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posted by Laura Callisen 30 Oct 2015
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We all learned how to write a self-introduction essay in elementary school. Granted, these were pretty simplistic little pieces. Usually a teacher, at the beginning of the school year, wanted to know a little bit about his/her students and asked them to write a little bit about themselves – what was their favorite TV show, what hobbies or activities they participated in, what was their favorite subject, etc.

Things Change – The Self-Introduction Essay in High School

Two types of a self-introduction essay may occur as you go through high school.

  1. Often, you will be asked to prepare one as an English essay assignment – again at the beginning of the year. The reasons for this is two-fold. Yes, the teacher wants to get to know a little something about his/her students, but, as well, s/he will want to assess, at the beginning of the year, each student’s entry level writing skills. If you have not written one since elementary school, you may not know how to write self-introduction essay pieces that will meet the more complex expectations of your instructor.
  2. The second type of self-introduction essay will be the one you write for college admissions or scholarships. For these you will be given options based upon provided prompts. So, you will be introducing a specific aspect of yourself to an admissions committee.

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Wait – You’re Not Finished Yet

There is an extremely important self-introductory essay that you will write, maybe several times as an adult. The other term for this type of essay is the “cover letter” that you will write to accompany your resume or CV as you apply for career positions. While this is not an essay per se, you have to think of it as the method of introducing your professional self to a potential employer.

Common Factors in All of These Essays

All of these essays will require a high level of grammar and composition skill. They will also require some creativity on your part. Your goal is to tell a piece of your “story” in a unique and engaging way – you want to stand out and be memorable. You do that as follows:

  1. The Introduction: If you do not know how to write an essay introduction that will grab the reader’s attention immediately, they you will need to ask yourself a few questions. What is a short, compelling statement you can make about yourself? “I grew up on the streets of one of the worst neighborhoods in my city.” “I learned about good sportsmanship at the tender age of 5.” “My mother became my personal hero after my father died.” “My five years as a website designer have been filled with great highs and a few terrible lows.” You want the reader to be intrigued.
  2. Body paragraphs must all relate to that first sentence, and how you have grown because of the events and experiences related to that first sentence.
  3. Your conclusion should tie directly back to that first statement. “I have seen good changes in my neighborhood over the years, and I like to think that my volunteer work has contributed to that.” “Now I know that good sportsmanship applies to all areas of my life, not just baseball.” “These three things I have learned from my hero mother – persistence, a sense of humor, and the optimistic attitude that motivation and dedication will ultimately pay off.” “My great successes have taught me how to pat myself on the back; my failures have given me the humility to know that I can always get better.”

You are unique. And your self-introduction need to show that uniqueness to whoever reads that essay of yours.

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