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10 Teachers Cliched Quotes... Did YOU get it over too?

March 30, 2015 - Posted to Study

Content teacherphrase9

Do you remember that angry and searching gaze when you are late for the first lesson, because that amazing soft pillow simply does not late you go....
Or maybe that feeling when you do nothing wrong but your teacher thinks that you are a pure evil?
Well, all of us, sooner or later, in their life face such specific type of persons - Cliche Teachers.
You will be even more surprised with the fact that no matter in what part of the World, whether it is USA or Australia and China - teachers are all the same, saying the same things to all their students.
Let's evaluate our chart...

Want to get perfect grades? Need an A grade? Hush! Because teachers do not give grades! You have to earn them!


Law is definitely not on students side. Complete blackmailing)


You are sitting in the very end of your classroom, striving to vanish or at least to become mmm.. a ficus?) No, you are DETECTED! So:


Just sit down to bla-bla-bla and discuss some new fashion trends with your friend...Oh come on... (


Just two more minutes... You are almost done... Just a few questions left.... And here it is: Unexpected "PENCIL DOWN"...



As soon as you've decided to take some nap or simply close your eyes....Just for a second!


This anxious moment when you are waiting for your assignment.... Sweaty hands... You are waiting...waiting...waiting...


Those strict eyes are WATCHING YOU!


Obviousely, teachers do not like when students are clever than they are... Do you have some questions? Prepare answers by yourself!

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