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Laura Callisen

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Hello there! I am Laura Callisen, and I fancy myself to be a modern “Renaissance person.” I suppose my 30-something self began my incredible journey after having been born in Stavanger, Norway and then immigrating to the U.S. (Utah, actually) at the age of 5. I am certain that this change was more of a cultural “shock” for my parents than for me, because I quickly mastered the language and was clever enough to “play the game” of public education in America. After graduating from Skyline High School, where I spent two years as the school newspaper editor, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English and journalism from the University of Utah was a natural culmination of my love for writing.

My inclination to be socially conscious led me to lots of community outreach and volunteering during my college years, especially in the areas of educational and housing improvement for the poor and a number of environmental crusades. My passion for philosophy and travel have now taken over, and I am enthralled with the widely varied value systems of all cultures in which I can immerse myself, if only temporarily. My life as a freelance writer allows a freedom I never want to sacrifice for a stuffy office!

My Articles

Easy Tricks To Become Healthier

April 21, 2016- Posted to Study

Content healthy tips grabmyessay

You just don’t have the energy that you need to get through the day? Feeling sluggish keeps you from finishing the job at hand? Then it may be time to follow some simple rules for your body. We live in a world that keeps changing from one moment to the other. This affects our minds as well as our bodies, and with most of our time spent sitting in front of screens.

Content tips for writing a novel

Many of us have at least seen pictures of a pig being roasted over a fire pit. While I personally find the image a big disgusting, the meat that comes from it is really delicious. The entire process involves hours upon hours of slow cooking, removal of that huge chunk of meat, carving it up into smaller portions, removing fat and other inedible parts, adding some more seasonings, and ultimately having a wonderful feast.

Content where to use your writing skills

Okay, so right now you are in school, and using writing skills is a “given.” Every course you take will involve some measure of writing – essays, papers, book reviews, etc. If you have not developed pretty good academic writing skills before you enter college, now is the time to really to learn them.

Content 19

One way to become a better student and a more competent learner is to travel. Traveling is a great way to experience other cultures, see things from a different point of view, to have experiences that you’ve only read about in Literature, to become more independent, and to see the sites that you learned about in the classroom.

Content 21

Well, that title should have grabbed your attention. Is there really a quick way to become a writing expert? Well, it rather depends upon your definition of “quick,” but if you have the strong motivation, no matter what type of writing you want to do well, you can take some very specific steps that will not involve years of work and practice.