones enabled many to access the information online also led to the increased posting of the news and the public information on the websites. Unlike the traditional setting when the news through the mass media channels could only reach an individual through having a set and being there physically, the internet enabled someone to read the current news as it is happening (Salman et al., 2011).

Also, with the age of internet connectivity, most people preferred reading the new online rather than waiting for the next day to buy a paper to read the same information. Therefore, today many people are reading the news through online means by accessing a website and reading breaking news without having to go to a large extent. As a strategy to reach much viewership, the media channels have also continued to create more pages on the websites, Facebook, integral, and twitter handle through which they can interact with the viewer from all over the world (Dominick, 2007). As a result, the movement from the mass society to mass communication through the online connectivity encouraged the people to have more access to information from anywhere in the world and on their test.

Today, the printed magazines in the shops are few than the readership through the internet. Also, television channels are not utilizing the digital technology to stream and save videos of the news, and adverts among other forms of information to the clients who can access (Dominick, 2007). Also, the more the online media has today, the more they can get quality adverts which generate more income hence enhancing social networking as well as the profitability of the same in delivering current happening and social issues in the world today (Morris & Ogan, 2006). In this regard, the internet connectivity has been significant in ensuring that the information economy as mass communication thrives, regulatory bodies can guide the appropriateness of the information to a particular age set in the society to guard the moral ideals in a community. The invention of the internet in the twentieth century and its spread among other nations play rougha significant role in ensuring that the developments and improvement today are effective in achieving the objectives of the mass communication strategies.

A tool for Social Media Marketing

The most common usage of mass communication on the internet is to act as a tool that various companies use to market different products on the websites. The idea is that many people are connected to the internet and follow particular channel news. Therefore, placing the adverts on the specific media website such CNN alongside the news makes individuals aware of the existence of the products and hence the need to buy them (Pan & Crotts, 2012). The marketing of the various brands or products occurs in two ways which include using the media channels or social networks on the internet (Baruah, 2012). Therefore, in the first option, the media channels all over the world have their websites and pages throughout the internet sections. The media through the coverage enhance many viewers to subscribe to their channels so that the number which can be watching the news is high (Ohiagu, 2011). Also, they can be able to send interactive messages in which the individuals viewing the channels can follow new developments.

With a high number of viewers, the various businesses can approach the establishment to buy some airtime in marketing their products, brands or pass information to the viewers through advertising (Okazaki & Taylor, 2013). The companies pay the media channels for this service, and through the strategy, they can make incomes to enhance its profitability and increase in service provision (Baruah, 2012). The fact that a media station has a high number of views indicates that the station commands a large population throughout the globe hence the people accessing the information about the adverts especially in the prime time such as news coverage can be aware of the particular brand or information (Okazaki & Taylor, 2013). In most cases, the businesses can advertise through multiple channels to ensure that people have the most out of their adverts.

The second way is through approaching stand-alone businesses that have established marketing sites with a large dispersed population that subscribes to it (Ohiagu, 2011). Online markets such as the retailing programs at Wal-Mart, eBay, and Jumia among others advertise a wide range of products through the internet accessibility. Therefore, a company can approach the people, or a subscriber can log in and post an advert a particular brand (Dominick, 2007). The dispersed population can yield potential clients who buy the products and generate profit for both the company and the business as a way of marketing (Pan & Crotts, 2012). In this regard, the platforms achieve a mass communication aspect through sharing a piece of information that many members of such a subscription can be able to view and make decisions whether to purchase the item or not.

Lastly, with the popularity, the establishments of the online marketing companies can attract many individuals especially due to the after sale services of home delivery of the product and pay after receiving the commodity (Baruah, 2012). As a result, it becomes more convenient for an individual to order a product from the internet site in the various market segments and have it delivered to their homes than going for it in the shops or physical stores. As a result, most business apart from their physical operations is advertising their products in the marketing sites so that they can attract a wide range of customers.

The growing affinity to online marketing is largely through the cheapness of the costs. The first way of cutting the costs is that unlike the news channels in online platforms that are expensive, the specialized marketing sites only offer commission on the products sales hence convenient because the seller gets value for their marketing costs directly (Pan & Crotts, 2012). Another way is that the process involves few taxation costs hence less expenditure in the marketing approach. In the outlook of the business, cutting the costs of operation such as through the huge marketing budgets in online platforms and subscribing to a website or creation a page can help the company to grow its profit margin and presence in the market (Pan & Crotts, 2012). In this case, mass communication is evolving from the dissemination of current happening and discussion of social issues to an age of businesses through the internet where the nature and type of information being communicated to the subscribers, viewers, or listeners is an economic issue (Bradley, 2016). The commercialization of the information economy has taken the new face of the mass communication alongside other free features which are intended to grow the database of viewers.

Social Networking

The internet has also been significant in the facilitation of the social networking process. Many people around the world can interact with the media under a particular group. As a result, such large groups from diverse areas in the online platforms such as Facebook or Twitter have become a target for the other individuals pass information that is critical. Also, the members of the group can share breaking new in real time hence enabling the spread of information to a huge population in an instant, and real time (Morris & Ogan, 2006). In this regard, three major groups target the social network pages involving huge numbers of followers. In fact, some of the companies create their pages and create a following that grows over time with increasing popularity. The first group is small enterprises (SMEs) who advertise their products by being the member of the groups. The second one is the media channels such as television companies who post news to the group as a video link that directs people to their page to be able to read the news and see more adverts for business (Dominick, 2007). Through this sharing of information, the network in the social pages increases. Besides, some of the members invite their friend in a chain which increases membership to the specific group.

The last group is the government agencies through advertising various jobs, announcing job opening or development projects. Through posting links in the groups, they can draw a large number of readerships hence passing information to the target group effectively (Morris & Ogan, 2006). In most cases, most of the links lead a person to the government websites or the agencies where more information can be found. In this regard, the awareness level of the government activities is high through the help of mass communication through the internet. The increasing use of the avenue to communicate to large groups continues to grow over the year with major contributions of innovations which aim to increase the accountability and transparency of most governments with the democracy ideology. Besides, the exchange of information between the agencies is faster than the hard copy letters.

The public institution borrows from the private sector the ideology of using one email and sending it to the affiliations or branches at once that is faster and can help facilitate quick decision making. In this regard, huge government institutions such as the health sectors, service providers in the education system, and security team can now have information from central headquarters reach them instantly and simultaneously through emails, and video chats that are life (Ohiagu, 2011). In this way, mass communication is evident through passing information to a large group who are in various physical places as well as an interactive segment which is facilitated by the internet connectivity.

Geographical Coverage and Globalization

Mass communication on the internet increases the geographical boundaries that information reaches as well as encourages globalization through which any one can be able to access the same information from any place in the world. The internet tends to connect all places in the world hence people can read the same information and know what is happening around the world regarding various issues of interest. Different databases make it possible for a wide range of data to be available and retrieved easily for various uses by an individual (Dominick, 2007). In addition, businesses today are expanding their operations to online platforms and beyond the jurisdiction of their host states into the rest of the world. In this regard, there is the need for a communication medium that can connect them beyond their geographical regions (Kraidy, 2011). The internet facilitates this process since, through internet based technologies such as video conferencing, most of the individuals can reduce the physical contact since meetings can now happen through the internet as well as major announcements for the company without really having to call for a shareholder meeting. The success is largely attributed to the technological advancements which continue to enable these services.

Discussion of Findings and Conclusions

The literature review indicates a growing significance of mass communication on the internet than in the physical or digital signal means of disseminating information. The findings indicate that most of the online platforms use the internet as a way of communicating to large populations in various parts of the world. Also, unlike before when a magazine was only available in hard copy, to day most of the readers are in the online platforms causing a decrease in the sale of the papers physically. Additionally, most of the media channels make profits through the commissions from the adverts (Okazaki & Taylor, 2013). The realization social media marketing and embracing of social networks as an ideal place for the process has made most companies to camouflage into the internet enabled platforms so as they can remain relevant in attracting business adverts through their websites and social media platforms. The nature of mass communication, therefore, has changed to look into the internet as the most significant, efficient and fastest way to deliver information to the public or members of large organizations.

The implication of the research, therefore, is that most people around the world view the internet as the primary source of most of the information. As a result, many companies are creating platforms to sell or market products, a communication platform such as video conferencing, emails, Skype, twitter, Facebook, and remote messages through the internet enables to reach many clients under a database. Besides, the governments are also using the technology in passing relevant information to the public either through apps, agency websites, social media pages such as Facebook, or sending text messages through the database of network providers in a specific country. The last implication is that today, unlike the past, most of the remote news by other media channels can now be available to any part of the world through internet connectivity and digital platform (Okazaki & Taylor, 2013)s. In this regard, the internet though a later invention that the television has continues to gain more users even the mass communication channels such the televisions, newspapers, and videos among others which prove it is the most reliable medium to disseminate information.

Though the internet is effective in aiding effectiveness of sharing or transferring information in a faster a safe way, there are a lot of challenges that are coming with the innovation. Firstly, most of the psychological analysts argue that the use of the internet is gradually eliminating the physical interactions and socialization process among people. Also, the safety of personal information from the hackers and cyber criminals remains a big challenge for the governments and private sector to effectively address (Okazaki & Taylor, 2013). The difficulty is due to the increasing organization of the criminals and training of the tech savvy criminals that are knowledgeable in latest technology. Lastly, there are social concerns over the regulation on the nature of the material in the internet platforms, and social groups, which might have a negative influence on the younger generation. Therefore, there is the need for the IT developers to address the issue while developing programs to serve as the ideal medium for mass communication effectively


Through the discussion of various forms of mass communication on the internet such as marketing, social networking, agent of globalization and media outlets to other geographical regions, the research indicates the internet as the most preferred mode of disseminating information. However, challenges such as regulation of content development and its access, cyber security, and a barrier to socialization make its usability in some areas difficult. However, through recommendations, such regulating content developers, increasing awareness of parent responsibility regarding access of smart devices can significantly improve the situation. Despite these obstacles, mass communication on the internet is efficient, and faster in the delivery of messages and profitability of businesses in the information economy.

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