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posted by Andy Preisler 03 Feb 2022
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If you have gone through school, you must have heard of the 5 paragraph essay. It is also likely you have written one as an assignment. Therefore, this type of academic paper is essential for students. Many experts believe a student that can write such an essay can handle any writing. As a result, this essay format is widely administered to students.

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

The name of this paper is driven by its structure, which includes:

  • An introduction,
  • 1st body paragraph,
  • 2nd body paragraph,
  • 3rd body paragraph,
  • A conclusion.

In this article, you will learn what to write under these sections. You will also learn about what to include, general rules to follow and see a couple of examples. If anything remains unclear after you read this article, you can always seek help with my essay from a specialist. This is a go-to platform for buying quality essays.

The First Paragraph: Introduction

Knowing how to start an essay paragraph is essential. After your title, an introduction is an important aspect of your writing. This section sets the tone for what is to come. Therefore, you need to make sure your introduction is captivating. You can do this by starting with an appealing sentence or two.


You can start your five paragraph essay with one humorous statement. Doing this gets people interested in what you have to say. You can equally present mind-blowing statistics or facts about a subject. Alternately, you may begin your paper with a rhetorical question.

For example, if you are writing about global warming, your paper can begin like this.

“At this very moment in time, there is more carbon dioxide than there was during last one million years.” Or, you may treat an entire argument as a rhetorical question. In either case, the main point of following these steps is to spark an interest of your audience in an introduction essay paragraph.

Presenting an Argument

Likewise, an opening statement you use depends on the paper you are writing. An argumentative paper should most likely begin with an argument. You will want to quickly present the main point of your case without giving it all away.

Sample: "Stopping other countries from acquiring nuclear weapons is one of the ways of preventing the nuclear war." From this, readers know what they are going to read about in the main body of your essay. Similarly, argumentative essay prompts can help you present a fantastic argument in your five paragraph essay. Don’t hesitate to leverage online information sources to your advantage.

Main Statement

The main statement of your paper is an essential aspect of your writing. It defines an argument you are trying to make to your reader.

Looking at an earlier example about nuclear weapons, you can build on that statement with the following example. “Denuclearization is the best approach to prevent a nuclear war in the future.”

Therefore, you may see a connection between an argument and the main statement. 

Remove any statement within your first body paragraph that does not correspond with the main argument.

The Second Paragraph

This section is where you begin to present your argument as sub-arguments. However, you should present one sub-argument for each body section. Include a minimum of 5 paragraphs into this part of your assignment.

This section has general guidelines you must follow. In addition, you should present as many examples as you can think of. Doing this helps convincingly present your argument.

However, each sub-argument you present must support your original argument. Many students end up writing an opposing argument when writing an essay. A good way to prevent this is to illustrate your ideas on a piece of paper. Creating a visual picture of each sub-argument and how it connects with the main argument is helpful to your essay. Also, do not forget to use a problem solution essay outline when writing an essay. Using this format is helpful.

Similarly, the beginning of your second statement should summarize your entire sub-argument. For example, you may start your sub-argument by saying, “Denuclearization offers humanity the best and fastest way of getting rid of dangerous nuclear weapons.” After this statement, you can provide logical points which make your main argument valid.

Finally, your second paragraph should contain the strongest point you have for your overall argument. Doing this makes your writing more appealing to your readers.

The Third Paragraph

The same rules apply here. However, you should present another sub-argument in this section. Numerous college students make the mistake of allowing sub-arguments to appear in different sections of their essays. Unless there is a strong relationship between each point, you should make sure you present each point of the main argument in a separate section. Just like in the previous case, you may want to start this part of your five-paragraph essay with an opening statement.

Example: “Preventing other countries from expanding and developing nuclear weapons can help rid our world of these dangerous materials.”

The Fourth Paragraph

The difference between this section and the previous ones is a strength of a sub-argument. This part usually presents the weakest sub-argument.

For example, "Decommissioning nuclear power plants can reduce the amount of research spent on nuclear technology." Therefore, the previous guidelines apply here.

The Fifth Paragraph: Conclusion

The fifth part is usually the last section of a 5 paragraph essay format. It provides a conclusion of arguments and sub-arguments. In this section, you will begin by iterating your first argument. You also need to represent the main statement of an argument in a conclusive tone. Afterward, you want to summarize three sub-arguments mentioned in the body. Finally, you should round up your paper with a statement that closes your case and appeals to a reader.

For example, you may end it by saying, "Limiting the proliferation of nuclear weapons is the best way of ensuring the future of our children and generations to come."

5 Paragraph Essay Guide Conclusion

Good academic writing is tricky, but we discussed it in detail in this article, so now you have all the necessary tips. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines and get a great result every time. Hopefully, now that you know how to write a five paragraph essay properly, a skill that is essential for any university student, academic writing will be a piece of cake to you!

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