Laura Callisen
Laura Callisen


Hello there! I am Laura Callisen, and I fancy myself to be a modern “Renaissance person.” I suppose my 30-something self began my incredible journey after having been born in Stavanger, Norway and then immigrating to the U.S. (Utah, actually) at the age of 5. I am certain that this change was more of a cultural “shock” for my parents than for me, because I quickly mastered the language and was clever enough to “play the game” of public education in America. After graduating from Skyline High School, where I spent two years as the school newspaper editor, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English and journalism from the University of Utah was a natural culmination of my love for writing.

My inclination to be socially conscious led me to lots of community outreach and volunteering during my college years, especially in the areas of educational and housing improvement for the poor and a number of environmental crusades. My passion for philosophy and travel have now taken over, and I am enthralled with the widely varied value systems of all cultures in which I can immerse myself, if only temporarily. My life as a freelance writer allows a freedom I never want to sacrifice for a stuffy office!

My Articles

Need Creative Nursing Research Paper Topics? Choose between 100 Options!
Interesting nursing research topics are hard to come by. Fortunately, it's not a problem for us. Look through our list and make your choice for free!
Posted by Laura Callisen 14 Nov 2022
Reading and Mathematics Scores Decline During Covid-19 Pandemic
Reading and mathematics scores decline rapidly among children between 2020 and 2022 due to Covid-19.
Posted by Laura Callisen 14 Sep 2022
How to Structure a Research Paper Step-by-Step Guide
Staying organized is absolutely essential when writing a research paper. If at any point your notes, outline, paragraph structure, or even your thoughts get “out of whack”, it can be a time-consuming nightmare to get everything back on track. This is why it is very important to take a methodical approach to writing research papers.
Posted by Laura Callisen 09 Dec 2021
Research Paper Format: Required Elements
Students often look for a guide to writing a research paper. This is because this type of paper is not very simple to craft. Firstly, it requires really good material to start the study. That is, you will have to gather relevant primary and secondary sources. Secondly, you will have to present a methodology or a design on how you will go about analyzing the data and information gathered for the study.
Posted by Laura Callisen 08 Dec 2021
Descriptive Essay Topics On Any Subject
Collection of unique descriptive essay ideas to boost your inspiration. Choose a perfect idea for your descriptive paper and nail it!
Posted by Laura Callisen 06 Dec 2021
Argumentative Research Paper Topics for Perfect Paper
I’m sure you must be well acquainted with argumentative essays having been writing them in school. Usually, the teachers are the ones who’ve been suggesting topics for your argumentative research paper topics. What would you write about if you were asked to propose your own topics and write on these? To many, this would be a tricky endeavour.
Posted by Laura Callisen 29 Nov 2021
MLA Research Paper Format: Ultimate Guide for Students
This ultimate guide teaches you everything you need to know about the MLA writing style. It covers the basics of the MLA research paper format and gives instructions on how to write it properly.
Posted by Laura Callisen 27 Oct 2021
Research Paper Outline Step-by-Step Guide
Constructing a good research paper outline just makes sense. It keeps your ideas organized, lets you present your information, ideas or opinions in a logical order, and help you make sure you have not left anything out. If you write a research paper without using an outline, your paper is pretty much doomed to be dis-organized, and professors tend to hate dis-organization.
Posted by Laura Callisen 27 Oct 2021
How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper: Tips & Strategies
It is not easy to do research work. The process is tedious and complicated if you get it right, and you really need to get it right if you want to write a solid research paper. Taking every step is absolutely necessary
Posted by Laura Callisen 21 Oct 2021
How to Write a Dissertation Abstract: Detailed Guide with Clear Steps
We’ve prepared a detailed guide on how you could start with your dissertation abstract. With a step-by-step guide, it will be easier to put your thoughts on paper.
Posted by Laura Callisen 23 Sep 2021
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