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posted by Andy Preisler 20 Aug 2021
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Every student looks for dissertation topics during the final year of their studies. All are going to end up choosing one or another, but will they be interesting? This depends on who likes what. Many people settle on ideas that they find boring just because of their academic value, and the dissertation writing process turns into a chore. To avoid it, you need to pick something that makes your fingers itch from the desire to start typing and looking for information, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. We brainstormed and created a list with 100 exciting topics for different subjects and specializations. Whatever you’re studying, you’ll find inspiration here.

Choosing a Dissertation Topic That Makes You Inspired

Sometimes people wonder, “Could I pay someone to write my dissertation?”, and we understand this wish. A dissertation is a large project that takes months or even more than a year. It's easier and stress-relieving to rely on someone else. But whether you hire someone or work by yourself, you must be the one to choose a topic and get approval from your supervisor. It should be something you like. Here’s what you could do:

  • Think about your hobbies and interests. Every person has a hobby. It could be something from childhood or from modern times. Pick a few subjects and try turning them into topics. But hobbies aren’t the only thing you could use: what are you passionate about in general? From some dissertation topics examples, let’s imagine you have a beloved grandfather who fought in the war. Your subject is Business. Unite the two: study how businesses operated during WW2 and what obstacles they faced. Keep building links and drawing parallels until you find the topic you truly love.
  • Check browser history. Another strategy for how to choose a dissertation topic is by looking into your browser history. What topics have you searched for recently? What sites do you visit most often? Find insights there.  It could be an online argument you were having on some forum about a movie or politics. Perhaps you contacted online services and asked, “Do my essay for me”; then liked the paper so much that it triggered your interest in some topic. Try answering this question: what makes you passionate? Develop a topic on this basis.
  • Brainstorm with friends and classmates. Ask someone close to you to help choose a dissertation topic. They must know at least some things about your interests, so exchange ideas together. Write them down or just store them in your mind. Maybe one of your friends could suggest something that you didn’t think of yourself, and it’ll become a great future topic.
  • Use inspiration lists. How to pick a dissertation topic? With online lists. They are a great way to find an inspiring title. You could also contact research paper writing services online and ask them to develop a list with suggestions based on specific criteria. There are many different options, so just go with whichever you like best.

100 Different Dissertation Ideas for Top Subjects

We picked ten popular subjects that students write dissertations on and came up with various topics. They are all placed in their categories, so choose whichever you need and read the titles we offer. They are free and you can use them without pointing out where you took them from. Note that many of them are pretty general, so you can edit them and focus them on specific firms you’d like to research.

Business Dissertation Topic Ideas

These days, business major is extremely popular since people all over the world hope to start something of their own and work for themselves. Here are ten potential ideas.

1) Best Kind of Business to Start in the Time of COVID-19: What Could Bring Most Profits?

2) Qualities Modern Business Leaders Should Have to Make People Relate to Them

3) How Global Politics Affect Business in the United States

4) Is the Notion of Corporate Social Responsibility Overrated?

5) How to Make Certain That CEOs of Large Corporations Do Not Abuse Their Power?

6) Cultural  Differences between Starting Business in Russia vs. US

7) Is It More Profitable for a Company to Work Online or From Physical Offices?

8) Students of Which Universities Become Better Businessmen?

9) Does Investing into Coca Cola Still Make Sense or Is It a Dead-end?

10) Should Company ‘A’ Merge with Company ‘B’ for Increasing Profits?

Management Thesis Topic Examples

This is a common area that students show interest in when they look for custom dissertation writing services. Management is similar to business, but in some ways, it’s very different. Explore these titles.

11) How Can Companies Determine a Degree of Their Organizational Success? Offer a New Scale

12) Should All Managers Have Experience with Working on Lower Levels?

13) Should There Be a Middle Ground between Managers and Employees?

14) Should Experienced Managers Focus On New, Dying, or Flourishing Firms to Make the Biggest Difference?

15) How Stock Market and Changes in It Affect Management Practices

16) What Is the Most Common Reason for Managers to Engage in Unethical Behavior?

17) How Important Adaptive Thinking Is in the Work of Amazon Managers

18) Should Managers Have Weekly Meetings with CEOs of Their Companies?

19) External vs. Internal Environment: Which of Them Has a Bigger Influence on an Enterprise?

20) Is It Better to Deliver Project on Time or Make It Effective: Management Dilemma

MBA Examples of Topics

Are you getting an advanced degree in business? Try the following topics.

21) Compare Two International Business Strategies: What Do They Say About Specific Countries?

22) Four-Factor Asset Pricing Model: What Are Its Risks and Potential Benefits for Organizations?

23) What Causes Tension between Different Stock Exchanges and How Could It Be Stopped?

24) Explain the Concept of Tax Haven and Its Implications for Businesses

25) Do Rewards and Praise Make Employees Lax or More Motivated?

26) Uber Eats and Problems with Overworked Staff: How to Recover From It?

27) Common Reasons for Employees’ Resignation and Strategies for Avoiding It

28) Should the Leave for New Parents Be Extended or Decreased?

29) Role of Real-Time Communication between All Parties Involved in Project Management

30) Why Is the Sphere of Logistics Becoming More Popular and How to Use It from a Business Point?

Human Resources Dissertation Questions

Working with people is never easy: you need to know a lot of nuances. Why not explore them via detailed research?

31) Should Each Company Strive to Be Ethnically Diverse Or Is It Not Necessary?

32) Compare Types of Rewards for Employees and Determine the Most Effective Ones

33) Is Negative Feedback on Performance Damaging or Helpful?

34) Do Employees Prefer Higher Salaries or More Available Benefits?

35) Role of Recruiters in the Overall Success of a Company

36) Strategies for Eliminating Bias from Employee Selection Process

37) Is Cheap Labor or Educated Labor More Competitively Advantageous?

38) Explore Motivation Factors for Japanese and English Employees

39) Who Do People Generally Prefer to See as Their Supervisor: Males or Females?

40) How Heavy Labor Affects Mental Health and What Lessons Could Be Derived From It

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Marketing Topics

Marketing is a creative sphere, but there are also plenty of technical nuances you should know about. Here are some examples.

41) Compare Creative Marketing with Direct Advertising: Which Approach Is Stronger?

42) The Most Effective Kind of Marketing in Times of Pandemic

43) What Global Factors Affect Buying Decisions Among Customers?

44) Are Ads Misleading and to What Extent Should Lies Be Allowed?

45) Psychology and Marketing Strategy Behind Black Friday Phenomenon

46) How Culture Shapes Consumer Psychology

47) Why Is Amazon a Leading Company and What Makes It Popular?

48) Do Custom Apps Increase People’s Loyalty to a Specific Company?

49) Is Education or Imagination More Important When It Comes to Marketing?

50) Is It Better to Retain Customers or Get New Ones?

Thesis Topic List for Economics

Those who enjoy economics often have a technical-oriented kind of mind. Here are suggestions they might find helpful.

51) Economic Uncertainty Created by COVID 19: Will It End?

52) How Does Stock Market Influence Economic Growth of Specific Countries?

53) Is the Current Situation the Example of the Worst Economic Recession Globally?

54) Building Houses in Locations That Cannot Be Easily Flooded or Burned

55) Analyze How Charities’ Decision to Become More Money-Oriented Is Connected  with COVID-19

56) Impact of Homeschooling on Economics in the US

57) Analyze Why Some US States Are Poorer Than Others

58) How Useful Is Economic Sociology for Modern Society?

59) What Stimulates and Kills Market Interest in Specific Subjects?

60) How Macroeconomics in China Shapes People’s Financial Wellbeing

Medicine PhD Thesis Topics

Medicine is a fascinating sphere, but sometimes research in it seems overly complicated or overdone. We prepared ten good examples.

61) Did COVID Make Healthcare Blossom or Regress Financially?

62) How Painkillers Affect Human Body If Taken For Several Months in a Row

63) Debates Around Vaccination: How Can It Be Effective Without Lengthy Trials?

64) Should Non-Vaccinated People Be Allowed to Travel?

65) Inhaling Marijuana: The Line Between Health and Recreation

66) Will Cure for Cancer Be Ever Invented?

67) What Are Major Causes of Heart Attacks and How to Alleviate Them?

68) Where Is the Problem with Alcoholism Most Prevalent?

69) Could Diabetes Be Called a Deadly Disease & Why?

70) How Safe Working at Metal Producing Factories Is?

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Ideas for Law Dissertation Title

Studying law is important on all accounts, but it is a very complex sphere. We prepared topics that range from simple to moderate levels.

71) Why JonBenet Ramsey Case Remains Unsolved From Legal Perspective

72) Can There Be Murder Charge Without Felony?

73) Should the Work of Attorneys Include Justifying Their Clients or Protecting Their Interests?

74) What Kinds of Competition Could Be Called Unfair?

75) Why Is Age of Consent Different In Different States?

76) Legal Nuances Behind War on Terror Concept

77) Which Factors Should Be Included into Diminished Responsibility?

78) Legal Lines Between Abuse and Neglect

79) Pick Any Law and Explain Why It Is Redundant

80) Are the Rights of Minority Shareholders Protected as Well as of the Majority?

Natural Science Dissertation Subjects Ideas

Are you learning about natural sciences? Doing this can save lives and nature around us, so try these topics.

81) Are Electronic or Plastic Wastes More Damaging?

82) Describe the Future of Modified Rice  and Its Implications for Other Similar Experiments

83) Travelling to Space: How Will Tourist Trips There Change the World?

84) Factors That Might Cause Our Total Extinction

85) Could De-Extinction Be Realized as a Project to Protect the World?

86) Do Genetically Modified Products Bring More Good Or Harm?

87)  State of  Environment in Africa and Its Implications for Humanity

88) What Role Does Remote Sensing Play in Astrology?

89) Explore Neurobiology and How Sleep Affects Our Behavior

90) Will Biometric Signature Be Replaced with Something or Is It the End of the Line?

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Social Science PhD Dissertation Topic

If you want to help others by studying social sciences, it’s a great decision. Take inspiration for your dissertation from these options.

91) Cultural Appropriation and Its Influence on Discrimination

92) How We Can Expect the Concept of Family to Change in Ten Years  

93) To What Degree Social Workers Should Be Held Accountable for the Death of a Child

94) Social Media as Voice for Justice vs. Source of Dangerous Misinformation

95) History of Totem Poles and Their Meaning & Implications Today

96) Why People Read With Decreased Frequency and Will It Ever Change?

97) Race vs. Environment: Which Is More Influential in Terms of Social Behavior?

98) How Police Are Presented in Media vs. How They Act in Real Life

99) Vernacular English & Its Role in Modern British Communication

100) How Does Slang Appear and How Does It Affect People?

Choose the Best Dissertations Topic and Enjoy What You Write

Writing is a tricky process. It could be interesting even for those who normally hate doing research — everything depends on which topic you select. Go for something that you find interesting. Expand your knowledge on it. If you face issues with time or mechanics with any part of work, contact professional services — for instance, ask them, “Do my annotated bibliography,” and while they get busy, focus on your research. Coming up with a dissertation topic could be difficult, but we hope our lists will help you.

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