How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper – Here’s your Help

posted by Laura Callisen 27 Oct 2015

It’s not easy to produce a research paper. The process is long and involved if you do it right, and you really have to do it right if you are going to be able to write a solid research paper conclusion. Every step is absolutely necessary:

  1. Choose a topic that will fit your instructor’s parameters. Research paper topic ideas are best found from your text or an Internet search of the broad topic field.
  2. Conduct your research.
  3. Based upon your research, develop a thesis statement – either a point of view or a rationale for the importance of the topic. This is perhaps the most important step, because your conclusion will have to refer back to this thesis statement
  4. When you write an outline for a research paper, you have to be certain that you have included the important sub-topics. You might want to search for sample research papers on the same topic and see the sub-topics that were used and how they were organized.
  5. Write the Rough Draft. Write the entire body portion of the research paper first. Do not worry at this point about how to conclude a research paper. Your goal is to produce all sections in an organized manner, so the body has a logical flow. Pay careful attention to transitions between paragraphs and sections. Transition words for research papers are the same as they are for essays, but be certain to place them within the context of sentences that tell your reader you are moving from one point to the next.
  6. Write your Introduction, making sure that you have introduced your topic and your thesis statement. Try to open with a short, starting sentence that will entice the reader to want to read on.
  7. Write your conclusion. We will not go into that in greater detail.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

A well-written conclusion is really important for it provides the “final word” for the purpose and importance of what you have researched and written. Conclusions need to be strong. Here are the things that you will want to include:

  1. Provide only the briefest of summaries of the major points made.
  2. Go beyond the summary with any of the following:
  • If you research paper states a point of view or an opinion, state that you have proved your point via the evidence you have presented
  • If your thesis statement was based upon the importance of others knowing about this topic, then you will tell the reader why.
  • You may add a call to action, particularly if you have addressed an issue that your reader should become involved in.

Consider the two following conclusions, one for a point of view and one related to the importance of a topic.

“It is clear from the evidence presented here, that weather conditions are absolutely changing. The poles are melting, causing ocean to rise and actually flood places like Miami, Florida. The warming of temperatures are resulting in stronger hurricanes than ever before seen – one just hit Mexico last week. We can no longer ignore climate change, and must lead a global effort to reverse course. It is time to reach out to our political leaders with strong pressure.”

“Given that the financial crisis of 2008 threw us into a recession that has been the longest in our history, it is absolutely critical that we understand the events that led up to the collapse of our major financial institutions. Understanding these causes will help to put regulations in place to ensure that such an event cannot occur in the future.”

A Final Thought

Research papers take lots of time, and if you have 4-5 due in a given semester, it is easy to become overwhelmed. If this should happen to you, consider looking into a writing service that can provide custom written research papers. Failing to get one completed well can really ruin a course grade.

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